March 31st, 2010

Lazy Links & Randoms

Pep Guardiola

Leo Messi carChampions League part 2 is tonight and Pep’s tongue is ready for action. Hee. Will Leo Messi arrive brown trousers style? Let’s hope he ditches the Mini Cooper in time as it’s seriously ruining his mojo. Let’s not go near the footwear.

- Although initial reports have Wayne Rooney’s injury taking him out for 2-4 weeks, at this stage, nothing has been formally confirmed. FYI, seeing one of the world’s best players limping off the pitch in obvious pain ranks pretty highly on our “bitch, please!” scale.

Editor Note: Kickette’s often imitated, hardly duplicated two-night results observations returns tomorrow. Expect heightened levels of manflesh debauchery.

- Sylvie Van der Vaart revealed a stunningly chic pixie crop cut – the first time she’s been out without her post-chemo wig. Rafa did it for her! Bless.

- Unsolved Real Madrid mysteries: what part of middle America is the Higuain family really from, y’all? [Photo Spot Courtesy of Don  da Bola]

- Alex Gerrard says she isn’t taking diet pills. Her much-discussed clogs are from River Island.

- Francesco Totti from A to Z? Sure, we’ll take that. Twice.

- Yikes. Everton’s Dan Gosling is out for nine months with a knee injury.

- Where should Jose Mourinho go next? (We wanted to say ‘our house’, but that option isn’t available.)

- Maradona gets bitten by his dog. Can we get a reality TV show hook up here or what?

Raul Albiol Real Madrid- Thanks to our astute readers, we are reminded that while Albiol celebrated the birth of his second daughter Alma in January, we had yet to see the 2-month-old out and about. The happy family was spotted in Madrid recently with their hands full of rosy pink.

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25 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. Linda (Gooner till I die) says:

    f****g hell Pep!! … stop being so hot!!

    • HJ says:

      tell him, Linda! Maybe he'll listen to you! :)

      damn, I'm starting to think that maybe Leo's trousers and his car are the reasons behind our fall during last night's 2nd half ..

  2. Katie Smith says:

    Hope Dan Gosling has a speedy recovery
    and has no set backs like Arteta did.
    Everton’s bad luck continuess

  3. ToffeeGirl16 says:

    Wow,so glad I follow Kickette! Maradona bitten and glad to hear that Sylvie Van der Vaart is getting better from chemo. God, don’t I know what it is like.


    You are one of the few sites that actually give a damn about what happened to Dan especially as his injury is nine times worse than Rooney and he is only 19. I hope he gets better soon and resists the urge to eat as much as he can as he recuperates.

    Thank you for caring about others other than the Big Four and the big teams outside of Europe. It makes us Toffees happy!

    • Thea says:

      Here, here!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey there Evertonians, I never knew you had such a serious injury on your hands, I thought you had got over it all when Tim Cahill finally returned!

      • ToffeeGirl16 says:

        After Arteta and Anichebe? Nah, we always seem to get at least one serious injury a season although I do not think next season we will be starting with at least a dozen players injured.

        Poor Baz (Mick Rathbone, Everton physio).

        I mean there is Fellaini out until next season and now Gosling, both young healthy guys.

        We always have serious injures, our luck never always us to have most of our injures as minor ones.

  4. aps says:

    Love Rafa and sylvie. Totti’s family is beautiful

  5. Molly says:

    Poor Rooney :( I’m sad and upset. I really hope he is going to be okay. But I really don’t get the Gonzalo and his family thing lol I thought he was from Argentina and born in France???

  6. trista_jade says:

    Sylvie looks fabulous; go her for rockin' out the chic cut and brownie points to Rafa. :)

    And every time someone mentions Rooney, I pout. I hope it's not as bad as it seems. Get better, Roon!!!!

  7. Merel says:

    Sylvie and Rafa are love. Love them. :D She looks stunning, even with the short hair.

  8. Nandia says:

    Sylvie and Rafa remind me of Samantha and Smith. Its so amazing to see true love like that in real life.

  9. Monoonie says:

    Sylvie, please keep it like this!

    Rafa you are great, good Idea that Wax…

    Sylvie was happy about her new hair se commented at RTL Boulevard

  10. Alisha! says:

    Please tell me the picture of Gonzalo isn’t actually real and it’s been edited? He’s too perfect to have ever look like that :(

  11. iloveemanunited. says:

    get well soon rooney. x

  12. Alessandra says:

    sylvie is SO rockin' it; love her! and damian too, hehe!

    albiol and his girls are just beautiful~

  13. senora ramos says:

    i love the vdv's. what an amazing couple!!

    gonzalo is hot regardless of teeth!! and that his family strangely reminds me of the waltons.

    and i will skip the obvs messi joke b/c he's an amazing person and player (even if he is a blaugrana)

  14. Lilipop says:

    I love the short hair on Sylvie, much more than her long hair, actually

    it looks sophisticated,

    her usual hairdo looks fake (it is not meant to be a bad joke, I a her hair before her disease) I don't like fake curls and extensions.

    I love this couple, they look normal and in love, probably my fav pair with Olalla and Nando torres

  15. liv says:

    Get well soon Roony football is not the same with out you. Pep and his tongue he's trying to sand me into a mini comma. Slyve you could naver go wrong you're simple gorgouse no mather what! there is somethink about real madrid that just make them boys go from nerd to sex symbol. And Jose come back to the Epl and cause more trouble.

  16. Real_Deb says:

    Love Higuain, but he really needs to get his teeth fixed!

  17. LaBlanca says:

    maybe you girls havnt seen Pipitas video from La Sexta yet, a few weeks ago. Theres also a video from his family. His mom is a painter. And hes so hot!!! He so changed in his looks amazingly. How was the tale with the ugly duck and the beautiful swan? :D Anyway here it is:…


    Hey Andrea… great to see you again! How are you???

  18. DutchGooner says:

    Sylvie looks stunning and how sweet of rafa of doing her hair…that is the sweetest thing ive heard in a long time, they are perfect together :)

    As for rooney he'll be back in no time the guy is made of iron he seems to shrug of injuries quite quickly hence why SAF wasnt panicking in his post match interview…

    Ouch dan gosling being out for 9 months get well soon boi!!

  19. Kelly_Cahill says:

    Ohh nooo Dan :'(

    He needs to get better soon because i miss him already!

    Rooney you best had be okay for the world cup ;P

  20. Greenie says:

    Raúl and his girlfriend had baby Alma on January 7th. :)