October 15th, 2009

Knicker Wars: Armani Names His New Stars

Megan Fox for FHMCristiano Ronaldo on balcony

The life of an underwear model can’t be good: subsiding on protein shakes and lettuce leaves, constantly looking over your well toned shoulder to see which hot young thing is prowling around in a g-string – not to mention the cost of laser hair removal.

Posh n Becks n undiesIt’s a sobering moment for Victoria Beckham and David Beckham – they’re being replaced as the faces of Armani Underwear by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox.

We would argue that David can certainly hold his own against Cristiano in the hot factor, but sadly, when Posh is pitted against Megan… well. Our interest would go to the hot Hollywooder.

Remember Cristiano avec chica in the 2005 Pepe jeans ads? Things were rather good, if not entertaining and slightly awkward. So we’re looking forward to seeing what can be conjured up with the magic of great lighting, not eating for a week and simulated sexual tension.

Side note: an excellent point – as was recently raised by our favourite gossip - did Victoria and David make you actually want to buy Armani underwear? And on that note, will Megan and Cristiano convince you to make a purchase? Unlikely, right?

Image of Megan Fox copyright FHM

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39 Responses to “Knicker Wars: Armani Names His New Stars”

  1. Shaz says:

    David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are both hot.

    BUT Victoria Beckham isn't, especially compared to Megan Fox.

  2. jelly says:

    I am happy that cristiano is the new armani model I am also EVEN happier that fox WILL NOT appear in photoshoots with cristiano. After all, he has a reputation to maintain :-p or is it :-d

  3. Silar says:

    Ew at Megan. I just dislike her so much.
    I don’t mind Cris, but seriously, I prefer the Beckhams.

  4. bam! says:

    Eww to Megan Fox but then I didn’t really bother looking at Victoria Beckham either, not too bothered by who models the women’s stuff. Anyway, to be honest Ronaldo, whilst he has a great body, is just too Euro-cheesey to be actually sexy to me, big step down from Becks in my opinion.

    But it was expected anyway, Armani always change their models each year anyway I believe.

  5. RONALIZA says:

    THE BEST CHOISE EVER..they are the sexiest and prettiest persons..i'm so exsiting..

  6. Julia says:

    That’s not a very good shot of Megan Fox… but I think they’ll go together really well. I mean, both so damn tanned and glistening and whatever.

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  8. Elise says:

    Armani's classiness level just took a major hit. Megan Fox is so tacky…among other unflattering things.

  9. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    If they do paired ads, they definately go well together, so the sexual tension simulation will definately be a lot easier. As for making me want to buy Armani underwear… not really.

  10. Ella says:

    Cris and Megan are the 2 hottest people alive. Plus, they're both a bit skanky, so they're the perfect couple! On one hand, I wish they were posing together b/c they're both so beautiful it would be a great pictorial. On the other hand, Cris would probably fall madly in love with her and then I'd die of jealousy b/c who can compete with Megan Fox? I suppose it's best that he sticks with the whoreidas of the world for now! :) Atleast then we can believe we have a shot. LOL.

  11. Lidoli says:

    About time that someone thought about putting Cris in an UNDIES AD!!!!!
    I tell you get the police ready because if there are giant highway billboards….there might be some fender benders!!!! LOL! cant wait to see you Cris!!!!

  12. Didi says:

    Ocio would do it better

  13. Boo says:

    i know ppl keep saying and writing that Becks and Posh were modeling for Armani, but i never remember what the ad was about. all i see is them looking fine (or he looking fine and her in the pic as well). no twitch what so ever in bying new underwear (Armani or not). Cri and Megs should be interesting. Both sexually active and such. Guess i'll just have to wait and see

  14. sevgi says:

    i cant wait!!!

  15. Lolinha says:

    Fi-freaking-nally! Both to someone having enough common sense to put Cristiano in an underwear ad, and to getting rid of the Beckhams, especially Victoria with her concrete tits and protruding bones, yikes! Cris+Becks would’ve been perfection. I’m not much of a fan of Megan Fox. What’s with the thumb?

  16. Meer. says:

    Ahw, that’s just pure evil for them not appearing together. Boohoo Armani! ¬¬’

  17. Cris is an excellent choice!!! About time, too!

  18. Lana says:

    David + Megan would be my choice

  19. Meer. says:

    TBH, it's not Megan's choice to be hyped like this. I kinda like her, she's too hot but it fits. Although she will never match Angelina Jolie, who she reminds me off.

  20. Dreamgirl says:

    Cris is a fantastic choice. Couldn't think of a better body apart from Becks' to do the job.

  21. NinyaC says:

    It makes me so happy to know that they won't appear together in the ad.

  22. Bitterlemon says:

    I love it! And even better, unlike the Beckhams, he and Megan are not going to be posing together. And I agree with whoever said that she's overrated. I'm so sick of her. I can't wait!

  23. TB says:

    Megan Fox = overrated

  24. Kile says:

    I think C-Ron is obviously a great choice. I love Posh but she is a little robotic in pictures … but Megan Fox … ugh, she is just skanky … ACTUALLY maybe she and C-Ron will be a great skanky pair!

  25. I don't know who Megan Fox is. *shrug* But yes, I bought myself lots of Armani dainties when Victoria was their "face". I love their line.

  26. Baby Freya says:

    Congrats to the genuis with the idea of putting Cris in an underwear ad! I salute you and you brilliant mind!

    Megan Fox is WAY hotter than Posh and I can see the new ads being tres….shall we call it 'artistic'.

    Can't wait to see what the ads look like in comparison to The Beckhams.

  27. shay says:

    I am sure the ads will be super awesome even solo. Megan Fox looks so much better when she doesn't speak. Ronny always looks good.

  28. Sasha says:

    They aren't posing together. Megan already shot her ads in L.A. Megan and Cristaino's ads are completely different and seperate.

    WWD says this:

    "Unlike the Beckhams, Ronaldo and Fox will not appear in any of the images together."

  29. TammyV says:

    Megan and C-Ron appearing together? She shot her campaign last weekend in LA, when he was working his day job.

    So Becks loses another endorsement to a younger player. This always sends him into meltdown. Wonder what with be the topic of his anti-American soccer rant will be.

  30. kirsty says:

    Eww…Ronaldo does not do it for me.On the other hand Beckham and Megan fox would have been a HOT photo shoot.

  31. Meer. says:

    Oh, and I'm sure Cris must have done a little happy dance when he found out Megan Fox would accompany him in these adds (and vice versa). I know I would.

  32. Meer. says:

    Excellent choices for Armani. Can't wait to see those together in adds. Plus, Megan Fox is someone I could picture Cris with. So if something blossoms there, it's got my vote. Megan is evenly, if not more, hot. Cris's got a worthy partner in crime.

    And yes, those last two would definitly convince me to buy Armani underwear, where dVb does not. Still, I'm not spening a fortune on underwear. Sorry Armani! But thanks for making sexaaaay adds with our beloved Cristiano, the apple of my eye.

    And oh yes, Pepe Jeans add… *needs some alone time*