June 4th, 2012

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


- Reader Nathalia from Denmark wrote us two days ago with the above video and following explanation: “Nik & Jay, a pop duo from Denmark, is behind the official Euro 2012 song. Song was released a few weeks ago, but finally, finally they released the video as well. The Danish NT features.” Kickettes, we trust you’ll want to personally thank your fellow soldier girl once you watch the series of Daniel Agger events between 0:37 and 0:50.

- TOWIE “star”, Lauren Goodger, worked her “no carbs before Marbs” one piece “magic” on Spurs’ Aaron Lennon and Stoke City’s Jermaine Pennant before smooching another Tottenham ‘baller, Jake Livermore.

Image: Magic Moments.

- Also doing the vacay thang was Pep Guardiola and his wife, Cristina Serra, who were filmed prancing around the streets of Dubrovnik. What life was like before the advent of mobile video cameras, we do not wish to remember.


- Leo Messi has all but verbally confirmed the impending birth of his first child with Antonella Roccuzzo, various sources reported.

- Danielle Lloyd is no longer @MsDLloyd now that she’s officially off the market.

- Heartbreaking news from Italy reached us late Friday – Luca Toni and longtime girlfriend Marta’s child was born stillborn. From what we heard by the weekend’s curtain call, further information had yet to be publicly available. Our sincerest condolences go out to them.

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12 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    Danish players are so cool!

    What did exactly happen to Luca Toni's baby? was he born dead? I don't get the expression "stillborn" :(

  2. con2e says:

    Danish people are very attractive, is that an understatement?

    • elsebethynwa says:

      We do have some quite attractive players. Agger is so bad ass and hot, even with those bas tatts. Simon Kjær has the bluest eyes. I love my danish boys!

  3. tashy says:

    Life’s a bitch and than u die its wat mi mom always tells me I feel sooooo sowi 4 luca toni nd his gf that’s rally sad, it sucks coz da ppl who want 2 hav kids can’t nd da 1s who don’t want kids hav kids nd ruin those poor kids lyf but they must remba that this 2 shall pass.
    Omg I can’t believe messi jst told ppl that anto’s preggers indirectly was wat I read on some of these blogs but I do think she’s pregnant not becoz he did da ball thing but becoz I saw pics of her gng 2 da copa del ray nd she looked a bit chubby around da stomach if only messi would stop being a ass and confirm or deny da rumours he’ll probably announce it wen she gives birth jst lyk he waited a year 2 tell ppl he nd anto were datin nd in 1 of da RM games cristiano ronaldo did da same thing wid da ball so does that mean irina is pregnant

  4. Reddevil says:

    Kickette why don’t u talk about the Ramos haircut? I think he looks sexy but the jorts (jean shorts) he is wearing are not pretty, neither are those nasty nike shoes all the la roja boys be rocking lately.

  5. Kristina says:

    Life is such a cruel, cruel lottery. My heart goes out to Luca Toni and his girlfriend. It must be the worst thing that can happen to you.

    Let me just hope then that Leo and Antonella really ARE expecting and that life and luck will be on their side!

    On a more superficial note, Pep looks bored in Dubrovnik. No football, no fun my dear. Come back already!

  6. kiki09 says:

    can we please discuss The Ramos's haricut?????

  7. Rossanera says:

    I was absolutely devastated for Luca and Martha when I heard the news. They're such a lovely couple and I know we fans were so excited when we heard they were finally expecting a child. If WE are so heartbroken, I can't imagine what they are going through.

    Kickette: re: updates, the family has put an absolute moratorium on any updates. It's not likely any details will be publicly available any time soon.

  8. blake2108 says:

    - First time I've thought Dan Agger looks hot with all those tattoos. Love them half-heartedly singing towards the end.
    - Lauren Goodger is a mess.
    - Thoughts with the Toni family. Can't imagine what they're going through and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Heartbreaking.