November 24th, 2009

Lazy Links & Randoms

Cristiano in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo’s back in training. Tell the truth, you’d throw yourself on the bonnet of his car to get his attention, wouldn’t you? We practice stunt-rolls daily. Image via Getty

How to survive a Roy Keane attack. Sigh. We’d love one.

Croatian keeper saves a cat, gets booked. Meow!

Arsenal Wenger expresses himself with a few choice expletives.

Fashion showdown: Pep Guardiola v Jose Mourinho

Gerard Pique: wears troll beads, looks orange.

Oh dearStuttgart’s Markus Babbel’s face. Because it’s funny.

FIFA schedule an extraordinary meeting.

We’re bored of this story already.

Guti and his new student fling, Paula, spent a relaxing few days in Ibiza touring his favorite sights.

Baby Kai heads to Old Trafford with Coleen.

Spurs fans: it’s not a dream.

Antonio Cassano set his wedding date smack-dab in the middle of the World Cup he was probably going to be excluded from.

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23 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. Mel says:

    The pic of Guti has got me confused. The G on his belt, is that for Guti or Gucci :D

  2. Mila says:

    Ah, Cristiano, Cristiano. Football is not the same without you. Got to see you in the stands during Real’s weekend win against Racing as you ignored the game and texted away and giggled with your buds. And all I could think of after that was the potential naughtiness of those texts!… And yes, I would totally throw myself onto his Louis Vuitton Hummer to get his attention. :P

    • lamis says:

      Mila am surprised how someone as beautiful as he is just drives by without at least a dozen girls fall in front of his car… I would!

  3. Violet_Shh says:

    Being a true Blue I can't see Pep winning this contest (though I must admit he is very handsome). The problem with Pep is he's loosing hair and it's getting quite obvious. That's a big turn off so Jose wins it this time. Second place goes to Leonardo, and Pep gets the third. ;)

  4. Lilly says:

    i LOVE Pep!!Is he married/in a serious relationship atm??
    I need to know beofre i fly to Spain and make a total fool of myself by jumping from the stands and chasing the sexy manager around the field. :)

    • Lilly says:

      btw,isn't Coleen supposed to stay home WITH her baby seeing as how taking him to a football match packed with diseases in this weather is very dangerous??I'm just sayin'….

      • bubbly_cheryl says:

        lilly i thought the same thing, seeing as the child is just 3 weeks (or whatever) old… and don't all the wags drop them off at some little place were they get looked after by other people? (its what she said in an interview) and i personally don't get why she took him, given all the noise and disturbances that can happen at a match (not saying the sit in stretford end/north stand like me), but it is quite cold out now

        cristiano is back and good-looking as ever- so gorgeous!

        • sarahbeth says:

          Poor Cols can't catch a break! LOL! It is a little early to be taking him places like that, IMO, my pediatrician had suggested to wait around 6 wks atleast. Like Ellie said, atleast the baby was actually with her tho!

          • FirstTeamCoach says:

            I knew it was coming!!! Poor Coleen cant do right for wrong. There is a creche at OT for the players babies. It is fully staffed by qualified people and Kai would have been warm, safe and away from the crowd and noise. That is if he was in the creche as Coleen has her own private box at OT, where Kai would have only been exposed to her guests! Unseen even by the staff at OT, and surrounded by his family members, does it matter what the weather was like? He was wrapped up cosy and dry. Coleen is escorted to and from the ground by security and her parents, and the car is parked yards from the door she goes in. So where is the problem? I for one cant see it. I took my 4 week on baby on a public flight, from a busy international airport ………. because I had too. She survived.

            Cris, great to see you back. Football is a sadder world without you.

            The cat *chuckle*

            And finally Roy……….. definately kiss up (I wish *sigh* )

  5. Avenath says:

    That Cristiano caption cracked me up…good one, Kickette ;)

  6. Regiane says:

    OH MY!!!
    You are really gonna make me choose between 2 of my top 3 best dressed hot coaches? Not fair.
    I choose Pep and his Aquarius way of dressing!!!
    L-O-V-E him in a suit but his sweater/shirt choices are, at least, unconventional.
    And yes, i’m all in for the odd ones.
    (just in case you’re curious about the 3rd one on the list, there goes a hint: he’s a countryman of mine and i’m Brazilian.)

  7. Ellie says:

    Yay! So good to see Cris! Can't wait to see him back on the pitch! I'm starting to develop a real crush on Pep. I know, I'm late to the game, but I actually think he's surpassing Jose! Looking very forward to the results of 'the extraordinary meeting', ha! And I am glad to see Coleen WITH her baby. :)

  8. Lidoli says:

    I missed CRON!!!!! the game is not the same without HIM! KEEP THOSE PICTURES COMING!


  9. NinyaC says:

    Cris and Pique are looking good. And Mourinho and Pep! Ahh hot coaches (along with Leonardo)!

    Also, Frank L. I love you.

  10. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    My God. I never thought I would ever say that I missed CRon… but I have. It is, quite possibly, the apocalypse.

  11. RONALIZA says:


  12. Mariam says:

    pique is cute, even when he looks orange….

  13. I’d definitely go for Option #4 to survive a Roy Keane attack – kiss up to him. :)
    I can’t believe they booked the goalkeeper for saving a kitten? WTF?
    Good to see Cristiano back. Football is always better with Cristiano around, no matter who you support.
    Awwwwwwww to little Kai visiting Old Trafford for the first time. But surely that’s negligent parenting and very irresponsible of Col? *sarcasm mode on*

  14. Venice says:

    I'm amused by the Croatian league suddenly getting all that exposure, with Sivonjić's incredible miss being a Youtube hit and now Banović and his heroics… I

    The ref was booed and the goalie got ovation by the whole stadium, I thought that was nice. It'll probably get overturned anyway.

  15. Welcome back, Cristiano.

    Fourth's right… the footie world is a better place with Cris healthy and happening.