April 7th, 2010

Lazy Links & Randoms

Inter Milan Champions League

Photo via Getty Images Europe

- Who believes Jose was rudely awakened before he finished his nap?

- Speaking of grizzlies,The Spoiler is (quite admirably) campaigning to bring back the horrifying facial stuff. – now. Do we agree with this movement towards the hirsute or should it be washed down the plug hole like the scratchy old wisps that spawned it?

- Vital issues such as how to contain Leo Messi rage on, including his position in the ranks of world players evah and ownership (or not) of Kaka are all covered here & here. Funnily enough though, no one has suggested turning him into a piñata. Which might just work for us if Tootsie Rolls are involved.

- Jozy Altidore has quite a nice backstep. The U.S. NT member & Hull City star denied that he made comments slating England prior to the teams meeting in the group stages of the World Cup.

- Technology news now: Rafa’a new iPad is causing problems at Liverpool FC. We’re also on tenterhooks for the launch, but realistically the only thing the iPad will offer us is something extra to leave in a bar/club/train/dumpster.

- Meanwhile, more bad news for Liverpool fans.

- And Cescy.  Come round & see us, baby. We’ll take your mind off it…

- Ok, so it’s possible we’re still a bit scratchy from the whole chocolate poisoning thing at Easter. But Cheryl, please. We’re all still trying to work out whether you were married to one in the first place.

- Ryan Giggs has turned to yoga as an alternative to party mayhem.  Rumours that Carlo Ancelotti has implemented compulsory pilates at Chelsea FC are as yet unconfirmed. As for us, we’d like to nom on Nemanja to ease our tensions.

- In breaking news, Ciacha.net have thankfully solved the riddle of what David Villa is keeping in his pocket . Clearly it is the ‘print out and keep’ version of this Gerard Pique A-Z.

- Confirmation that those ladies are trying to kill us off comes with this. We fear for their servers as this much cute is bound to cause some sort of overload. It has in the Kickette office, anyway. Oh Nando. The hair has always been an issue, baby boy.

- Lastly, more ovary bashing baby pics. It’s relentless here, it really is…

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30 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. Messiforpresident says:

    LoL at Mourinhos barely-awake bitchface! And baby-Ramos with the haircut!

    Thank you and thank you again, lovely Kickette!

  2. KatB says:

    Lovely Kickette Ladies: that is not a Messi piñata, it’s a CHOCOLATE statue made in Catalunya to celebrate La Mona de Pascua ;) !

  3. Regiii says:

    "Who believes Jose was rudely awakened before he finished his nap?"

    I do! I do! I do!

    Hahahahahaha, Kickette, you make me so happy with these pearls…

    He's "the master" of bitchface in this pic!! hahahahahaha ;)

  4. ruby80 says:

    How cute was baby C-Ron? Gago’s curls beat everyone though.

  5. aps says:

    Mourinho always looks pissed.

  6. Inés says:

    Cesc, I want to be your sexy nurse!

    • MrsNesta says:

      right at the bottom of the page you can click on part 2

    • Shipra says:

      Loved the pics! Thanks! That pic of Jose Mourinho as a youngster is soooo weird! LOL he looks better now!

    • senora ramos says:

      mrsnesta, those are so cute. and i can see where you're love affair began!

  7. Molly says:

    As I am a big fan of yoga too I would not mind doing it with Ryan Giggs…just in case he reads this LOL.
    Those baby pictures are just percious. I love the one of Iker with his daddy so cute!!! I have that one saved into my computer LOL :) . Raul has always been his cute, handsome self judging by his little boy picture and Xabi Alonso was too adorable for words, he and his son Jon look alike as babies.
    On to my rude comment, I am so tired of hearing about Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, who ever she is now. I don’t want to be mean and I am sorry she married an idiot but she starting to get over exposed. In a way I think she likes all the attention she is getting and that is why she hasn’t divorced Ashley yet. Like either file for divorce or start working on your marriage. It just annoys me and I’m going to apologize now to the people who think I am attacking her because I am not and I’m not blaming her for her husband cheating on her. I just feel she is using the poor Cheryl Cole image to her advantage.

    • bubbly_cheryl says:

      true molly, cheryl annonys me to death, all you ever see her doing is prancing back and forth to the recording studio to do another album (no disrespect her first one is shit) and she does it all for publicity, and surely she can spare a few moments to get a divorce filed

      • hanna says:

        THANK YOU Molly! You took the words right out of my mouth! If you were next to me right now, I'd actually shake your hand. This woman really irritates the hell out of me. The coverage she gets is absolutely staggering. Not since Victoria Beckham has someone managed to make a whole career out of very little talent.

  8. Mrs.Higuain says:

    OMG that picture of Xabi Alonso as a child *PRICELESS* ..so cute…

  9. senora ramos says:

    i may be in the minority in this (and as many of you are british, i probably am), but i don’t see anything inflamatory about what jozy said. even if he says england should be scared of us. what do people expect? for us to roll over and play dead b/c it’s england? i think it’ll be a hell of a match that is closely contested. with the yanks winning of course ;)

    and omg kickette, are you trying to be the death of me or what?! lady gago was such a cute little one. all those curls. raul and garay look the exact same. . and thanks for the little sergio pic <3

    pique. nummy. and the special one does look like he was sleeping.

    • MrsNesta says:

      I can't get on the link but there is nothing wrong with a bit of fighting talk :) I am British but when it comes to football I'm English. You will probably find you have a few British supporters come the WC lol

      • Molly says:

        I am British/English but I found nothing wrong with his comment. The press in England just likes to create drama :) . I said before that my mum is from America and supports the United States NT. Her and my dad, who is English and obviously supports England, get into it all the time espcially now since England and the United States are in the same group for the WC lol so I agree with MrsNesta and you Senora Ramos that alittle bantering among teams is part of the sport :) . And its true why should the United States be afraid of all the other big teams. Like you guys have some good players on there. I know alot of people in America that loves Football/Soccer and supports the USA NT and don't want, like you said Senora Ramos, to see them "roll over and play died". Just like all the other countries USA NT supporters want to see them win :) . So to sum it up I agree with you Senora Ramos lol.

      • senora ramos says:

        LOL! sorry ladies. you know i meant english. and the english press as bad as the spainish press, but they target you’re national team instead.

        we know that we can beat anybody on any given day ::ahemconfedcup::, but we also know we are the reinterested new kids on the block. i just love that we are matched up with you guys and see us being the 2 that get out of group. it’ll be interesting here in the month of june :)

        • Molly says:

          Thats okay I know what you meant :) . And do you mean Spain? Because you know my Iker is in there and I would love to see him win a wc :) .

        • senora ramos says:

          also, pretty sure we all agree on our second team :)

          • MrsNesta says:

            Love it how we have second teams, mine is Italia (I'm MrsNesta after all) but Spain is my second, second team and will be watching Iker, Sergio and others very closely :) I'm going to enter as many competitions as possible to try and win a chance to go to the WC, wish I had gone to the last one as wasn't that far!

            • Molly says:

              My second is Spain because of my love for Iker Casillas and my third is Italy for Marco Borriello, Canna, hopefully Alessandro Del Piero (I hope he makes it i, but I don't think he will but I'll still be supporting him lol) so I think I am set for the World Cup lol :) .

              • Molly says:

                And to be honest it is probably better that we all have second teams LOL.

                • MrsNesta says:

                  Said like a true England supporter :)

                • Molly says:

                  Yes, thank you lol :( it helps with the disappoinment :) .

                • senora ramos says:

                  i know what you mean about disappointment :( and about needing another team. we all know the yanks won't get there (baring a medical emergency on every other team, and probably not even then)

                  how could anyone besides spain be my other team. not only eye candy, but my love of la liga footy and the fact that there are 5 members of my club team on it!!

                  i guess if i had a third, it'd be argentina. pipa, messi, and kun (again with the la liga love :)

                • Molly says:

                  There you go Senora Ramos, just have a second team and trust me it does help with the disappointment. And you will be all prepared for the world cup because you have a second and then third team to fall back on LOL :) . When one NT gets booted out just bring out your kit for the other NT :) .

  10. iloveemanunited. says:

    mourhino’s facee is a picture.
    messi you are amazing ;D

  11. carly says:

    There is a campaign in Portugal for all the NT players to get a mustache for the WC. http://www.facebook.com/combigodeemafrica

    LMAO at José.

  12. Shipra says:

    Guti didn't nearly dress up quite as bad when he was a child, unlike what he does now!