October 19th, 2009

Lazy links & Randoms

Posh in leggings from her collectionVictoria Beckham has bagged a guest spot on Gossip Girl. In other VB news, her dietary “secrets” have been revealed. It’s all sushi and berries.

Cristiano spotted out with Raffaella Fico. 1. that is one unromantic looking cheek peck 2. She’s twenty-one years old? We call urgent peptide cream intervention. 3. Wait a second, we clicked and zoomed: that ain’t Raffaella. It’s his PR or someone.

Never mind. Raffaella is still getting some news by claiming that she has met C-Ron’s family, that they will get married and are planning on having kids. How lovely for her and her imagination.

Liverpool beach balls are sold out at the LFC store. ‘Pool fans, this may take a while for people to forget about.

Cesc as James Bond? Really? We don’t see it. We love him, but we don’t see it.

Robinho: his skills are jean-splitting. [via The Offside]

Can’t be bothered to do any work today? Waste time watching clips of some of the best ever World Cup teams.

We think John Terry’s brilliant hissy fit was better than Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Let’s hope JT had a nice cuppa and a hug from Lampsy afterwards.

Gabby Agbonlahor’s reunites with his mom after twenty years. Oh, and his dad is a smarty-pants science guy.

Does Gago have a new girlfriend?

The secret to World Cup qualification? Kissing. Lots of kissing.

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12 Responses to “Lazy links & Randoms”

  1. Riya says:

    I sure hope JT got a big hug and kiss from Lamps after that fit. *stops and thinks about that lovely image*

  2. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    "Wait a second, we clicked and zoomed: that ain’t Raffaella. It’s his PR or someone." LOL!!!!

    No offense to the Pool fans, because I know you all are still so upset about the ball incident and I completely understand, but the reviews on the product are some of the greatest things I've ever read. Seriously.

    Errrr… I can't decide who is disgraced more by photoshopping Cesc onto James Bond.

    Poor JT :( That was a pathetic match.

    New goal in life: work for Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    • Riya says:

      I’m a huge Pool fan, but I, unlike some, do have a sense of humour. The reviews for the product are absolutely hilarious.


  3. Ella says:

    I don't think that woman is romantically involved with Cristiano. They certainly didn't seem to be affectionate at all. Plus, she's not attractive at all. Ofcourse, I'm adding in my own wishful thinking. This Rafaella person seems to have a very good imagination. Maybe she's a junior Nereida.

  4. Ipswich Town just signed Asmir Begović, the Bosnian/Canadian goalkeeper on loan. Maybe the Town players will start kissing each other passionately on the mouth before and after matches. And include Roy too. Or leave Roy to me. Anyway, some man love couldn’t hurt, at this point. *long pained sigh*

  5. Elise says:

    While I felt incredibly sad for John, knowing how bad he hated that Chelsea had conceded that goal, and how hard he works to prevent that kind of think, I must sheepishly admit that I might have watched the replay more than once. *looks ashamed* That kind of passion is always hot…at least when it's John! And yes, I like to think that there was a lot of hugging and consoling afterwards, especially between- but not limited to- John and Frank. I also like to think about how hot it would have been to join them!! A little consoling of my own, you know. It's the least I could do! lol

    And TFO- please let me know if that happens. I believe I will suddenly begin to have an increased interest in Ipswich matches! LOL

    The thing about Abby is that she still looks pretty good…stumbling drunk out of a bar…at 3:30 am. Pretty impressive, really. lol

  6. Lamps' babe says:

    You see!!I thought it was just me,I live in Italy and Raffaella is ALWAYS on our tvs,magazines,talking about her lovestory with Cristiano "we are in love,he's so important for me",but no one has ever seen a pic of them together…I may start calling myself Lampsy new Wag……

    • Bitterlemon says:

      please keep me posted! i just about damn near had a heart attack when I first saw that picture.

      • laz says:

        I think Ronaldo has better taste than miss fico, no scrap that we all know that's not true but he must have the common sense not to go out with someone with her rep because it would likely damage his? Even Madrid would of pointed that out to him, that girls like her are unlikely to change their spots and become a perfect housewife figure! The woman in the photo who clearly isn't fico is probably one of his PR as she looks much older than him, 30 something, but then again ronaldo does seem to like his coyotes (older woman) so it could be his new gf. It's unlikely he's had no action since being in madrid. Hopefully if true she's a nice person and has done no questionable photo's/doesn't have much questionable behavior but once again this is Ronaldo we are talking about & he's probably one bad (over publicized) fling away from being a lost cause – even portugal take the mickey out of the majority of his ill fated "relationships". Whatever happened to andy warhols "15 minutes of fame" quote though – everyone associated with him seem to get at least a fortnight!

    • laz says:

      i thought they were photographed twice over the summer – but there's been no evidence since so if she was ever news then it is past, not present news – she's most likely taking advantage of nothing!

      • Lamps' babe says:

        Well girls,I don't know..this woman is famous in Italy for the Big brother,and for sayin: I'm a virgin,who wants to buy my virginity?
        this is one of many links of her talking about their relationship,she says that they are together and that he loves her curly hair,but they want to keep they relationship secret.In another one she says that she has met his family,and that Cristiano has asked her to introduce him to her family in Italy,but once again no pics.