May 5th, 2011

Kickette Interview: Benny Feilhaber On His Move Home, Web Cam Antics & The USMNT

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We were delighted when Benny Feilhaber, one of our American favorites, made the move back stateside from Denmark to play in the MLS for the New England Revolution. We were even more delighted when Benny agreed to answer our hard-hitting questions on such topics as his sleepwear and man hugs.

Whilst we await our Pulitzer Prize in journalism, why don’t you click through and enjoy our 15 minutes of funsies?

Q. You’ve been in Boston for a few weeks now; what do you think of it?

A. I love it, but I’m scared of the winters. Being from Brazil and California, I don’t really know what a real winter is like.

Q. You were abroad for a long time; what did you miss most about the good old US of A?

A. Speaking English. My Danish is terrible, but my German is better. And I missed how easy it is to get good food and the variety of restaurants. I missed sushi the most - there’s no good sushi in England, Germany, or Denmark.

Q. You infamously lip synched to the song “No Air” shirtless on a web cam and it went viral; any plans for a web series? Were you fully clothed on the bottom half?

A. That wasn’t supposed to get out! That was during the 2008 Olympics and a bunch of us did videos like that. It was just a fluke that mine got out. I have absolutely no plans for a web series, but I think I sang that pretty well. I was fully clothed on the bottom. It might have been weird otherwise (laughs).

Q. You were college roommates with Jonathan Bornstein; what was his worst habit and what would he say yours was?

A. His worst habit was not being there. He had a girlfriend who went to another school and he was always with her so he was literally never there. He’d probably say that my worst habit was always being there.

Q. Who’s your BFF on the USMNT and who do you room with?

A. I’ve roomed with Sacha Kljestan most often, but he’s been in and out with the team. I room with Jonny (Bornstein) too. He’s probably my closest friend on the team since I’ve known him the longest.

Q. What’s the most memorable game you’ve played in?

A. The Gold Cup final in 2007 because I scored the game winning goal. The Algeria game in the 2010 World Cup is up there too.

Q. Who gives the best celebratory hugs – Landon Donovan or Carlos Bocanegra?

A. I’d have to say Landon. Carlos is a manly man so he doesn’t really go for that. Landon’s more into that stuff. When we (USMNT) beat Spain 2-0 in the Confederations Cup Landon pretty much picked me up and put me in his lap.

Q. Which domestic league is your favorite to watch?

A. I like the English and Spanish leagues. Barcelona is the best team and they have the best player (Lionel Messi).

Q. Who’s going to win Champions League?

A. Barca. They’re the best. I don’t think Manchester United has the best team, but they know how to win. It’ll be a good game.

Q. What do you sleep in – pajamas, underwear, or your birthday suit?

A. Underwear.

Q. When you’re on a night out do you prefer to hang back and chill or are you the first one to throw some shapes on the dance floor?

A. I don’t really go crazy anymore. Maybe when I was single, but I’m not much of a party animal anymore (Ed. note: Benny’s been booed up with his lovely girlfriend Michelle for 3 years. Pass the Kleenex).

Q. What do you think of Twitter and Facebook in terms of connecting fans with players? Any plans to join Twitter in the future?

A. I think it’s a good tool. I have Twitter, but I don’t write on it. I just use it to see what everyone esle is saying. I don’t need everyone knowing what I’m doing every second of the day.

Q. Any plans to follow in Tim Howard’s footsteps and strip down for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue?

A. I have no plans for that! I don’t think I have the body for it. I think my face can handle it, but no one wants to see my body. (Ed. note: Think again, B.)


A huge thanks to Benny Feilhaber and the New England Revolution!

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26 Responses to “Kickette Interview: Benny Feilhaber On His Move Home, Web Cam Antics & The USMNT”

  1. April says:

    Don't know where else to post this ladies… but it would seem this guy is pretty much off the market. Rumor has it he very recently proposed to his girlfriend, and she accepted (rumor- meaning I don't have any confirmed evidence, aside from talk about his relationship status having changed on Facebook). Have to say, I saw it coming though I wasn't sure it would be so soon- he mentions his relationship status a lot and suggested she was going to move over to Denmark with him last year… not sure that worked out, so I figured that was extra incentive to come back to the States.

  2. alynne4307 says:

    the video that Rusty is referring to:

    (note- you may need to DL some stupid video plugin to get it to work, but it shouldnt take but a moment)
    GRR- or not… for some reason the video keeps redirecting to the gameday video. just navigate to the "postgame: whitecaps" video.

  3. Rusty says:

    BTW Kicketters, if you're still reading this, the latest Revs Wrap, on, has an interview with Benny in the locker room. He's not wearing a shirt. There's about as much visible as the "No Air" video, though.

    Sadly, I am debating buying a season ticket solely so I can go to "Meet the Revs" in 3" heels and have a picture in which I'm taller than he is. It's about $80 for me to even travel to Gillette Stadium.

  4. April says:

    you must be a chivas fan, i take it? because new england fans cant watch a game now without his name being uttered every five seconds. i have no problem with that, of course! totally bummed i missed the event on boylston the other night, as i was sick, but my friend did go and also mentioned his height. i had to remind her that she is taller than the average gal and also, soccer players (minus your average goalie or defender) aren't tall… it's not basketball. i think they advertise him as 5'9" or something, which really means 5'7". whatever… he still has a couple inches on me! ;) also… let's start a petition on the ESPN body issue thing.

    • Rusty says:

      Well, I knew he was about 5'7" but it was weird to actually find out in person! I've never managed to see him play in person so I definitely didn't expect to meet him on a random Tuesday night in Boston. Plus, I attend a lot of basketball games, and I've sat behind the bench before, and I've met a lot of basketball players as well, so it was kind of a shock. (If I'm feeling up to it, I'm heading to see the Revs Saturday night.)

      • April says:

        i agree- i definitely think that hearing/reading someone's height and then seeing it are very different experiences. i feel like i would probably find him to be shorter than i would expect too. but then, i guess from what little soccer past i have, i am used to the guys being on the shorter end of things. however… they are most always the best looking collective of athletes you can come across (but that could be because i am an american football gal as far as other sports go), so i'll take that as a WIN! ;)

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  6. Rusty (met Benny) says:

    As I posted somewhere else, I met Benny at an event in the Back Bay the other day. I knew he was small, but that's the first thing I said as he walked in the room. If I didn't know he was coming, I wouldn't have recognized him. He's so tiny I could fold him up and stick him in my back pocket. I got multiple pictures with him due to camera issues, and though I can't find any of them, I'm pretty sure he's only two inches taller than me and I only wear flats. Due to said camera issues, I got to touch him far longer than necessary. I am a great photographer, however, so I will take charge of the photoshoot, Kait ;)

    Yes, everyone, I've touched Benny Feilhaber.

  7. rainstarmcgee says:

    So nice to see him back in the states!

  8. xbabyshakesx says:

    why is he so cute?
    ADORABLE! and yes i would like to see him naked ^^

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  10. bri_saldana says:

    God that man is gorgeous!

  11. Erika says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! i went to a chivas usa game v new england revolution and i didnt even realize up unitl now that he was on the team. wow. this is tragic.

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  13. C16 says:

    "but no one wants to see my body."
    Oh Benny, if you only knew!

  14. Emma24 says:

    he is so hot! and funny too! cant wait to see the next revs game!!

  15. Kait says:

    Oh Benny! We've missed you! Also, I would love a Tim Howard-esque photo shoot from Benny. So that needs to happen. . .now. And all worthy women (Kickette ladies) should be invited to sit in on the shoot/help oil Benny up. :)

  16. Emily says:

    so humble!! I love him!!

  17. Benny come back to Aarhus!! I didn't mean all the things I said!!

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  19. mochara says:

    "I was fully clothed on the bottom. It would have been weird otherwise" – I love this man!

  20. Amy says:

    Awesome! I'm not sure what I like best, that you put a pic with him wearing his little gloves or the question about the hugs.

    And I refuse to accept that he is wearing pants during "No Air." Nice try, Benny.

  21. Audrey says:

    Am I the only one who saw the lead picture and wondered "what happened to his hands?" His right arm is completely missing and at first glance his left glove blended in with his jersey. Just me?

    Love the interview. I completely agree with Marie: you have asking the right questions down to an artform.

    (and a tiny little complaint… the league is MLS. No "the" required).

  22. Marie says:

    Finest example that the art of journalism is asking the RIGHT questions! nice one kickette!

  23. lorena_yGp says:

    " but no one wants to see my body" tell me that this interview was done on April-fool day!!!??? :-) ))

  24. Kait says:

    Oh Benny! We’ve missed you! Also, I would love a Tim Howard-esque photo shoot from Benny. So that needs to happen. . .now. And all worthy women (Kickette ladies) should be invited to sit in on the shoot/help oil Benny up. :)