October 8th, 2012

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

sylvie van der vaart husband das wetter karl Lagerfeld

Image: AP.

We’re confident our readers know what went down gossip-wise this weekend, but if not, here’s the shortened version.


Three time FIFA World Footballer of the year, Original Ronaldo, is “completely exhausted” by the weight loss and exercise demands of Medid Certa, the Brazilian version of Celebrity Fit Club he’s currently appearing on. [SuperSport]

xabi alonso wife madrid ex liverpool player WAGNagore did the school run shuffle with her son (on Friday, but whatevs). Gorge-ossity continued, unabated. [Europa Press]

For future reference, Lukasz Piszczek, never take your eyes of the player you have been assigned. It’s a mantra we follow religiously here at Kickette and it’s not let us down so far. [YouTube via KCKRS]


Cheryl Cole stuck needles in her bum to cope with her then-husband’s infidelity issues. After she “attacked him like a lunatic”, natch. [The Sun, Splash News Online]

manchester united injured injury- Ashley Young gave one Manchester United fan the shock of his life by sitting in the normies section of St James Park. [Yahoo's Dirty Tackle]

- Giannina Maradona and Kun Aguero are apparently splitting up – again – after four years and one three-year-old together. They “drifted apart”, one of the many frequently available “sources close to the couple” told Argentina’s Paparazzi magazine. [Mega.TV]

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13 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

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  5. sohbet says:

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  6. Kate says:

    Oooo baby. Rafa in that pic with his suit on…such a stud muffin. He has such swag! I miss seeing him and watching him play in a Spurs shirt every week. He was a fan favourite, and my favourite too :(

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    Kun and Gianina split up is no surprise….

  8. HiL says:

    Haha love what Ashley Young did!
    If i were there i don't know how i would react XD

  9. tammyv says:

    Dear La Albiceleste,

    Lord can you do for one major tournament shoot yourselves in the foot with dating drama. Seriously, we are 612 days away from the world cup kicking off next door.. GET IT TOGETHER

    Now, Kun and Giannina this mess between you has already cost you the ENTIRE Riquelme family. SERIOUSLY, FIGURE IT OUT. Plus, all y'all have a very cute and talented kid, so don't screw him up.

    as for the rest, Nagore is stunning as always

  10. anna says:

    Are we going to get a FC Bayern goes Oktoberfest post? :)

  11. OhDear says:

    Aw, that's sad (and possibly awkward, Argentina-international-duty-wise) about the Agureos. Hope it's not too hard on their son.

  12. Miss_F says:

    Mr Van der Vaart… That smile!! *Drool!*