October 10th, 2011

Kickette HQ: Perturbed By An Awards Poll

When you consider the amount of hot air, high fashion, alcohol and misbehaviour that generally occurs when awards are dished out, you’d think we’d have a staff member whose only job is to sniff out those nominations.

Well, we don’t.

Generally, if we learn we’ve been nominated it’s too late and even if we win, we’re too disorganised to go to the ceremony.

However, a surefire way to get our attention is to let us know we’ve been nominated and then tell us we’re not winning. And it just so happens that this exact scenario unfolded this weekend. Health and fitness magazine (there’s the irony), Shape, have very kindly placed us in the ‘Best Sports Blog’ category in their Best Blogger Awards. At the time of writing we have 6.99% of the votes.

We expect to see this shoot up as the Kickette Army rouses from slumber and votes for us.¬†Or we’re gonna ban the pretty until further notice.


UPDATE: Apparently prize winners get some sort of web video/viral prize which means if you want confirmation that we’re not 55-year-old men/gnarled hags/aliens from the planet Zarg, you’ll hafta vote for us. Soz.

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22 Responses to “Kickette HQ: Perturbed By An Awards Poll”

  1. Irene says:

    18.09% :)

  2. DebS says:

    closing the gap:

    Cosmos and Cleats 22.96%
    Kickette 19.63%

    But Ali on the Run 18.02%, isn't far enough back….keep voting Kickettes!

  3. Tee says:

    I voted, then refreshed and must have done so at least 20 times, until I noticed the “thank you, your vote has already been counted” at the top of the page….

  4. Jackie says:

    It’s not letting me go to the voting page from my phone. It says this page isn’t available on mobile device. Am I just a spaz lol! I’ll vote at work ;)

  5. Erika P says:

    ok, we have to beat cosmos and cleats. kickette is second and im pretty sure a congratulatory picture of xabi or iker will be posted if kickette wins (hint) and so this must happen!!!!

  6. lunashailow says:

    just voted..kickette all the way..others can,t compare..why is there even a competion..just hand out the price..

  7. Rachel says:

    Voted like 8 times. I don't know who Cosmos and Cleats are, but they're going down!!

  8. LuvinBale says:

    VOTED and you are now at 15.77%

    Cosmos and Cleats are @ 24.89
    Passed by a Chick @16%

    and Ali on the Run at @ 14.97%

    I visited the other sites and I must say I am not impressed. Kickette is 100 times better than all of them!

    • cleoliu says:

      I agree. Cosmos and Cleats is a general sports blog, and the writing is boring and not funny.

      • Nettie says:

        Plus I just looked at it (Cosmos and Cleats), and there are no photos objectifying hot players. Boo!

    • Hot4Spurs says:

      Agree! The overall layout of Kickette is far above the others.

    • Tee says:

      honestly if I wanted actual NEWS, I'd go to goal.com, espn etc. this sport blog for women by women stuff becomes void when it's no different to the stuff made for the general public
      Kickette forever!

  9. IrishBlue says:

    Done! 14.54% now

  10. littlegreenpea says:

    when I voted, you guys were at 13.14%, with only Cosmos and cleats (25.12), Passed by a Chick (16.73), and Ali on the Run (15.86) ahead of you. Good luck, guys, I'll try to spread the word!

  11. cleoliu says:

    Voted. You are at 11.96%

  12. prettypeyton says:

    voted! 11.7% :)

  13. justme says:

    you got 10.52% at the time of my vote..gotta ask my friends! ;)

  14. annon says:

    Voted. :)

  15. Hot4Spurs says:

    Congrats on the nom! I voted for you!

  16. Sarah, Madrid says:


  17. Agnes Wonka says:

    I voted for this site. but imo this site needs to be more objective, just a little bit.
    I've been a fan of this site since 2008 and I've felt a change and I'm not talking about the design :S

  18. Fatima says: