August 22nd, 2011

Kickette Fail Files: Peter Odemwingie, West Brom

That thigh muscle is only ever going to distract us from your horror barnet for so long, Peter. Images: Getty Images/Zimbio.

Even though there are a few of us in the Kickette office who abuse peroxide frequently enough to warrant threats of service revocation from our hairdressers, we don’t condone similar crimes by boys.

We feel that footballers have an obligation to maintain their hotness at all times and feel aggrieved when they do stuff – without even ruddy asking – things that compromise our ability to appreciate them.

Peter Odemwingie of West Bromwich Albion, can you hear us (left, sans bleach job)? Aside from the fact that we had the hots for you before you allowed your mates to get at you with the bleach, were you not fearful of such experimentation?

Had you not perused the literature on the matter and seen the alarming results of your predecessors meddling with things they just don’t understand? Did you not see what can happen if things get out of control?

Pete, if you grow a beard and bleach it, this is ovah. Understood?

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10 Responses to “Kickette Fail Files: Peter Odemwingie, West Brom”

  1. Even I too have the same opinion that many of the talented players are undercover of the politics in the football. I hope the politics will go off from the football and we all can see good matches in the coming days.

  2. [...] THE LIST OF PEOPLE THAT CAN PULL THIS OFF: I CAN’T THINK OF ANY. MAYBE CISSE? Peroxide was a bad choice. Peter Odemwingie gets the dreaded rebuke for his hairdo faux pas. // Kickette [...]

  3. gillianrosh says:

    Why didn't y'all tell me he was hot? Oh, and I am diggin' the blond hair.

  4. littlegreenpea says:

    I think that if we're going to mention horrible hairstyles, we should mention sagna and song. This guy doesn't look as bad as any of them… at least he doesn't look like a lint ball like song used to.

  5. SassyFooty says:

    I thought Tony Hibbert’s hair was bad until Peter’s pic showed up

  6. camille says:

    stop it kickette readers!!!!
    i kinda like it:)

  7. Felicia says:

    he's nigerian……….yum

  8. JA7 says:

    Did chris brown give you some hair tips peter?

  9. lyricm9 says:

    nooooooooooooo… what happened to my baby??

  10. Says_Who says:

    Peter, I love you but Sisqo called and he wants his out-of-date hairstyle back.