November 26th, 2012

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Edit

In another case of old relationships coming back to haunt you, Danny Simpson’s baby mamma Stephanie (who claims to be pregnant with their second child) has accused him of cheating on her with pop songstress, sex tapestress and X Factor judgestress, Tulisa, towards the end of their relationship. Separately, Krystal Benjamin (his alleged side, side piece) accused the right back of cheating on Stephanie throughout their 10 month long fling (which supposedly included jibberish sexts and free flights to the Southampton home he shared with Stephanie for late night romps). Jenny Thompson is also mixed up in the mess (and also pregnant, but not with his child) because – c’mon – how could she not be involved in this love quadrangle somehow?

Over the weekend Danny finally went on the public defense, insisting everyone around him knows the truth about these sordid tabloid stories.

It’s safe to say these allegations have really taken the jam out of gossip-loving doughnut this morning.

Other news of relative note:

  • The Beckhams minus David flew to London, immediately proceeded to Gordon and Tana Ramsey’s crib. Harper wore her prized Burberry cape. []
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s wrecked Ferrari may or may not be sold to the highest eBay bidder. [KCKRS]
  • If you know the year Abbey and Peter Crouch tied the knot, you could win a signed photo of the trouty pouty WAG. [Hunger TV]
  • AS Roma and its kit manufacturer are at odds over ‘serious defects’. Wearing kits on the pitch altogether is as serious a defect as any, we reckon. [Yahoo's Dirty Tackle]
  • In between chain smoking and being generally annoying, Helen Flanagan has beens sneaking chocolate from the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! producers. We can’t wait until she gets booted from the jungle so we can go back to not caring about her or her boyfriend. [OK!]
  • Speaking of Scott Sinclair, Man City supporters have been taunting him about his WAG’s antics, set loosely to the soundtrack of a Disney movie classic. [Unreality TV]
  • Speaking of Man City, Kolo Toure ‘tricked’ a British student into believing he was a car salesman so he could carry on an undercover affair with her. He’s married, but maybe not for much longer? [Deadspin]

Forgive us for not asking sooner, but how was the 18 pounds of stuffing and gravy our US Kickettes planned on consuming in the name of pilgrims and popcorn or whatever the Thanksgiving holiday is for?

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11 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Edit”

  1. I am happy to come here and get latest update about such a videos and buy an essays uk avail on good prices

  2. sohbet says:

    asdod luck with those plans for world domination (if they involve footballer bo

  3. Thank you, and good luck with those plans for world domination (if they involve footballer bo

  4. C_C says:

    When will footballers ever learn to keep their pants on?

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Honestly I have no pity because these betrayals that players do, after all these women who engage players with lower-class women are also futile to accept certain crooked deals for a Birkin or Chanel!
    There wags that make me sick!

  6. Tasha says:

    this mess is full of averages on averages on averages..
    he's not a bad looking boy.. its another case of the cheatings with sub-par looking women.

    no words for the kolo story. no words.

    • Thea says:

      I know – just come back to Britain after 3 months on the road and this is what you get the British news – Queen of Chavs gobbing off about a load of skanks to defend her waste of space boyfriend – who will inevitably leave her when she gets the boot from the declining X Factor!

  7. tammyv says:

    The Kolo Toure thing is the best thing ever… I feel for the wife and kids (if true). The shower pic though looks like it could have been a gym, hotel, etc where he was innocently showering and someone photographed him to sell this story.

    I like Danny Simpson.. He has always seemed like a sweet guy. When he and baby momma broke up, he refused to attack her over twitter just saying things don't work out. (this was directly after the baby was born). He also seems to adore his daughter. She had some health issues at birth and he slept in the hospital with her, iirc

  8. xoWinnie says:

    "Speaking of Man City, Kolo Toure ‘tricked’ a British student into believing he was a car salesman so he could carry on an undercover affair with her. He’s married, but maybe not for much longer? "

    *clutches pearls* PARDON ME!?!

  9. Jayy says:

    WOAH KOLO TOURE?! Never thought he'd be unfaithful :O
    I'm not surprised Danny Simpson's latched onto Tulisa. A match made in heaven(!)

  10. gin_in_teacups says:

    Ugh, I need to bathe in bleach just from READING the Danny Simpson thing. Also, it hurts my soul that knowledge of Jenny Thompson is taking up valuable real estate in my brain.