Who We Are

Written by a small but perfectly formed crack team of female journalists, fashionistas and debauchery-chasing champagne swillers, Kickette is the number one authority on the web for all things fun, fluffy and footie-related. Multi-millionaire football star shenanigans, exclusive WAG gossip and snarky fashion analysis are the reason we exist.

We promise to never write about real news like transfers, sports stats or the offside rule – because 1. we know you’re already getting that information elsewhere, and 2. we know you know your footy inside out. Instead, we pledge to offer as much in-depth frivolity and superficial reports of hot players and their nice automobiles as is possible within our regular manicure schedules.

For those who love football, but also love the WAG lifestyle, footy culture, designer labels, gossip/debauchery just as much, Kickette is the site for you.


How We Roll

Posting schedule: We post Mon – Fri. Weekends are for cocktails, shopping, football watching and hangover cures.

We are happy to post about any player from any league, but for obvious reasons the more popular leagues (and, well, the most attractive players) tend to get the most exposure since we’re shallow like that. However, if we’re not posting about a player you love, or you think is the bestest thing ever (and you have evidence to back it up) tell us – we love receiving tips and emails from readers.

We boast a 100% female writing staff – the only football site to do so. We’re international and yes, we are often drunk. Or skiving off work to go sale shopping. Contrary to the freaky fantasies of a few Kickette commenters, we are not 55-year-old men/gnarled hags/aliens from the planet Zarg. Soz.

Please, go through our archives. We have a stack of past material for your reading pleasure. You can search for your favourite WAGs and ‘ballers in our search bar, too. Take a looky!

The Finest Five List is exactly what it sounds like – a list of the hottest five footballers that are “doing it” for us at that particular time. The list is completely arbitrary and can be changed at any time, though we tend to keep it on an annual hot-rotation basis. Even if your current fave isn’t on the list now, it doesn’t mean he won’t be in the future (or hasn’t been in the past). Be patient, Kickettes. His fabulosity will get him to the promised land in time.

The Hot Hall Of Fame is where we place those ‘ballers that transcend the temperamental Finest Five list. These are the men residing in the lofty state of Legendary Hotties. Reaching the HHOF is obviously a tremendous honour for any footballer. We do, of course, send them a plaque.

Our editorial is not paid for nor sponsored in any way. We don’t product shill (unlike many of our favourite players do), and we tend to shy away from paid for posts. On the odd occasion that we do need more money to purchase Cesc Fabregas photos, we will mark the post as such (here’s an example.)

Kickette is our happy place. We encourage differing opinions, but if those opinion results in abusive emails or tweets hating on us or our site, we get frowny. And we hate frown lines (Botox ain’t cheap, ya know). Disagree with us by all means, but please be respectful.