January 12th, 2010

Kickette 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards: ‘Baller Bodies

Mario G, we love thee

Today we’re asking for your opinions on matters of serious importance in 2009: man flesh.

Treating men like objects is something we work very hard to do here at Kickette, and we are excited to pass on the responsibility to you, dear readers.

Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez features as one of our nominees today. The first person to cast a vote for him wins any tummy button fluff available.*

- Just Play In The Nude, Already

- Short Tent Supremo

- Best John Terry Bulge

- Mature Man Candy

- Obliques We’d Like 10 Minutes Alone With

Voting will be open on all categories until the 23rd, when we will announce/celebrate the winners.

*No one is winning anything from Mario’s belly-button. Taking part is the winning. We’re all winners here today. Etc.

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26 Responses to “Kickette 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards: ‘Baller Bodies”

  1. Interista says:

    Ok I am not british, can someone please explain how you can find John Terry sexy?!?!?! I don't see it at all..And none of my friends do..

    So basically what I am asking is this: Is it a British phenomenon?!

    • sounderslove says:

      I have non-British friends who clearly see something in him that I do not…but I'm with you on this. I have no idea.

    • Portia says:

      I'm British and everything about the man repulses me.

      • Interista says:

        Ok, good to know that I am not the only one at kickette who doesn’t see it :) It just shocks me every time I see comments that state he is hot..

  2. gise says:

    thanks for bringing that man utd starting line-up picture into my life. WOW.

  3. caitanya says:

    this was fun, for sure–but where were torres and casillas?

    • sounderslove says:

      mte. come on, fernando won a thigh-off against stevie, and he has some of the best hip dips in the business. and iker…is iker. god knows we don’t love him for what he COVERS his gorgeous body with.

  4. Avenath says:

    Ooooh, best awards ever…thanks for lifting my spirits with your very tough (but awesome) choices, Kickette…have made my picks…yay!

  5. sounderslove says:

    where are the Fernando hip-dips?

  6. mila_casillas says:

    I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a poll more! <3

  7. BL4, Bobby Moore Stand says:

    Photographic evidence that JT is a walking dick.

  8. aps says:

    Nice poll! Are u going to have a poll for the WAGs as well?

    • aps says:

      Ooops. Sorry Kickette. I just saw the WAG poll. Have bee mia for a while. Will go check it out!

  9. anja says:

    where can I vote for nemanja (alone)? or see a new picture of him? read about him? anything??!?

    not seeing him on the pitch is hard already, but not even seeing him here is a torture!! :D

  10. lonelySTARSHINE says:

    Bom boom pow

    *that’s all I can say XD*
    <3 <3 <3

  11. Venice says:

    Just wanted to tell you I loved the idea, it’s very amusing :-D

  12. TB says:

    Quick FYI… it’s Bernardo Corradi, not Antonio.

  13. HiL says:

    loved it :)

  14. Lola says:

    Weeell..not that hard xd

  15. Elise says:

    Love that you gave John his own category, Kickette! (I mean, how could you not, right? lol) And it was very sweet to allow him to share it with Frank :) , who is definitely no slouch in this department either! Although the notion of choosing just ONE of those beautiful moments is completely ridiculous, I played along. And I"m sure you know which one I selected. LOL

  16. MrsCole says:

    Indeed, it's hard to choose!

  17. Jackie says:

    Such hard choices….totally not fair but needed