January 14th, 2010

Lazy Links & Randoms

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand takes a break during Man Utd training in Doha. No sunshine jealousy here. No sir-ee. None at all. Nary a whiff of it. Image via Reuters

Wow. It’s old-arse Sol Campbell back at Arsenal. Who knew? In other Gunner news, the sexy-Cesc is returning to the pitch pronto.
An Italian showgirl blows the lid off a “steamy” affair that she had with Man City’s new head honcho, Roberto Mancini. Pizza and wine can really do wonders.
Adebayor says being caught on camera in an Arsenal jersey was an accident. We think he’s quite clearly suffering from post-traumatic stress. So does Man City, who’ve granted him some time off.
Louise Redknapp says the high street is heavenly.
TMI, Frank Lampard. TMI.
Australian teammates Harry Kewell and Lucas Neill will link up together at last. Harry occasionally removes the top while Lucas flaunts the bubble bottom, so this could potentially work out well.
Scruffy ZizouSpeaking of looking good, Zizou is currently sporting scruff. As you were.
Jozy Altidore, who has family in Haiti, makes a public plea for people to donate in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Please, help if you can.
Atletico Madrid are snatching up players the way many females hoard Louboutin’s at the yearly 70% off Saks sale.
Did Cristiano Ronaldo steal Tom Cruise’s modeling style?

Caroline Celico celebrated her four year wedding anniversary with Kaka…via Twitter. Then again if he were our hubby, we’d be praising God too.
Btw, are WAGs tweeting their feelings the new post-wedding fist pumps?
Matthieu Flamini set to return to the PL? Welcome back chest hair and gold chains…we missed you!

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10 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. HiL says:

    Oh and bye bye Lucas.. I actually was in the game when Everton presented to the crowd at half time, coming out with a suit and waving.
    I am proud to know that i am one of very little people who saw him while he was in Everton! XD

  2. Mel says:

    Caroline and Kaká look so perfect together. They are almost divine….

  3. HiL says:

    Ahh Rio.. is he resting his head on a shoe?

    JT, Definitley TMI! lol

  4. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Lucas Neill does have the most fantastic ass. I saw it in the flesh a few months back at OT when he pulled his shorts down for the physio. Sadly I had no camera at hand to capture the moment, but to be fair, I was in no fit state to concentrate on taking a pic.

    Rio – good to see him back training and ahem working hard!

  5. Yasi says:

    Luve you Frank,Luuuve you Dahling…!

  6. Elise says:

    I already knew about John's particular preference there- he mentioned it himself in an interview when someone asked him about superstitions, but hearing Frank tell it makes it even cuter! And ''you have to have your captain right for the game''! Indeed you do, Frank, and I appreciate the commitment to making that happen! lol Absolutely adorable. :)

  7. BL4, Bobby Moore Sta says:

    The mental image of Lampard and his bestie Terry sharing a urinal just caused me to say hullo to my supper again.

  8. Kristen (Mrs. Sebast says:

    Hola chicas!! You have been spotted on Bild.