May 25th, 2010

Lazy Links & Randoms

Spanish National Team
Before reporting to national team training camp, two of Spain’s shining stars had a busy three day weekend. Iker Casillas took girlfriend, Sara Pastasauce, to meet his grandparents while Santi Cazorla fronted a AXE Men promo event.

Once the Spanish NT reunited, stroking Andres Iniesta’s head felt especially good for Gerard Pique.
Meanwhile, Phillippe Mexes went grocery shopping.
Abbey Clancy has been hogging all of her modeling tips to herself. Poor Peter Crouch.
Have you signed the “footballers should go shirtless without punishment” petition yet?!
The Special One even has special spit.
Luis Figo gave good chat to Vanity Fair, looked scrum in accompanying photo
Is it just us or has Helen Svedin been pregnant with Figo’s fourth child for about two years now? And is Nani really engaged to Daniela Martins?
Marouane Chamakh and his hair have officially been unveiled at Arsenal.
Finally, after hearing the shocking news of RoI/Everton’s Shane Duffy’s freak accident (which left him fearing for his life), we sincerely hope he makes a full recovery after undergoing emergency surgery. Hang in there, Shane, we’re all thinking of you!

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35 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. Evodia says:

    Need more info about the Nani/Daniela "engagement"…. I refuse to believe it! My heart can't take it.

  2. Inés says:

    ooohhh hello Chamakh! ;)

  3. elylovesfootball says:

    gerard looks great as always :)

  4. Mariam says:

    pique is so cute, and hott. i can't wait to hear marouane speaking english :) so cute

  5. MrsNesta says:

    Pique – we want to see more of that sort of thing during the WC, without shirts please :)

    Shane, hope you make a full recovery xx

    Am hoping that when Iker took Pasta to meet the grandparents they took an instant dislike to her and are now looking to get a black cat!!!

    Welcome Marouane, now please tell your friend Yoann to come and join you. :)

    Not sure about TSO's spit being special, as things like that make me cringe, but it was a 'special' moment when he said goodbye to Materazzi!!!!!!!!

    • senora ramos says:

      omg, no more pelle :'(

      heart is breaking. needed someone to commiserate with

      • MrsNesta says:

        Don't know if you saw this video!!!!! Now Pelle gone :( don't know whats going to happen, who is going to stay, who is coming in, just feels off at the mo!!…

      • MrsNesta says:

        Moratti is in Madrid, maybe there's a chance a deal can't be reached *crosses fingers* !!

        • senora ramos says:

          they've still canned pelle. unless capello is coming back, it's going to be tso. yeah, i saw that vid. if he meant it, that was sweet.

          i know everything's so up in the air right now. talks of maicon coming (why when we have sergio), sjneider coming back (lol), stupid, stupid perez not getting in touch with pipa yet about a contract extension.

          thank god for the world cup. now if i can only figure out a way for bornsucko not to get on the plane to sa!

          ::sobs:: today sucks!

          • MrsNesta says:

            Aww senora ramos *passes box of tissues and ever ready chocolates* Agree we need WC to make the world seem a brighter place :) Is Bornsucko = Bornstein??? I don't mind him playing against England lol

            • senora ramos says:

              lol! yes. god, i pray no one gets hurt. sad how thin our lineup is after our starters. i'm sure everyone prays he plays against them. why couldn't they wait until tomorrow to announce pelle leaving. ::sobs:: 2 bad things in one day. next we'll see pipa signing with chelsea ::hestericalsobs::

              sad thing is i drank all the wine last night watching the match. and felt quite bad this morning, so i don't think i'll be drinking again. those chocolates are fat free, sugar free 0 pts variety. ok, i'll have the box. you're so loving. ::sniffsniff::

              • Thea says:

                Wonder where my girls had gotten to?!? Never mind you two, I really think MOUR will be a one season appointment. Like I said before Perez will want Liga, Copa AND CL – and that's not possible against BARCA, MANU et al!

                • MrsNesta says:

                  Ooh hit us when we're down LOL :) It is possible as I'm sure it wasn't Barca or Man U in CL final lmao!!!

                  • Thea says:

                    Yes – but both teams made a better run at it the RM! Just working out how many bikini's I'll need for my dubai stint?! Needless to say it's more than the European cups RM have won!

                    • MrsNesta says:

                      OK rub it in about going to Dubai, heard its going to rain lol We'll see what 2010/11 season brings!!!

                    • Thea says:

                      Yes Nesta, let's see what it brings. Remember that barca have EVEN more of an incentive to beat RM now!

              • MrsNesta says:

                Yeh it looks like he's going, and Chelsea seem like the front runners :( RM have been very lucky to have him on the wages he's got compared to other players!

                Yes my chocolate has 0 pts lol

                • senora ramos says:

                  it re-fing-diculous that they don't pay him more. stupid perez. yeah, get rid of our lead goal scorer the last 2 years b/c you didn't sign him. i'm becoming disillusioned.

                  yea for 0 pt chocolates!!

  6. Alessandra says:

    omg i almost didn't recognize santi there! he looks so…grown-up/manly now?! lol

  7. senora ramos says:

    pique and iniesta, too cute.

    get well soon shane. prayers are with you!

    pastasauce…well iker, i hope you're happy. and i hope you have a love affair with black cats

  8. ToffeeGirl16 says:

    Thanks for all the thoughts Kickette! He is under the care of the Irish doctors, the Mater doctors and the Everton Medical Team.

    We are all thinking and praying for him but he should be back with us by the beginning of the new season or September.

    Thank you for the mention Kickette,

    All the best,


  9. R says:

    LOL, pastasauce

  10. Zlatanista says:

    Good luck to Marouane!

  11. Alisha says:

    Aww Pique is amazing! Get well soon Shane, thoughts are with you :)

  12. Zlatanista says:

    Pique, always so loving and tender :) . I guess he will be a great dad some day.

  13. Maria says:

    Love the pic of Iniesta and Pique. Pique in general just makes me smile :)

    As for Iker taking Pastasauce to meet the abuelos (grandparents), I haven't much to say about that. I doubt it's the first time he's introduced a gf to them or his family; I don't see any reason to panic (yet).

  14. sheera says:

    "Iker Casillas took girlfriend, Sara Pastasauce, to meet his grandparents"

    Oh my god meeting his grandparents did she met the parents .

    They are serious i told you she is the one because i know that if a guy introduce a girl to his family may be serious .

    what else iker will do ask her to marry him(he will) :(

    • Thea says:

      I dunno – wonder if they saw the video???!!!??

    • Einah says:

      I agree! Painful yes but Iker is acting way beyond what we usually expect… kissing in public etc then there's meeting the grannies.

      Definitely serious stuff.

      WTf?!? LOL :)

  15. Kat says:

    Back in Feb. '06, I wrote to FIFA to protest FIFA Law 12, Decision 6 (the official rule that punishes players for removing their shirts). I only received a form letter in response, and the silly rule is obviously still in effect. Oh well, I tried!!

    • You are a heroine and we applaud you :)

      • MrsNesta says:

        Ok Kickette I think we need to get serious about his situation as I believe Kickette has some influence, recently Nando cut his hair and gone back to original colour after inclusion on F5 and now we see C-Ron dating someone other than a famewhore!!! (Iker take note of what we are saying and get rid of the carbs lol). So we need to do something but its a wednesday and I'm tired, so any suggestions??????????

        • MrsNesta says:

          Ok its wednesday!!, have just seen the petition but think we may need to do more lol :)

  16. Johanna says:

    Cute picture of Iniesta and Pique.