August 8th, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


- Francesco Totti was spotted soaking wet, in a bulge cupper on an Italian beach. Just how God intended it (PS – his wife and kids were there too).

- We gave a warm chorizo welcome to Chelsea’s latest transfer signing, Oriol Romeu. Don’t be shy in your hellos, Kickettes, he doesn’t bite*.

- Did you get a good look at the Montreal Impact’s new logo? You like?

- Cheaters never win. And in USMNT member Eddie Johnson’s case, the same can be said for his rental whip.

*We have no real way of verifying this.


Serie A stud like a boss sunglasses

- We couldn’t figure out what was up with Pato & Robinho’s Supercoppa-winning celebratory gestures.

- After doing some investigative research (read: reviewing the day’s top headlines) we came to find that little has changed since we last checked in with the Zambrottas. Gianluca’s wife, Valentina, is still very much well-endowed while the A.C. Milan man continued to rock our GMFing socks off during his squad’s pre-season tour.

- Cosmopolitan UK’s 2011 Blog Awards are currently taking nominations, and we’re eager to retain our title if we can. Will you throw us a bone, Kickette Soldier boys and girls?

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23 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Carolé says:

    Oh kickette! Don't forget Romelu Lukaku! :o He's a Belgian striker that just signed with Chelsea too, he's very talented and is called the new Drogba! :) (i'm from Belgium, so that's nice.x)) He kinda looks like Drogba too:

  2. Kathy says:

    I really don't understand your point of view on that. The fleur de lys a politically charges symbol? It is a symbol of the "fait français" in north america yes, it is on the flag of a province who most of its citizens speak french. It is use to qualify a team that is in a city where most of its citizen also speaks french. It does't have to be linking with separatism (in fact, it was choose by a government that did not seek sovereignty for the Québec). It is now the symbol of every citizen of the Province of Québec. It's not about hating the Canada or the english speaking montrealer. It is just a recognition of the society where the club is based.

    As for the use of french being incomprehensible for the fan elsewhere, do you need to understand catalan to understand what the "mes que un club" stands for at FCBarcelona? Because some people do not speak french in the US we should'nt choose a moto that represent our specificity that is unique in North America?

    And what about the expo logo? I don't think that all the people that still buy the cap everywhere (even in the US, yes) mind that there is a fleur de lys on that.

    I don't think that the logo is perfect, but I like it. And you didn't say anything about the four stars, that represent the four funding nation of Montreal : the French, the English, the Scotts and the Irish. And I think that the fans of the Montréal Impact really represents the diversity that Montréal is. And yes we can celebrate that even if there is a fleur de lys and not a maple leaf and that a three word phrase on the logo is in french.

    Now I just hope that the team will be ready for next season, with all the problem they have right now. I'll be there to encourage them. No matter in what language I speak, they will ear my shout.

    Tous pour gagner!

    • Rossanera says:

      You raised a lot of really interesting points, but sadly, not everyone is as knowledgeable as you. I'm just worried that the choice of the fleur-de-lys will automatically be associated with its negative connotations and not the long history you described. The fleur-de-lys, as used in Quebec, has become a politically charged symbol, like it or not. The "fait francais" in North America is now a politically charged issue rather than a fact of history. Quebec's "special status" in Canada is a politically charged issue (not only at home but nationwide) and if you're not aware of that, you are living in a different reality than the rest of us. I can see your viewpoint and like you will support the team, but that doesn't mean I can't express criticism over what was, to many, a really stupid move. I second what canada said above me – this logo choice was provocative. The fact we're already having this debate is testament to that. At least we can do so amicably, but I foresee some backlash among extremists on both sides.

      • Canuckistani says:

        I know. Let's hope Don Cherry doesn't get wind of this.

      • Kathy says:

        I understand that you don't want some backlash between extemist of both camp, that's comprehensive. And I'm aware that they are some political tension between communities, the situation of Québec in the Canada and french is Canada in general can be a touchy subject. But I don't think that the fleur-de-lys in itself without any stupid bigotery attached to it is a provocative symbol. It's simply who we are.
        If you find it provocative it actually make me sad, because I'm proud of that symbol, and proud to see it on my team logo.

        We obviously have different point of view, but honestly you see me really surprise. Call me naive, but I didn't thought there was any problem with the logo other than aesthetic considerations.
        We should not stop from using a symbol for some stupid extremists (Don Cherry's a clown anyway).

        And I just want to know : was there ever a problem with the old logo that had already the fleur-de-lys on it? How is it different now that we are going in MLS?

        • Canuckistani says:

          It's just much more prominent and more aggressive this time around, in my opinion. The video that explains the logo isn't even available in English. It just took me by surprise. It's a very aggressive branding tactic that is going to alienate people rather than coopt them.

          J'aimerais que mon français était aussi bon que votre anglais, aussi.

          • Rossanera says:

            She literally took the words out of my mouth; that's what I was going to say almost to the letter.

    • Julie says:

      That comment made me smile simply because of how, for once, someone actually argues the OTHER side of the medal… If you know what I mean. :-) :-/Though, I still think that Impact took it a bit too far… Simply because it makes them look whorish for followers instead of really showing nationalism…

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    Kickette will be nominated…that's for sure!

  4. canada says:

    As a Montreal resident, I have to say I'm seriously disappointed that the Impact team has chosen to place such a politically-charged symbol (the fleur-de-lys) on their logo. I think it will alienate the Canada-loving fans. It could potentially hurt their merchandise sales as well. We don't need that kind of provocation from our sports teams – there is enough of that elsewhere.

    But I am happy that the Impact are joining the MLS and wish them success. But I won't wear that jersey.

  5. chay says:

    That pic of totti is enough to give someone a heart attack–i swear, i almost had one … and i'm not even necessarily a follower/admirer of his!

    Brasilians culturally have a different way of showing/expressing things. Honestly. They have no qualms about calling someone in the neighbourhood "gordinho" (little fatty). That's how they grow up. Of course, that doesn't necessarily make it a good thing, but my guess is … i don't know what my guess is for pato and robinho doing the slanty-eyed thing.

  6. DebS says:

    *Gareth Bale's twitter

  7. DebS says:

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…smh As for the wife…a woman scorned…. But it from the article, it almost sounds like he's upset with his wife for ramming his car instead of being ashamed for getting caught. :

    Pato & Robinho…another smh. Why on earth do they think this is acceptable? First the Santos ad doing the same thing and now Pato & Robinho?! Have they no respect for their Asian fans?

    On another note, on Gareth Bale's we have these two retweets:
    sickipediabot RT by GarethBale22
    Clearly the welfare system is messed up. How else can these niggers afford the petrol for their bombs?

    sickipediabot RT by GarethBale22
    What goes from 0 – 60 mph in 4 seconds? A nigger pushing a shopping trolley on Tottenham high street.

    Nigger?! How is this even acceptable? Does he not care that many of his fans and most likely teammates are offended by this?!

  8. Angie says:

    Just voted for you, Kickette! Good luck :)

    And on another note, I hope the UK soldier boys and girls out there are staying safe. Watching the riot coverage on the news and I really feel for you. So awful…

  9. earidurt says:

    zambrotta looks FINE!!! scratch that….he looks FOIIIINE. damnnnn. an italian stallion. and i live for the days when totti goes to the beach…he never disappoints, can always count on him to wear something nice and tiny and bulge-revealing. god, i love italy!

  10. Rossanera says:

    I'm really excited about my (other) hometown team entering the MLS, and I really liked the logo … until I saw the French promo for it. To me, it seems they're stressing Quebec nationalism with the logo, which always makes me uneasy.

    Other comments … how I love my Italian boys. Zambs just gets better with age, like a fine wine, I tell you. And I'm obviously ecstatic with Milan's first victory of the season … over Inter!

    • Julie says:

      I completely agree with you on the Impact promo. It makes me really, really uncomfortable. Then again, it might be to attract French followers since I believe football (soccer) is not a popular sport to follow among the French speakers in Quebec.

      • Rossanera says:

        I'm not entirely sure if that's true because a lot of French-speaking immigrants are from countries in Africa and the Middle East where football is huge … and most of the Impact's following is drawn from, for example, the Italian and Portuguese communities, where language is split. Either way, though, the fleur-de-lys on the team's logo sends a pretty strong message. I don't think we're the only ones who've picked up on it, either – if you read the comments on the page Kickette linked to, you'll see the separatist debate already unfolding. Where are you from, btw?

        • Julie says:

          Ohh sorry. I forgot to answer your question. I am from the south shore of montreal :-)

  11. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Zambrotta, YUMMI! He is such a hottie, no it hurts!

  12. mamaly says:

    Bulge Cupper ? Hilarious ! (and so true)

  13. Carvivlie says:

    I don't think I would ever leave a bed with Francesco Totti in it. He truly is a Roman God.