November 17th, 2011

Kickette Interview: Tim Howard Talks Food, Fellaini’s Hair & Fist Pumps

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Not only does Everton and USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard have the distinction of being one of the best keepers in the world, but he also has the distinction of being the only ‘baller to have single-handedly crashed our server with one of his epic ESPN The Magazine naked photo shoots. We’re sure he holds one in higher regard than the other, but we won’t speculate as to which one (*cough* ours *cough*).

We had the great pleasure of being granted a little one-on-one time with Mr. Howard and he gave us his thoughts on Everton, women’s football, and who should be the next USMNT playing to pose naked.

All in a day’s work, Kickettes.

First Things First…
Q: In between takes of one of your AllState adverts, you spoke of your ‘active kid’ reputation that you earned in your early years. As a bundle full of energy, did your hyperactivity ever get you into trouble at home or school?
A: No, I definitely wasn’t a mean kid or a bully…I was pretty normal growing up. Every kid gets detention, though, and that includes me. But I never did anything too crazy, just caused some chaos around town. Nothing I ever had to go to jail for, thankfully [laughing].

Q: We know about your public support for the Everton ladies back in April – how important is it for guys to cheer on the ladies?
A: It’s a given. Most guys already do appreciate how hard they work because they can relate to how difficult training and such is. Some men might be more vocal than others but many of the pros back their clubs’ female teams – you just might not see it all the time.

Q: We believe you have a little girl of your own – are you encouraging her to take up soccer?
A: I do, yes, she’s four [Ed. Note: and named Olivia. Awee...] and without a doubt I’m encouraging her. There’s a direct correlation between young girls who are active in sports and their self confidence so I definitely want her to be out there with kids her age playing a team sport. She and I often having kick arounds at the house too.

Q: Describe your ideal ‘Sunday Funday’.
A: Head to a beach cabana somewhere, grab a few cold beverages and catch whatever sports are on the TV. If it’s Sunday and I’m not playing, I’d check to see if the NY Giants or other NFL games were on.


Q: Who spends the most time primping in front of the mirror in the locker room?
A: Oh that’s easy – Royston Drenthe. If that man had a full length mirror in his locker he’d probably never leave [the locker room].

Q: Describe what Marouane Fellaini’s hair looks like in person
A: It’s a rats nest…but a lovable rats nest. Especially when he showers, he gets out and his soaking wet hair is all flat. Gradually it starts growing and takes on a life of its own.


Jersey, Jersey & More Jersey
Q: Knowing you’re from Jersey, we did a little research and found that some mobile food establishments are a popular treat near where you grew up. Have you ever tried, say, a ‘Fat Bitch’ sandwich and if you could name one after yourself what would it be?
A: Wow, good question. I’ve had a few Fat Cats back in my day [Ed. Note: see #1 ingredients here if you want to be grossed out] but I’d probably say A Fat Crazy Keeper.

Q: While a Lamborghini is your current favourite car, most of us have to start small with our means of transportation. What was your first car?
A: My dad bought me a 1984 Nissan Sentra – in 1997. It came with a few miles on it.

Q: Favorite memory of NJ?
A: Making a pit stop at a diner during our drive down to the Jersey Shore. And yes, I’ve been to DJAIS. Hasn’t everybody?

Q: Do you fist pump?
A: No, that’s not my go-to move…

Q: …Then what is?
A: Maurice Edu is teaching me the dougie. But you won’t catch me doing it after a PK save.


Q: Who on the USMNT gives the best man hugs?
A: I’ll be honest, I don’t hug most of those guys very often but if you want a good bear hug, see Gooch (Oguchi Onyewu). His are the biggest and strongest. [Ed. Note: We can understand why.]

Q: How did you first learn of Stuart Holden’s injury and what were your thoughts because ours were dirty.
A: We were all bummed [the USMNT] to hear the news, of course. I actually spoke to him the day he got diagnosed and found out he was getting another operation. Obviously he was upset but he’s still young and got most of his professional career ahead of him. He understood what he had to do in order to get back to playing and is taking all the necessary steps to do so. Now I hear he’s doing well; he has his good days and bad days like everyone but I’m sure he’ll bounce back.

Q: Regarding your ESPN shoot, just so you know, when we posted your pic, it crashed our server.
A: [Laughing] Did it now?! Ha, that’s great.

Q: But why we bring this up is because when we asked Benny Feilhaber of the New England Revolution if he had any plans to follow in your ESPN photo shoot footsteps, he said he doesn’t have the right body for that. Based on the current USMNT roster, who would you recommend for the mag’s next body issue?
A: Umm…can’t say Gooch because he’s already done it….um… it would have to be Maurice Edu.

Q: Really?! Why so?
A: He has a naturally chiseled, great body, I’ll admit.

Hmmm…we’ll have to keep better tabs on him now that he comes with your official seal of approval.


Big thanks to @AllState & Tim for being a good, unashamed sport with us!

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12 Responses to “Kickette Interview: Tim Howard Talks Food, Fellaini’s Hair & Fist Pumps”

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  2. spvrp says:

    I love these USMNT guys that play along with Kickette's interviews! Way to go, Timmy!

  3. Kay20 says:

    Tim, love you for the US, and love you for the Toffees.

    Great guy this one. And a spectacular goalkeeper.
    We're lucky to have ya.

    Can't wait to see you in qualifying (and hope you have nothing to do back there).

  4. April says:

    I love Timmy… he has his moments of, well, not impressing people with his attitude, but I think that it is related to the very thing that made him a hyperactive child. And for that, and his ability to keep that in check, I totally commend him. What a great role model for kids that experience the same. (For those unfamiliar and want a little peek at his abs:… )

  5. Julia says:

    I love Tim's thoughts about his little girl playing ball. I hope players increasingly feel like he does about their daughters playing. He comes across as a good man.

  6. Nettie says:

    This post needs more pictures of Tim Howard!

  7. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    Oh Tim!!! I dont ussually like bald-headed guys but you are my only exception. Period! ;D

    Btw: I love his attitude. laid-back but confident. and I cannot forget about his gorgeous bod and eyes!!

  8. delores says:


  9. thelovehater says:

    Awesome interview – and yes we should start asking ESPN to check out Mo for the next body issue!

    Glad to know he’s learning how to dougie :)

  10. csh says:

    Le Sigh. I named my mobile "Naked Tim Howard" because it's fun to hear the hands-free say it every morning.

  11. Hot4Spurs says:

    Tim has such a great attitude! He definitely needs to persuade Maurice Edu to get naked. That man is super fine and FYI Tim is right. Edu's body is bangin'! Yes, Kickette! Please keep better tabs on Edu!

  12. noelie says:

    I love him. He's saved Team USA's ass time and time again.