November 2nd, 2011

Kickette Interview: Brandi Chastain On Winning The World Cup, Posing Nude & That Goal Celebration

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Offer us a male footballer to interview and we’re firing off facetious questions like shots at a free bar. Confront us with a world cup winning, gold medal wearing female football icon though, and the Kickette office is suddenly filled with muttering and the soft pops of hip flask lids being opened.

Be realistic, we thought. We can’t ask former USWNT midfielder Brandi Chastain whether she wears silk pyjamas or who gives the best celebratory hugs. Well, we could, but it seemed wrong somehow.

So, the truth is, Kickettes, we panicked. We stared for days at her book, It’s Not About The Bra – a reference to her famous goal celebration – hoping that inspiration would strike. Obviously, it didn’t.

Speaking with Brandi last week on behalf of the Capital One Cup*, we think she did brilliantly anyway.

Q. If it’s not about the bra, what is it about?

A. It’s about the underlying message of having fun, competing, challenging yourself…all the things that happened before that moment and getting to your defining moment.

Q. You won the World Cup. How, exactly, does that feel?

A. It’s hard to put into words exactly how that moment feels because it’s an overwhelming emotional feeling that nobody can truly define for you before it happens. But to know what I feels like to win before that moment is completely overwhelming in every sense possible

Q. Are you disappointed that the success of the 1999 World Cup didn’t translate into the women’s game becoming more globally popular?

A. Contrary to that I think it has assisted in making the global game more popular. I think we can see by the success of Germany (specifically with Colombia and Equatorial Guinea) we can see how the sport has grown globally.

Q. Were you surprised by the response posing nude in Gear received? Would you do it again?

A. It was a very personal decision, not one to be used as a reflection of all soccer players. For me it was a moment of truth in knowing that this is who I am, that I can’t hide it and that I should be proud of it. It was an eye opening and positive experience for me personally.

Q. You’re obviously a huge football fan. Do you think that there will ever be a time that women will play professionally in mixed teams? Would that even be something you’d want?

A. I don’t think it’ll happen and perhaps that’s what Sunday afternoons are for. I think there is plenty of space in the men’s and women’s soccer landscape for them both to live platonically. I don’t think it’s necessary for a “gimmick” league to exist on their own.

Q. We spend a lot of time on our site objectifying male footballers, but only in response to years of male chauvinism. If it brings more fans to the women’s game, do you mind being objectified?

A. I would love to be objectified for the talents I display on the field and in that way no I don’t mind.

Q. Do you think your experiences in football have helped you raise your kids?

A. Absolutely no doubt. The communication skills, team work, interpersonal communication skill etc, enhanced my personal relations with my kids without a doubt.

Q. How do you look back on your career? Do you wish you’d had more recognition for your achievements?

A. I look back with great happiness and no I think most athletes would like for it to be longer. I wish I could continue to play at the professional and international level but as athletes we don’t get to determine when that ends. I look back with great joy. I’ve met my best friends, my husband and best athletes in the world.


*The Capital One Cup is an NCAA Division I athletics award honoring the top men’s and women’s college athletics program in the country. Division I programs will compete all year and to earn points in the race for the Capital One Cup based on their Top 10 finishes in fall, winter and spring sports. The winning men’s and women’s athletics program will win the Capital One Cup trophy and a $200,000 scholarship at the end of the spring athletics season. Thanks to Brandi and the Taylor PR team for organising this chat for us!


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5 Responses to “Kickette Interview: Brandi Chastain On Winning The World Cup, Posing Nude & That Goal Celebration”

  1. casino says:

    You are great! congratulations!

  2. Mrs. Bale23 says:

    My absolute idol!!!

  3. Emily says:

    Thanks for doing this. Yes, obviously I go on this website to stare, but (surprisingly?) I appreciate the sport as well, and it’s great to have some one like Brandi Chastain.

    I really appreciate how she clearly points out that there is no use for a “gimmick” league, as both women’s and men’s fútbol can co-exist. Anyone who watched this past summer knows that the women’s game has a lot to offer. It just royally sucks as it’s hard to find a place to watch it.

  4. Jay says:

    Amazing woman, forever a legend!