April 19th, 2011

Kickette Fail File: Robbie Savage, Derby County

He’s got the armband. He’s got the hair. He’s got the ability to keep us all informed as to his movements every 6.5 seconds via Twitter. But despite photo evidence to the contrary, Robbie Savage does not yet have the whole package.

Sav? Please step forward. It’s time to receive your Kickette Fail File.

POSITION/CLUB: Midfielder, Derby County
BUSINESS UNDERTAKEN: Kicking a football
CITED EVIDENCE: Photograph (above)

It was only a matter of time before Robbie Savage put in an appearance on the schedule of shame that is the Kickette Fail Files. Since he took up footie punditry for the BBC and ESPN, he has been in a position to irritate a far larger demographic than he previously could have dreamed of.

Image: Getty Images/Zimbio.

Fail Files are for on the pitch issues only (unless we’re short of posts, in which case we’ll mercilessly exploit every avenue available to us for ideas), and as such, we find ourselves exploring Robbie’s ball clearance techniques on field at Loftus Road.

The isolated incident stemming from the submitted evidence is that Robbie didn’t actually make contact with the ball as he attempted to kick it. Because we don’t watch a great deal of lower league football, we can’t confirm whether this is normal practice or not. Still, it looks wrong, no?

On all accounts, Mr. Savage should be convicted and handed his own special Fail File, lovingly modeled from this photo of his nose. However, a Kickette spy informs us that although he made this spectacular gaffe, Robbie actually spent last night’s game man-marking QPR’s leading scorer Adel Taarabt out of the game. Taarabt was so peeved that when he was subbed he threw a hissy fit in the tunnel.

Robbie, for this alone you are reprieved. But we’re watching you.

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One Response to “Kickette Fail File: Robbie Savage, Derby County”

  1. ToysForBots says:

    Perhaps football is starting to bore him and he's using his time on the pitch to practice for his Nutcracker audition?