June 23rd, 2010

Landon Donovan: Next Round, Please

Don’t worry about Landon’s game face, he’s working on it.

If you are reading this post without the aid of an IV or hired help, we are impressed. First a gripping England v Slovenia game, and at the same time (so cruel, schedulers) watching a last-minute goal by Landon Donovan against Algeria to take the USA through to the next round of 16?

Kickette HQ is concerned there won’t be enough Jaffa Cakes to manage the stress eating.

Deep breaths, and deep glasses of champagne to all our England and American readers! What did you think of the way the games played out?

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73 Responses to “Landon Donovan: Next Round, Please”

  1. kaya says:

    Kickette, I’m surprised you missed an opportunity to post some impressive manpile pics at the conclusion of this match. When I watched it, I was sure you’d be all over it.

  2. izzy says:

    I cried. I was more stressed about that game than my wedding on Friday. Ended perfectly. Go USA!!

    And I was excited for England to go to as well. Would rather watch my premier league boys…

  3. Karin C. says:


    never mind, SLOVEnia will kick your ass next time round.

    • JaneSpotting says:

      Slovenia played a lovely game and its too bad that one US goal took them out of the World Cup.

      We are going to be missing some serious eye candy now as well. Quel gorgeous squad Slovenia had!

      Yummy 6 ft 4 goalkeeper Handanovic and also the sultry dark eyed Slovenian captain Robert Kovar. sigh.

  4. ussoccer84 says:

    WHAT A GAME!!!! I too shedded a tear or hmm two. I also found myself jumping up and down my friend”s couch.

    I’ve had a secret crush on Landon Donovan for sometime now and have followed his unentertaining love life for sometime. I have to admit I was a bit heartbroken that he sent a shoutout + kiss to his EX-wife Bianca. Well I guess I wasn’t too surprised since he has been singing her praises since the beginning of the tournament. I wouldn’t be surprised if they reconciled after the tournament (http://g.sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/blog/dirty-tackle/post/Who-is-the-Bianca-that-Landon-Donovan-blew-a-k?urn=sow,250789).

    All the best to him and her (tear).

    • Winnie says:

      I don't understand why they even got divorced but I will be so happy for the couple if they reconciled. I know Bianca was a big fan of his and he went to stay with her in Europe when a family member of hers was ill. They are so precious together. All the best to the two!

  5. Erin says:

    He’s still a douche. But his goal was epic and I’m really happy USA made it through. I wanted England and USA from this group and it worked out!

    • kaya says:

      Huh? Landon’s maybe not everyone’s idea of an alpha male, but he’s a thoughtful and smart person. Not too many like him in sports. Nice to see a nice guy winning, actually.

  6. Innocenza says:

    Clint + blood + angry face = my exploding heart. I just adore him. So happy for all our boys.

  7. TristaJade says:

    Oh Lord, I still am not breathing correctly. I love Landon, I love the USMNT and, even though I’ve had a gazillion heart attacks since June 11, I freakin’ LOVE World Cup!!!! Can’t wait for Saturday to see more of my USMNT boys!!! USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!

  8. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    yess…english wags are on their way to SA! can’t wait for some real drama!

    • Tara says:

      LMAO! No matter how much drama they create, I don't think they can top the French NT. Seriously, that saga at the World Cup should have been made into a reality TV show.

  9. elizabeth says:

    USA USA USA….i've been a fan of donovan for many years now but this has left me speachless and over powered…go donavan and team usa they deserve this.

  10. EternalDreamer says:

    OMG. I LOVE THE USMNT!!!!!! I feel like I could've written 80% of the comments below! I had a meeting scheduled during the last half of the game so I.missed.it.live. When I saw that the US won, I nearly flipped out. When I saw the goal, I was practically in tears. I cannot say how proud of them I am! They play with such passion and never-give-up attitude. I cannot stop smiling I am so happy!

  11. Thea says:

    Congrats to the USA – really glad they are not only through but top of the group! god bless the USA, I do well ’cause they tip well!!!!!

  12. Jessi says:

    Holy freaking moses. first of all i could hardly sleep last night, because i was so freaking nervous. thank god i didn’t have to go to work this morning. i’m an england fan first and foremost, then an american. so i was praying to god, jehovah, mohammad, krishna, tom cruise, and every other possible deity that they would show up. i squealed with delight when when england scored. as a man utd fan i made friends with a liverpool fan because we were the sole england fans in our area of the bar (look at that world cup bridging rivalries!). to be honest i wanted both teams to win, but if i had to pick i really wanted england to move on. but when landon scored that late goal … well i came to work smelling of beer and with no voice. it was fantastic. i couldn’t have asked for a better result this morning.

    that said … next round won’t be easy. no matter who gets through.

  13. zatti says:

    hahaha love the lando pick! really sums up the feeling!!!!

    they deserved it!!!! congrats!!!!!!

  14. Rosey says:

    I'm just going to say it…Landon and his receding hairline had one of the prettiest WAGs (they are divorced now), Bianca Kajlich. I know Sylvie and Cheryl are always top favorites but I think Bianca needs to be in top 5.

    That game gave me a heart attack and it was like 7am for me when it was going on! :)

    Congrats to all teams!

  15. Dea says:

    I f***ing LOVE THESE MEN!!!!!
    The atmosphere here is CRAZYYYYYY

  16. Carolina says:

    Yeaaaaaaaah!!!!! U.S.A.!! Thank goodness they qualified; like most of us agree U.S. should have been topping the group since the 2nd game of the round and I would have lost a whole lot of respect for FIFA and its’ officials if they didn’t move up to the round of 16 after those 2 horrible calls.. I’m not usually a huge fan of the US team but they’ve made me a believer through their hard-work and “never say die” attitude.. good luck boys!!

  17. MUfcYanksGirl says:

    I cried at the bar in front of grown men. It was much an amazing moment. Landon Donovan is AMAZING. I am so proud of all our boys. USA! Congratulations to England too. Well played!

    • Violets says:

      I have never, in all of the games that I've watched and played in, cried over a soccer game–that is, at least, until today.

      • MUfcYanksGirl says:

        I know, neither have I! I was so overcome with emotion the second I saw the ball go in the net, and I couldn't even contain myself. An old man hugged me and started the Landon Donovan chant while everyone else started screaming/crying/jumping on things. It makes me feel better that I'm not alone in this :) So excited for Saturday!

      • PepaCandela says:

        My first was crying over Bradley’s goal against Slovenia. This was number two, so apparently it’s becoming a thing with me.

      • Ella says:

        Ditto, Violets. Never cried over a sporting event until today….from the depths of despair to the top of the world! One of the (if not THE) greatest moments I’ve witnessed in sports.

      • Anonymous to You says:

        4 years ago, in Germany, WC final match, Zidane got sent off, I cried like a bitch.

  18. VPodd says:

    Isn’t it about time good old America fella (i.e. Bocanegra) get representation on F5 of HOF? Anyone else agree with me?

    • Goosie says:

      I DO!

    • Lee says:

      I second that motion!

    • Violets says:

      Did anyone else see Bocanegra introducing himself and talking to the little kids that they were holding hands with when they walked out? It was adorable.

      Also, I appreciate the attractiveness of our team (particularly Boca…), but WHERE'S SPECS?!?!?! He started every game of the Confederations Cup last summer, but he hasn't been seen here yet. I need my six feet of blond haired, blue eyed goodness, please.

    • Dea says:

      Boca,Howard,Oguchi….I could go on and on.

    • senora ramos says:

      if johnny b’s great performance today (for him) isn’t enough to put him on kickette, i just don’t know what is.

      more gooch, timmay, deuce, landycakes, boca, benny, heck, let’s bring all the boys over here

    • Amanda says:


  19. MrsNesta says:

    Congratulations to the US of A, well deserved after some well dodgy ref decisions!!!!!! You leave until the 91st minute but great goal Landon :)

  20. I’m happy for England and the USA. I’m not sure if finishing second in the group will bite us in the ass or not. (If Serbia start playing as well as I think they are capable of, they could be tougher than Germany.)

    For those doubting Wayne Rooney, he’s had a bad ankle for months now, and is playing on injections. He’s far from 100%, and still England missed him when he went off with twenty minutes to go. If you support England, I’d suggest you start praying to the ankle gods. :-/

    • MrsNesta says:

      *starts praying to the ankle gods* only, and I mean only good thing about coming second is we play a day later so more chance for Rooney to recover :)

    • Jo says:

      Thanks to TFO for keeping me posted on the scores. We shut down a drilling crew to get updates. :) Congratulations to England and USA (but I’m weepy about Serbia going out).

    • Jo says:

      *offers annoying co-worker to appease ankle gods*

  21. janethem says:

    Awesome!! Go Yanks!!

  22. Winnie says:

    I cried. I’m still crying. I’ll be crying throughout the day. This was really amazing. The rest of America should watch the entirety of this match without knowing the outcome of this game. They will believe and they will realize how gut-wrenching and beautiful this game really is. It’s not just about scoring. It’s about what happens in the 90 minutes of it. Moments like this, man, it’s just incredible. I don’t even care if they don’t get out of the next round. I’m happy enough.

    • Tara says:

      I thought I was the only one!! I started SOBBING when Donovan made that goal, and even now, watching it on replay, I'm still crying. That was incredible, and I'm so proud of my team. Up until that point, I was scared I would no longer have a reason to be enthusiastic about the World Cup (no USA, no Yoann Gourcuff), but my boys proved me wrong. Congratulations, guys!!!!! I hope you go far!!!!!!!

  23. wanniemelon says:

    thank GOD the USA went through. it would have been a joke if they didn’t qualify because of TWO perfectly legitimate disallowed goals.

  24. V says:

    So happy USA pulled through, not only because they made it to the second round, but also because that means more Bocanegra on Kickette!

  25. Nora says:

    I was getting so depressed that we (the US) weren’t going to make it, but when Landon scored, I started jumping up and down screaming. I was so loud that my little dog pissed herself out of fear…. I’m just going to say she was so happy that Landon scored she peed out of happiness

  26. Nicola says:

    As an American (Family originated from England) who normally roots for England, I am glad to see both teams go through but while I may be an American my heart belongs to England when it comes to football. They are the first team I ever watched and I fell in love with the game.

    Congrats to Both USA and England. Now is hoping that both continue on playing well and getting further.

  27. Molly says:

    Congrats to all the Americans!! And the USA NT! :) Landon that was a great goal!

  28. dcubetcha says:

    yeah, nailbiters are more exciting to watch, but when it’s my team I WANT A GOD DAMN BLOWOUT! i lost a few years off my life on that usa-algeria game!

    i am very happy that england made it through to the next round as well.

  29. shay says:

    I am not gonna lie, I went to hide in the bathroom for the last 4 minutes of the game. I just couldn't stomach watching the USA go out in the first round after all the effort it took to get there. After gathering myself and returning to my desk to see that we had actually won I then proceeded to run screaming into my supervisor's office while waving my hands in the air like I just didn't care. Best day ever!!

  30. Adrienne says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Perhaps it's the sheer euphoria of the (well-deserved, long-overdue) goal and WIN that has finally driven me to speak. Or perhaps that fifth gin and tonic has hit its mark.. Regardless, I'll reiterate all congratulations and well wished, and add Dempsey, Altidore, Bornstein, DeMerit, Boca, Bradley, Howard, and Feilhaber to the mix of names in the WELL DONE, YOU and PLEASE UNDRESS MORE OFTEN categories. A hard-fought game that hopefully will light a fire under the seat of Americans everywhere in terms of supporting this glorious sport. Our boys did us proud! WE BELIEVE! Now, I'm off to finish cleaning piss out my knickers because OH, DEAR ME, what a match!!

  31. Violets says:

    I think that I nearly threw up, fainted, and had a heart attack for the first 91 minutes of that game.

    USA ALL THE WAY, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. senora ramos says:

    i have died of a heart attack. i knew to never count out our boys, but i gotta say ladies at 90, i was feeling siiiiiiick to my stomach. landycakes i love you so much right now! jack johnson and five for fighting ftw! lol!

  33. Bebhinn says:

    Sooooo does this mean the british WAGS are off to South Africa???!! pls. say yes! the world cup is kinda boring without them!

  34. Tashinka says:

    That was in.credible. I thought my entire city was going to have an aneurysm… my friend T was on the ground pounding the pavement out of frustration. And when we scored, I think everyone heard us cheer for 100 miles around! USA! USA! USA!

    Good on England for going through as well. Guess that mercy flight of WAGs was a good idea after all!

  35. Johanna says:

    I'm so glad our boys passed to the second round, what a finish! Go USA!!!!!!!! Thanks Landon!

  36. Goosie says:

    I love Landon Donovan. Even with his very apparant receding hairline, I will gladly have his children.

    FUCK YES AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I nearly died about a thousand times during this game. My boss must think I'm crazy with all the silent screaming and fidgeting I was doing. BUT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    • YANKSgirl says:

      hahahaha i think everyone in america would gladly have his babies right now. totally agree with you! he came through clutch, and that was amazing. As he said afterwards, "we believe!" so unbelievably proud of these boys, can't wait for the next match! USA USA USA!

  37. Amanda says:

    I'm very happy for the US team… those boys deserved it! My heart belongs to Brazil, but today I was rooting for the americans! :)

  38. Anonymous to You says:

    Good job to USA. Landon Donovan is one heck of a player. Also, nice to England for finally winning one. But they have to start scoring more.

  39. Ella says:

    OH MY GOD!!! This game seriously nearly killed me! GOOOOOO USA!!!!!!! I can't even scream anymore, I'm spent. But I LOVE my USA boys!!!! SO PROUD OF THEM!!!