May 23rd, 2012

Kickette End Of 2011/12 Season Survey: Have Your Say

Image: AP Photo/Polfoto/Lars Poulsen.

It’s that awkward time of year when recently awarded trophies are settling into their new oak cabinetry homes, international teams are already looking ahead to the next big thing and every journo, agent, manager and momma is arguing over who will stay put and who will flee for pastures greener next season.

Because summers which have a major tournament or two on deck inevitably drag things to the point of exhaustion, we tend to lay low on the transfer talk until it blows over.

Since we barely touched on all the incredible action the last 10 months stepped to us with (we’re a staff of six with a collective attention span of a squirrel), assessing the below should help provide some comfort, closure and perhaps even a few clues about what different members of the Kickette Army will be wearing for Euro 2012.

Kickette End of 2011/12 Season Survey:

1. Who has been the best player 21-or-younger player in your eyes this season? 21-and-over player?
2. Signing of the season?
3. Best bubba parade?
4. Most impressive manager out of all the top leagues (Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A)?
5. Signing of the season? Doh!
6. Most shocking moment?
7. Any famous last words from you yourself, fave WAG, player or female physio to leave us with?

Lastly, to carry on with the full-disclosure policy we seem to be suddenly adopting, our therapist’s latest progress report concerning our extracurricular activities contained its fair share of good and bad news.

Bad news was she believes we’re walking a fine line on the brink of full blown alcoholism and need to cut back on hitting the bottle at all meals and snack times. In her professional opinion, drunk tweeting is also detrimental to our health as it could cause early onset arthritis if frequency levels are sustained. To top things off, she had the audacity to leave our celebratory high-five hanging in the air.

But enough of that negative nelly. On the flip, the great news is that we plan on increasing our drunk tweeting frequency throughout the Euros. It was nice knowing ya, thumbs!

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65 Responses to “Kickette End Of 2011/12 Season Survey: Have Your Say”

  1. mamaly says:

    1 Daniel Sturridge / David Luiz
    2 Thibout Courtois
    3 Fernando Torres and kids
    4 Jose Mourinho
    5 ———–
    6 Piermario Morosini's death and Fabrice Muamba's narrow escape
    7 Why always me ????

  2. mitchie says:

    1). Chamberlain
    2. Aguero
    3. Cristiano Junior!
    4. Jose Mourinho
    5. ———————————–
    6. Real Madrid beating Barcelona to go 7points clear & Chelsea beating Barcelona
    7.Wanna see more Cristiano Junior, hope to be a WAG very soon :-)

  3. Claire says:

    1. Eden Hazard / Olivier Giroud
    2. Salvatore Sirigu to PSG
    3. Eden Hazard with his son Yanis, so cute :')
    4. René Girard : Last year he was 14th and this year, with almost the same team, he won the Ligue 1, and he won it better than we did last year
    6. Schweini missing his penalty kick against Chelsea :(
    7. "I Prefere [Rolland] Courbis To [Carlo] Ancelotti … Great coaches are the ones that win titles with half-good players. With Courbis, he won promotion to Ligue 1 with a half-mongoloid team." from the unmatchable Louis Nicollin – First time (and probably last time) I agree with him ! (although i disagree with the "mongoloid" term)

  4. PhilippaB says:

    1. Hazard / Belhanda
    2. Henri Bedimo
    3. Hazard's got a kid! This startled me. Anyway.
    4. Pardew / Girard.
    5. hmmmmm
    6. Muamba collapsing. Thank God that turned out well.
    7. Anything from Louis Nicollin, really……

  5. Angela says:

    1. Iker Muniain, Cristiano Ronaldo
    2. Sergio Aguero
    3. David Beckham
    4. Jose Mourinho
    6. Chelsea beat Bayern in penalties after conceding in 84 minutes.
    7. Why Always Me?

  6. Jenni says:

    1) I don't know/RVP
    2) Papiss Cisse
    3) I don't care – why is anyone interested in children that aren't their own?!
    4) That's tough… great mind games from Mancini towards the end, plus Alan Pardew for confounding everybody by taking Newcastle to fifth. I'm not great on leagues that aren't the Premiership, not this season anyway.
    6) Joey Barton.
    7) Just about everything that passed my boy Balotelli's lips :D

    Sorry, not very interesting answers. I'm crap at these surveys.

  7. Gladys says:

    1. Iker M. and Leo
    2. Falcao (Mata and Kun are close seconds)
    3. Loved the recent Dutch NT parade (especially wee little Kuyt)
    4. Based on most improved squads I'm going to say Bielsa and Robbie DM (who really brought Chelsea up from an AVB-induced mental slump, even if it wasn't the prettiest football)
    6. Shocking, in a good way, was that title winning Man City/QPR game. So exciting and so happy for the fans. (I was also surprised about Chelsea and the CL– who would have expected it given their winter form?)
    7. Nothing makes me happier than hearing David Luiz shouting "Hey man" and "geezers" at the top of his lungs. I will personally spend the summer teaching him more idiomatic English, you know, as a sacrifice.

  8. Krystal says:

    1. Kyle Walker & Sergio Aguero
    2. Does this count? Pienaar to Everton on loan? He made a HUGE difference there!
    3. I feel most passionate about this answer. SCOTTY PARKER! My god. 3 boys hamming it up for the camera, and him looking dapper.
    4. Alan Pardew. Well deserved manager of the year, and a silver fox.
    5. Adding one, Jelavic!
    6. Fabrice. Enough said.
    7. So much to say: Does David Villa still need kisses to heal his leg? Poor Spurs! If Gareth Bales leave, I'm going to cry. I want Eva's job. David Moyes is underrated and one of the best managers out there. AVB better not end up at Liverpool, and he deserved a CL medal too. I want Branislav Ivanovic to be my next door neighbor. It shoulda been QPR not Bolton!

  9. S04-fan says:

    1. Julian Draxler (18) and Klaas Jan Huntelaar (28)
    2. Manuel Neuer to Bayern Munich
    3. Raul at his last home game with Schalke:…
    4. Marcelo Bielsa (Athletic Bilbao)
    5. –
    7. Joke of the week posted on facebook by Hans Sarpei:

    Judge to the defendant: I've got good news and bad news for you.

    First the bad news: You will be shot.

    Now the good news: Robben is shooting

  10. Rodella says:

    1. Neymar/ Messi
    2. Sergio Aguero
    3. Liverpool <3
    4. Roberto Mancini
    5. see 2
    6. King Kenny gettin sacked :(
    7. 'You'll Never Walk Alone'

  11. Pam says:

    1. Neymar/Leo Messi
    2. Kun Aguero
    3. Liverpool! Delfina's such an angel!
    4. Antonio Conte
    6. Fabrice Muamba's collapse
    7. Why always me?

  12. drea says:

    1- Neymar, Cristiano/Messi
    2- Aguero/Mata
    3- Chelsea
    4- di Matteo/Mourinho
    6- Guardiola quitting Barcelona/Muamba's collapse

    • Jenni says:

      Tried to tell you this yesterday but don't think it worked… I should have put your #7. Think I was very tired :D

  13. christybarca says:

    Oh i don't know what comment to submit this year was a full year,many emotional moments,shoking moments ( many famous athletes and football players died) ,akward moments, Pep Guardiola quitting very sad but thanks god we have still EURO 2012 this summer so KICKETTE UPTADE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN PLEASE!! <3
    love barca<3 :-)

  14. christy_barca says:

    Ohhh I don’t know what comment to submit this year was very emotional,many shoking moments,many favorites and generally this is a very akward moment and i m very sad but we still have EURO 2012 coming so yeahhh :-) PLEASE KICKETTE UPTADE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!
    Love barca <3

  15. Vicky says:… Would just like to point out that this is possibly one of the best open top bus celebrations i've seen. Wait until Nando starts singing…..

  16. Vicky says:

    1. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Robin Van Persie
    2. Juan Mata to Chelsea
    3. Nando, Nora and Leo Torres
    4.Robbie Di Matteo
    6. Chelsea-Barcelona games

  17. cupcakes says:

    1a. Mario Götze. He's only 19 and already established in the Germany senior squad.
    1b. Mesut Özil.
    2. Samir Nasri moving to Man City and getting all bitchy and smug about winning the EPL, despite watching most matches from the bench with Arsenal actually finishing in a higher league position without him!
    3. CR Jr. chatting up Vitoria Coentrao. Hey, how you doin'?
    4. Roberto Martinez – there should be no reason for Wigan to avoid relegation 3 seasons in a row, but they're still miraculously in the EPL.
    5. The end of the interminable Cesc Fabregas saga.
    6. The end of the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup – Marcelo scythes down Fab4, Barça staff run onto the field, pandemonium ensues, Villa slaps Özil, Özil is impossibly adorable trying to get to Villa to tear him in half, JM pokes Tito in the eye, CR7 & Messi just look embarrassed. Or Man City fans living vicariously through Joey Barton slapping Carlos Tevez.
    7. Victoria Beckham claiming her figure represents "real women"!

    • Kristina says:

      Unless Victoria Beckham is some kind of cyborg, or only exist in our imagination, she sure does represent real women.

  18. sandale says:

    1. Alaba and Lahm
    2. Henderson, LFC? Well, actually I always like all LFC signings, no matter how good/ bad they turn out to be! :)
    4. Di Matteo, obviously!
    5. no.2 again
    6. Bayern having 3 runner-up positions (Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and CL)! The last one is the saddest :(
    7. Less than a month to Euros, can't wait! Although I like club tournaments, the Euros are simply brilliant!

  19. JenC says:

    1. Under 21: Mario Gotze/Over 21: Manuel Neuer & RVP
    2. Hmm none…I’m hoping for more germans to go to the EPL though.
    3. The dutch team bubbas…so cute!
    4. Mancini no doubt.
    5. same as no.2 Duh!
    6. Death of Morosini,Chelsea won the Champions league
    7. Can someone give me a secretarial/janitor job at the Arsenal HQ? I want to stalk Mertesacker & RVP…LOL

  20. gigi says:

    1. RvP or Crispy or Leo
    2. Falcao or Mata or Kun
    3. Becks (H7!) and Nando
    4. Mou and Conte, also RdM
    5. oops
    6. Morosini's death and Muamba's heart attack
    7. Form is temporary, class is permanent. (here's lookin' at you, Nando)

  21. RDnte says:

    1. Alvaro Morata and Cristiano
    2. Falcao
    3. Real Madrid (Enzo – Marcelo's son – is adorable.. "Hala Madrid!")
    4. Jose Mourinho
    5. –
    6. Pep Guardiola leaves Barca
    7. Cristiano's quote: "Soy guapo, rico y buen jugador"

    Yeah, it's obvious I'm a Madridisista.

  22. Nienke says:

    1. Thiago Alcántara & Matías Suárez
    2. Dieumerci Mbokani
    3. Halona Suárez
    4. Pep Guardiola
    6. Pep leaves Barça. Ariël leaves Anderlecht. Villa broke leg.
    7. Fave wag by far: Magali Suárez (PS if I were a footie player my wag would be Eva Carneiro)

  23. Dani says:

    1. Muniain, Drogba
    2. Falcao
    3. The all popular Torres children. Too cute.
    4. Mourinho
    5. —
    6. Pep leaving Barca, Bayern losing the CL at home.
    7. "They boo me because I'm rich, handsome, and a good player" — CR7

  24. Aisha says:

    1: Tello And Robin Van Persie
    2:Sergio Aguero
    3:Fernando Torres
    4:Di Matteo
    6: Pep leaving Barca
    7: More hot players!!

  25. Rossanera says:

    Why does everyone always overlook the Serie A? I'm a Milanista to the core and even I can admit that no one deserves more managerial accolades than Antonio Conte. AN ENTIRE SEASON UNDEFEATED. That's 38 games WITHOUT A SINGLE LOSS. (Juventus did win the league in case that wasn't immediately apparent.) He must be doing something right.

    … I'd give an honourable mention to Di Matteo, though. That was quite the turnaround and quite the ending of the season he orchestrated for Chelsea.

    As for the other categories I have an opinion about: I'd have to give "best bubba parade" to Milan. I won't even show you pictures. They're too much to handle. I'd say Andrea Pirlo was the best signing of the season – way to get the Scudetto at a discount, Juventus. That's good business.

    The most shocking moment, for me, had to have been Piermario Morosini's untimely death. It was so unexpected and it shook me to my very core.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I actually wanted to put conte as my second option, I weighed the undefeated season with rm 100 points, so me being a hit biased picked Mourinho, but my second option is definitely Conte!
      As for Prilo true, I still want know how a Milanista feels about him moving to juv and leading them to win!

      Anyway, I really think none looked over Seria A, but it is just a bit biased, all of these lists are bit biased I guess! :)

    • gigi says:

      Oh no, I can't believe I left out Pirlo! I have Conte down for manager, but I forgot to put Pirlo down for signing. He was incredible for Juve this year. I still can't believe how lucky they were to snag him.

      • Rossanera says:


    • Kristina says:

      I must hand it to the Milan bubba parade. Even though I think all kids are cute.

  26. sarah says:

    1.Morata,Cristiano Ronaldo/RVP
    4.di matteo/jose mourinho
    6.torres' goal in barcelona,shocking and lovely. famous guys should stay unmarried so we wont get sad :( :P

  27. tashy says:

    1.Callejon nd cristiano ronaldo
    2.Alexis sanchez
    3.Chelsea fernando torres fam
    4.Jose Mourinho
    5.Alexis sanchez
    6.Real madrid beating barca el clasico
    7.”Mourinho I do not follow any1″cristiano ronaldo

  28. Nicole says:

    1. Sergio Aguero (23 but still…), Robin van Persie
    2. Papiss Cisse, Newcastle United
    3. Fernando Torres and his two little mini-me's
    4. Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea FC
    5. —
    6. Fabrice Muamba's miraculous recovery
    7. "If a newspaper puts naked ladies on the front page, it doesn’t deserve to be called a newspaper.” The ever pleasant and entertaining Mario Balotelli.

    • Jenni says:

      Oh my, I missed my boy saying that but I don't wonder he said it :D Good answers all round btw.

      • Nicole says:

        Haha thanks! And this is Mario's quote in full: “Everyone talks about what I do off the pitch. If I stop doing it, everyone will be angry with me and say I’m boring… The Sun and the other tabloid I don’t remember are completely s***. If a newspaper puts naked ladies on the front page, it doesn’t deserve to be called a newspaper.” Gotta love him :D

  29. Mirella says:

    1. David Alaba (19, Bayern Munich), Messi
    2. Falcao to Atletico Madrid
    3. Chelsea because it's the only opportunity to see the Torres babies / all the kiddies score goals
    4. Jose Mourinho
    5. …….
    6. Carlos Tevez being loved and hated, then loved again by city fans
    7. I love the threesome bromance between Luiz, Mata and Torres

  30. Sarah, Madrid says:

    1- Iker Muniain, Cristano
    2- Falcao
    3- Real Madrid, that Pipita moment with babe Alonso!
    4- Mourinho
    6- There is a lot, but first thing to came to my mind is " Montpellier"
    7- " I am rich, famous, pretty and would like to 'marry' Iker' XD, I am not really, but you know ;)

  31. up-the-lads says:

    1 Neymar, David Silva/RVP
    2 Kun Aguero
    3 Torres fam
    4 SAF always
    5 Still Kun
    6 Chelsea win CL
    7 "I am not the type of person to be about myself" JT

  32. Gentle Whisperer says:

    1) Thiago and Vincent Kompany
    2) Sergio Aguero
    3) Liverpool FC – Just for Delfina Suarez blowing kisses to the Anfield crowd
    4) Roberto Mancini – That was a perfect end to the season
    5) Same as 2
    6) Kenny getting sacked, Pep quitting
    7) Pepe Reina's epic "Carra doesn't like me to fist him before the game." :D

  33. Nelz says:

    Oh and in answer to 7, also, please check out this picture that I made for my friend's birthday :)…

  34. Nelz says:

    1. Thiago, LEO!
    2. Sanchez to Barca – he's amazing… and his abs.. :)
    3. TORRES! so cute
    4. Pep
    5. Same as 2
    6. Pep saying he would leave Barca :'(
    7. Advice: watch this ->

    • up-the-lads says:

      #7 Lovely…

    • Kristina says:

      I agree with most of your points. Thiago is the man of the future, and Pep will always be the true special one! Here's to an injury free season for Sanchez!

      • con2e says:

        agree with your comment about Pep being the true "special one'. Mourinho wiill always be the true mercenary "special one"

        • Kristina says:

          There's a difference by proclaiming yourself as "a special one", and actually being one. IMO.

          • drea says:

            Like I said, for better or for worse, even if it was Mourinho who inadvertently gave himself that nickname, it's his. Everyone knows that it refers to him. Go make up your own nickname for Pep.

          • cupcakes says:

            7 League titles in 4 different countries and 2 Champions League trophies with different teams in just nine short years, with a run of 151 league games unbeaten at home?

            Winning La Liga with a record-breaking 100 points, record-breaking 122 goals and a 9-point margin over "The Greatest Club Team in The World"?

            No, nothing "special" there at all!

            Whatever you may think of JM's pantomime villain persona, he's flipping brilliant at his job.

            • Kristina says:

              Wait a minute! Have I said Mou is not special? He's special, alright.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Well said!
              Let's not forget that his Porto still had the best points in their league, so did Chelsea in EPL.
              Fact with RM he broke all records established with Barcelona the prclaimed best team in "history" says a lot.
              He is on his way being best coach in history, 4 more years of being with the special one is incredible!
              Pep is a great coach, but he is definitely no " special one"

            • Nelz says:

              the difference is, Pep is brilliant as his job with so much class and without pissing off the majority or the world…

          • Guest says:

            I have been a Barcelona fan for many years but I really dont understand the Real Madrid and Mourinho hating. He is a very good coach who has won a lot of trophies, and credit must be given where it is due. So is Pep who has given me some of the best moments as a Cule. Kickette is a great place for us to enjoy the hotness out there irrespective of clubs, and trying not to sound like a sanctimonious person let us not spoil the atmosphere by all this Barca- Real vitriol. Off the soap box now :)

            Thanks to Kickette Admins for such a lovely and witty site. Go Barca

        • drea says:

          Hey! You guys are just looking to start some trouble, aren't you? Don't go stealing someone else's nickname. For better or for worse, to praise or to mock him, Mourinho is "the special one." And he has been since 2004, long before Guardiola took over Barcelona.

          • Kristina says:

            Listen, I was only giving my opinion and agreeing with Nelz comment. Alright? There is enough people in here that agrees with you, you don't have to bother with me.

            • tashy says:

              Was he classy wen he said I wanna congratulate madrid but there r many things that they hav done that hav not come out because of our silence its not about ur personality honey its about whether u deliver on ur job or not mou’s an amazing coach nd its show wid his achievements nd his done it all ova europe jajajaja its always da same thing whose betta messi or ronaldo o no messi more humble nd no ronaldo’s an arrogant prick please they deliver nd that’s wat matters nd atleast mou isn’t leaving his team wen they at their lowest this guys a bum
              Nd I’m glad mou’s gonna be wid us until 2016 HALA MADRID

            • drea says:

              Enough with the Cule persecution complex, please. You like to start it, then you get all defensive and "oh but poor me's just giving my opinion" when someone takes you up on it. Thumbs down all you like, it doesn't make it less true.

  35. Kristina says:

    lol, I'm gonna sit this one out and enjoy everybody else's answers for once. Because, well, I don't feel like exposing myself to anymore thumbs-down. Plus, most of you can probably guess what most of my answers would be. Well, maybe I will answer someone but that's it :) .

    It's good to hear though, Kickette, that you're not abandoning us during the Euros. No matter how intoxicated you will be, I predict you will be far more read-worthy than your "sober" colleagues. Cheers!

  36. qqq says:

    1. David Luiz and Alvaro Morata
    2. look to no. 5
    3. –
    4. Jose Mourinho
    5. Fabregas to Barcelona probably; nothing good this year in fact
    6. Villa with broken leg & Llorente crying after loosing Euro league
    7. My only advice: Look at Ozil's eyes…