April 14th, 2010

Lazy Links & Randoms

Portuguese Premier League soccer match

- It’s about 10 weeks until summer officially starts and Sporting’s Grimi Damian reminds us that even sunscreen application is essential for protecting skin from harmful rays and avoiding public embarrassment.

- For the record, we have come to terms with the whole Frank Lampard/Christine Bleakley thing. Does this mean we are embracing Bleakers as Frankie’s lady? Mmm… kinda. Ish. Either way, we’re still irritated by the Daily Mail implying that the couple’s meal after Chelsea’s 1-0 EPL win over Bolton Wanderers last night was somehow spoiled by the presence of Christine’s mum. Did mother-in-law gags not phase out at the same time as working men’s clubs and comb-overs? Well, they should’ve.

- Meanwhile, a sneak preview of Chelsea’s new kit has become available. A+for the snug fit, but why have the players been forced to pose as Subbuteo players? Was it the same reason Nando was forced to pose as a lady in Liverpool’s new kit pics? We smell conspiracy theory.

- The Spoiler have moved slightly away from their hairy campaign and reverted to cutie pie pictures of ballers. However. The first thing we thought was how weird it was to see Wayne Rooney. With hair. That he didn’t draw himself.

- Here’s David Beckham in the 1990’s. Sigh. Those WAATP boys always know how to take care of us.

- Loyal readers might recall our brief encounter with Copa Libertadores non-winners Velez Sarsfield. We’ve since learned that their Argentinean championship title celebration was made of ganSTARS.

- If you haven’t already, new Manchester United WAG in town.

- We’re exhausted from all the birthdays over the last few weeks but have just enough energy left to congratulate Carlos Puyol on his 32nd birthday. Since we’re on balloon and cake reprieve, we’ll let FIFA handle the rest of the wishing honours.

- Has Dirty Tackle identified the exact moment that the winker-in-chief passed his baton to Lionel Messi? We envision a Messi made of tanning and unsuitable lady lore in due course.

- Joey Barton: coming to a New York City police precinct near you!

- Finally, rumours abound that Thierry Henry may not be selected for the French NT. We call no fair, but on the plus side he could always apply to the volleyball team…BA-DUM DA!

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4 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. Frida says:

    Please post more about Chicharito.

    He's a great person and player. Can't wait to see more of him.

  2. Lotte says:

    Its about time Messi shows some attitude! But i hope he avoids over-tanning and greasy products :) .

  3. First, love love LOVE that walk through the ’90s with David Beckham. Fantastic memories. Seriously, Eric Cantona hugging David Beckham is just all kinds of wonderful. (PS, how great were our kits when Sharp was our sponsor?) And Slide #28 – OMG – what I wouldn’t give to have all five of those boys playing for us again.

    Second, welcome to United, Chicharito and Leticia! I’m very excited to see “Little Pea” in action. :) I saw him interviewed and he’s very shy and sweet and speaks really good English.

  4. tammyv says:

    You go Fraggle! I love that kid

    Poor Lamps.. he did look unhappy…