May 29th, 2012

Lads In Mags: David Beckham & Mesut Ozil

Images: British ELLE; Sepp Football Fashion Magazine via Wong Wong.

As footy fans like yourselves know, the fun is mainly in the details.

Exhibit A: David Beckham admitting he has a fetish for snacking on that cutie patootie baby sundae of his. Harper does have a scrum-diddly-umptious set of chubby wubby legs, doesn’t she?

And as you lot can probably vouch, often it’s the tiniest, most obscure facts or photos that forever settle themselves into your brains – unintentionally or not.

Exhibit B: the length and width of Mesut Ozil’s “sideburns.”

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14 Responses to “Lads In Mags: David Beckham & Mesut Ozil”

  1. Toz says:

    I can see why women find Beckham attractive, he has a handsome face, but Ozil? Those bug-eyes are just…well, bug eyes…sure, he’s got a good body but his eyes…they’re creepy.

  2. Stella says:

    We already forgot about David…. Its all about our little Bambi Özil. So happy he signed for Madrid, the best signing Madrid ever done. I love Özi he is perfection in his way to play.

  3. dina says:

    David has always been good-looking. His looks only get better as he gets older!

  4. EsiN says:

    maybe not in this pic but Özil is reallyy soo hot!

  5. Noni says:

    ÖÖÖÖÖzil!!!!!! =D

  6. stasi says:

    Is it just me or those davids tattoos look even sexier

  7. AC_USA says:

    I don't even see David here! Sorry girls!! All I see here is my Ozil :)

  8. tashy says:

    I secretly think ozil’s extremely sexy nd rally hot I’m not an ozil fangirl but I luv this dude he has this sexy quiet mysterious thing 2 him,I don’t knw y lisa maria let him go but hey that’s more ozil 4 me but anyway posh is so lucky she gets 2 hav david his so hawt even at 37 nd afta 4 kids XD guys plz tell me y they nicknamed ozil bambi

  9. footballandme says:

    Even a David Beckam nearly at 40 is still as delectable as ever….

    • Alexandria says:

      Even when he's 80 I'd still tap it like he taps footballs

      • GlamGooner says:

        The man's a fine wine, I never understood his appeal when he was younger but now, OMW!!!

  10. Utd Girl says:

    Both of them look hot! Becks just gets better looking as he ages, and Mesut…I love love love! Have you ladies seen his video on youtube where he spoke “some” English during a behind the scenes for the Nike commercial? It is the cutest thing!!!

  11. sarah says:

    oh beck even with those many ugly tattos you still a DO for me