November 9th, 2009

Lazy Links & Randoms

Helen Svedin for Chamilla jeweleryHelen Svedin (Figo’s wifey) looks gorgeous; shills jewelery for at Chamilla’s new collection at the Santo Mauro Hotel in Madrid.

Becks trims his beard, takes off his shirt. Son Cruz continues his reign of family superstar.

Want a kiss from Gerard Pique? Just ask for it (on a cardboard sign) and you shall receive.

Prioritizing minty fresh breath is an admirable trait.

A quick run down of John Terry’s weekend?

Confirm father nominated for the Parental F*ckups of the Year award; follow with a warm return to Lampsy’sever-loving arms.

Also: How hard can it possibly be to score a photo of Frank Lampard with his rumoured new gal Christine? Yeesh. London paps what’s up?

Nemanja VidicNemanja Vidic’s new ads for Puma: sexy or scary? Or (as we like it), both? Or, do you prefer Gigi Buffon’s version?

Cristiano Ronaldo says his move to Real was like getting a new girlfriend. Um?

Atletico Madrid coach Quique Sanchez Flores is dating a hot Hungarian model named Orsi, who happens to be the sister of the late Miklos Feher.

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39 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. CharmingNicky says:

    Wasnt Helen Svedin pregnant? Or has she got the baby already? :o

  2. Teamtoto says:

    is it just me, or does Helen look REALLY thin? maybe it's the angle of the camera of something, but for realz…

    • Kat says:

      Teamtoto, I agree. She looks painfully thin, hope it's just the dress/pose. Helen is one gorgeous lady, I'd hate to see her go all skeletal on us.

      • Susie says:

        Kickette posted a picture of the family on holidays not too long ago, in which she was in a bikini and she didnt look emmaciated at all, no bones sticking out.

        I think its the fit of the dress, as well as the pose.

  3. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Sexy Vida.

    Wow that is such a bad pic of Christine. She is pretty and seems to be a nice girl.

    • FirstTeamCoach says:

      ok, so that did not work, can we not do pics now?

      She is pretty and that is a bad pic!

  4. Regiane says:

    Nemanja is… Nemanja makes me… Nemanja could…

    Afraid of being banned from here, I’d rather not complete the sentences!

    Seriously, how can other men even stand by Vida’s side without feeling like the Ugly Duckling????

  5. Susie says:

    Helen is drop dead gorgeous!

  6. tammyv says:

    Vida… yeah no idea why he didn't play but god knows United needed him. That match was such a dramafest without any beauty.

    Lamps and JT, at moments, should have just gone into a private room.

    Becks is injured btw, subbed off in the 66+ minute grabbing his back, icing his knee and getting his ankle checked out. He also almost got a yellow after said subbing off for bitching at the 4th official for giving 5 minutes of stoppage time. BRuce Arena literally dragged him away and shoved him into the bench

  7. Ella says:

    1. I LOVE Vida's ad! He's so delicious.

    2. Oh how I wish I was Cristiano's new girlfriend he was "trying to PLEASE". I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

    3. Frank's alleged new GF looks like a granny-tranny in that pic. Ick.

    4. Poor JT, so sad that he has to deal with such sad excuse for parents.

  8. mrs aaron ramsey ('pool fan) says:

    it makes me wonder does terry ever consider throwing a 5 at his parents every now and then…. because they’re messed hard core man!! i mean the thing they’ll do for money and like he said ‘john’s a f***ing multi millionaire’ or sum like that how hard is it to say hey son gimme some bloody cash????

  9. jelly says:

    cristiano… why? lol I know what he means but I guess this means he will be single until the end of his contract. OMG vida has hair on his legs. I think that is SEXY. I nearly died when I saw the ghost of lamps. Surely the paps can't be serious that has to be my fav pic of the year hahaha I though super-whatsherface was but this is like the ULTIMATE haha. helen is gorgeous

  10. SweetVito says:

    Helen Svedin is the most gorgeous of the gorgeous. And she gets to go home to Figo’s package every night. Jealousness.

    Why does everyone hate Christine so much? I adore her!

  11. the ince-ulator says:

    I think something's got lost in translation there with Ronaldo, he obviously meant that when he came to Real, he "got a new boyfriend". He is just talking about wanting to impress Kaka, bless him.

  12. I laughed at James Richardson on the Guardian podcast today.

    He said, “United lose to Chelsea and John Terry dealt the blow . . . Well, it IS a family tradition.”

  13. Lolinha says:

    The guy with the toothbrush LOL … And women say men can’t multitask.
    Oh Piqué! Spanish accent and easy kisses. Are my pants still on?
    Lampard’s lady is pretty enough, just looks like she’s had one unnecessary
    chemical peel too many.
    If you’re going to cover up a footballer, it better be with a furry bunny suit. Everything else is just unacceptable.
    Oh Cris, instead of bothering your head with petty things like interviews you should be out doing things the Pique-way. Answering to cardboard-pleas of female fans.
    Poor Terry…

  14. Elise says:

    Yes, my poor John. What do they say- you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your relations. But seriously, I know he loves his family, but I have issues with his parents. John has said before that they sacrificed an awful lot so that he could be where he is today and that he wants to pay them back however he can, and as far as I can tell, he pretty much supports them. I honour him for that devotion and love him for being the kind of man who wants to do that for his parents. I just wish they’d think more about how they are repaying HIM. He deserves SO much better than this.

    But yes, Kickette, time spent snuggling with Frank is bound to do him good! And there was loads of it yesterday- after the goal and then again after the final whistle! *sigh* I am still thanking the football gods for those moments!

    • Carla says:

      Very well said! Completely agree with you. John doesn't need this sort of thing in his life.

      As for that Christine women, she looks freaky. Frank you can do better

    • Riya (Come on you Re says:

      Any pics of the after match snuggling?

  15. Lamps' babe says:

    So according to the Mail,Frank and this cougar have been dating for maybe 2months,why there isn't any pic of him?Just this ghostly one?It seems impossible that those guys get papped even in the shops and not in a glamourous club…btw the article "they looked smitten,very close" A SOURCE SAID..are the very same words of the previous article about them…

    Btw Frankie,my boy,we both know that you could do a lot better,c'mon,you're an young,gorgeous man…and you have to collect all those bins out there???

  16. MissEstonia says:

    Helen is so gorgeous! For a moment I thought it was a photo of Molly Sims on the Kickette front page and I was like? But wow, she looks absolutely astonishing! I love the shoes as well. Oh I want them!

    Thank goodness Becks got rid of the bear growing on his face. The world is a bit more normal now.

    Put that Pique article into an online translator if you 1.) don’t speak fluent Spanish and 2.)want a REALLY good laugh. My favourite line? “It loaded with a placard in which it requested a kiss to the blaugrana power station. A placard to which Gérard did not make contingency not covered by law, but submissive.” Er…not covered by law…and submissive…I like.

    LMAO at the dude brushing his teeth! HAHAHHHH!!!!

    Terry’s dad…what a shame! Eugh. I would hate to have that written about in the papers, how embarrassing!

    Ronaldo–kcuf you. You didn’t feel it was important to impress us United fans? HAH! Go nurse your ankle injury, love.

    And Lampard’s woman…I was apalled when I saw her, she can’t be 2 years younger than he is, she looks like she could be his mum. Eugh.

  17. Merel says:

    Helen looks amazing.
    But for real, that woman Frank is supposed to date looks like she is at least 20 years older and full of botox. You can do better, Lamps.

  18. We love Ninja Nemanja. That’s from Vida’s Puma photoshoot that was posted in the United thread in the Kickette community yesterday, by the way. More pictures in there.

  19. ferzie says:

    Nice family you’ve got there,

  20. notsure says:

    Can anyone tell me from where to get Helen's shoes? they are just awesome? anyone knows the brand or shop name?

  21. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    I'm in love with Helen's dress.

    The guy with the toothbrush made my entire year. Really? Why would you brush your teeth at a match? Was he planning on soliciting Didier Drogba for a kiss after he saw Pique's story?

    Frank looks rather photoshopped there. Just throwing that out there.

    As for JT… poor thing. I think Elise said everything there is to say, so I'll leave it at that.

    Nemanja Vidic is frightening, but not as frightening as Buffon. And just because I haven't said it in awhile – "Buffon, Buffoff".

    • Regiane says:

      Was he planning on soliciting Didier Drogba for a kiss after he saw Pique’s story? = STELLAR COMMENT!!!!!!!

  22. miss_unafraid says:

    Oh, Nemanja, you're the man of my dreams and…nightmares!

  23. Boston Red says:

    Bleakley looks like a tranny in that photo.

    Helen is hot. I thought she was pregs again?

  24. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Poor JT. I mean seriously, his parents are horrible. Good thing he's got Lamps for a cuddle ;)

    The reason there are no pics of Lamps with that woman: Lamps would never cheat on JT. :D

  25. LoveLamps says:

    The reason why Frank Lampard has not been photographed with that woman is simple. They are not dating. End of.

  26. HiL says:

    Kickette, in my dictionary scary vida is sexy vida.