April 21st, 2010

Lazy Links & Randoms

- It’s been reported that Franck Ribery’s wife is standing by her man, despite his admission to engaging in (what he thought was) legal prostitution. It’s ick to contemplate but for those not following this human trafficking story, prostitution is legal for women 18+ in France. The girl in question was 17 at the time.

- On that same note, judicial officials have confirmed that Karim Benzema will be called in for questioning despite his lawyer denying this claim and any involvement in the case.

- Rumours are circulating that Ruben de la Red and wifey, Tania, named their newborn son Cayetano. Let us know if you’ve heard differently.

- Just in case the warm Spring weather is another fake out, The Spoiler has compiled the 10 best football movies list that you should review before the next rainy day sneaks up behind us.

- Elen has resurfaced. You know it’s a bad night when Kerry Katona out-dresses you.

- We imagine Nicklas Bendtner’s feelings were quite hurt once he discovered he got bumped from Denmark‘s 2010 World Cup anthem. We also imagine wandering the halls of his girlfriend’s castle is a good exercise in boosting his self-esteem.

-  The only way Jose Mourinho will play Harry Potter in the next movie installment is if  he gets his own line of “The Special One” quidditch broomsticks.

- We’re tired of hearing about how shocking it is that Posh smiled in her new advert for LG. It’s not hard to show teeth when you’re staring at a check with five zeroes on the end.

- The Seattle Sounders third kit is very DayGlo, no?

- Lastly, a blind item: which EPL player was informed by his (now) ex-girlfriend that scrubbing up after a match was essential?

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29 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. Sarihanna says:

    i'm not finish!!!

    and then she thought ''Oh well ribery is livin in a hell, why not make other rich fooball players suffer with him, so they can keep each otherin company! and then i can get 3 times richer then i was before''

    that girl is smart!

    karim benzema and hatem ben arfa haven't done anything! i can make sure of that!

    don't believe her! is not good for your health :P

  2. Sarihanna says:

    Listen its all fake (not the hole ribery thing) benzema and apparently also ben arfa haven’t been with this whore! she was just looking for some attention, that she apparently did not get from her parents since she walks in those clothing!!
    she is a whore WHAT more can u expect from her! she will do anything for some attention and money! like every whore, STANDARD!!
    Also Hatem and karim are muslims!! karim family is very religious, his uncle is a iman!
    do your guys really think that they are that stupid!! they know they are getting on the front page on a magazine the FREAKING next morning if they do stuff like that, they are not stupid!
    Hatem’s family its also muslims ! so
    and listen why in the world do it with her all 3, don’t your guys know, that no man wanna share his girl, or be with the same whore as his friends, when apparently they can get another whore, who is a million time nicer then her!!!!

  3. Ana;) says:

    WHYYYY? Benzema!! Why are you doing this to me??!!

    You broke my heart when you went to Real and now this =[

    why are these guys having sex with girls underage, that obviously are all about Kiss n Tells? Ok so maybe they didnt know she was underage or whatever, but still doesnt Ribery have a wife?

    Whatever happened to keeping it in your pants-at least untill you get home to your wife.

    And why are they using a team prostitute too? They are footballers surely they dont really have to pay for it.

    And what made them think they would get away with it? You pay her to have sex, and surely someone will pay her to speak out. Think of the consequences guys!!

    But still im really dissapointed, and hopefully this scandal will come as a warning to other players.

  4. yasmine says:

    sorry i live in france and i can telll u that prostitution isnt legal even when you are +18!! but the fact that she was 16(!!!) is what shocks everyones more over

  5. Charlotte says:

    Seriously, i'm French, and as for the prostitute thing, they're just making a big deal out of almost nothing. Even if she was 16 when she slep with Benzema he didn't rape her, she knew what she was doing, when you're 16 you know about sex and everything. She was making about 20 000€ a month apparently, she's not the poor hooker on the street who's being abused… If she was "forced" to be a hooker by her pimp, then he's the one who should face charged, as for the players i don't see where they did anything wrong, especially if she lied about her age.

    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

      Aagg shame, with that makeup, boobs and butt job…. anyone would mistake her for a woman over 25yrs…. no doubt…. So if they are guilty of the act, im sure it was not intentional.

      She reminds me of a Paris Hilton and a Kim Kardashian in one!!! Do they allow under 18's to get boob jobs in France and drink alcohol, like she is in the pic…. maybe the judge should take a note of that…..

  6. rachaelv13 says:

    I think I’m temporarily blinded from that kit. The green I can appreciate but the highlighter yellow? YIKES is right.

    And sigh…. oh Benzema. How I love you. Please don’t let this be true.

  7. Evodia says:

    I don't get it… who's the stinky epl player?

  8. Inés says:

    I envy her coz she slept with Benzema! also I congratulate her, coz you need a great stomach to sleep with an ugglo like Rivery eww

    Nicklas B. may sing too bad to be taken out of a song, that's the possible reason!

  9. Thea says:

    The state of Ribery – I’m not surprised he’s having to pay for it! I just hope that him and his seedy sidekicks don’t lead Yoann astray during the world cup….don’t wanting him catching any STD’s thankyou!

    • Ana;) says:

      Reading your comment made me lmao…so true. and yes, I hope Yoann stays out of it too, he's too perfect to cheat on us!

  10. carly says:

    Elen’s shoes – yak.

  11. tammyv says:

    Elen looks better than I would after having run a marathon… I actually like the dress color a lot.

    The French sex scandal is bad but worse will be the number of times and ages of the girls and boys who are being trafficked into South Africa for the World Cup.

    17 seems young but what is really scary is thinking about how long she has probably been a prostitute. The median age to enter the life is 13.

  12. Missy Manchester says:

    The Elen Rivas photos are yet another example of how important lighting and photo angles are! She looks entirely different in each photo. (And in the last photo…her feet look like pontoons coz of the angle!)

  13. liv says:

    Frank R. got a wife?! i didn’t no such news.
    Victoria look great in that commercial.

  14. Ella says:

    I just don't get the prostitute thing. These guys could easily get laid without having to pay $$ for it. That's part of being a pro athlete! These days i'm not surprised by any athlete busted for cheating though, just disappointed in Ribery. Doesn't sound like he knew the girl was underage, but seems like Benzema could be in hot water…..

    And really, when is Elen going to GO AWAY?? And she needs to take her horrific wardrobe with her.

    • NandosGirl says:

      I know! Honestly, all footy players could totally get sex for free. Even Ribery. Who was, of course, very wrong in his actions, but I won’t elaborate. The media has done every athlete scandal to death, really.

      • Thea says:

        true – but they should conduct themselves better. This just makes them all seedy and spoiled. As for their WAG's – lets hope all the Gucci and Prada makes up for their lack of respect their spouses have for them.

  15. Missy Manchester says:

    Tiger Woods

    John Terry

    Franck Ribery

    Karim Benzema

    etc. etc . etc.

    It wouldn't be nearly so scandalous if most of these guys didn't sell themselves as wholesome, family-oriented, morally upstanding heroes in order to increase their fortunes. Go ahead. Be a cheating louse. Just stay away from me….and remember…society has established boundaries and consequences that yes..*gasp* even footballers have to respect.

    • tammyv says:

      JT and Tiger are different cases. They were adults engaging with other adults.

      The French NT case is men engaging with children

  16. truly_thata says:

    Update about France sex scandal: 1 woman 3 players

    Zahia Dehar: http://fleurdelamadrid.tumblr.com/post/538470125/…

    2008 – with Karim Benzema

    The judicial source, speaking on condition of anonymity according to regular French practice, said a prostitute had told investigators she had sex with Real Madrid striker Benzema in 2008 when she was 16.

    2009 – with Franck Ribery

    The woman said she also had relations with Benzema’s France team mate Franck Ribery in 2009, when she was 17 but told him she was over 18, the source said.

    2010 – with Sydney Govou

    Sources close to the investigation said police had also questioned a third France international, Lyon winger Sydney Govou. On Wednesday, the judicial official said the same woman told police Govou paid her for sex when she was 18.

    source: http://fleurdelamadrid.tumblr.com/post/538221129/…

    A statement on the FFF’s official website

    “The French Football Association have learnt about the prostitution scandal which implicates simply as witnesses at this stage some footballers from the France team. In this context the FFF would like to make the following remarks: The FFF would like to highlight their commitment to the principle of the presumption of innocence. The Federation has every confidence in the justice system to carry the investigation through and identify those possibly responsible.”

  17. senora ramos says:

    that day-glo uni is blinding. gotta love the sounders and their crazy kits!

    also, ew, ew, ew france nt. what are you guys doing over there?! and benzema, why are you a part of it?!

    jose as harry potter, lol!

  18. laura-8 says:

    I thought Elen looks nice .. far more natural than Christine Bleakley

  19. Alessandra says:

    i loooove victoria's look in the commercial.:D

  20. sounderslove says:


    sorry it made me happy that they got a mention. And the rave-green home kits will always be the best footy kits ever. These new ones are pretty excellent though.

    Hm….Fredy Montero likes to coordinate his underarmour with the kit colour…this should be interesting… (fredy please ditch the baselayers.)