July 18th, 2012

Lazy Links & Randoms

Image: KCKRS via UNION Los Angeles.

You’d be so proud of us today, Kickettes. We successfully snuck a bunch of booze into work using our stomachs.


Don’t ask us about that supposed Clint Dempsey to L’Pool trade. Because we know absolutely nothing about it. What we do know, though, is homeboy looks pret-ty good in black and white photos.


This photo of Sergio’s infamous green jeans making their long-awaited comeback is as good as time as any to revisit those fabulously gold swim trunks of his from ’08.


Et tu, Carbonillas?


Although Zlatan is now officially a PSG player, we hear he won’t be attending this weekend’s yacht party. Bummer.


Manchester United is Forbes magazine’s most valuable sports team. Big whoop or big honour?

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10 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. camille says:

    YAY clint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gotta love the crazy texan:))))))))))))0

  2. LuvDeuce says:

    It made my night to come here to get my nightly Kickette fix, and I get to see Clint "Deuce" Dempsey tonight! Thank you, Kickette!

  3. [...] absolutely nothing about it. What we do know, though, is homeboy looks pret-ty good in [...]… Kickette.com – Soccer/football gossip, hot players, WAGs that love them » English Premier Lea… « Cahill backs Terry to shine for [...]

  4. TAMMYV says:

    Not Ok with Deuce to any non-CL team.. if you are not going to get CL playing time you stay and continue to rock your godlike status.. that said, awesome pic

  5. Kristina says:

    Me thinks that perhaps it's a good thing that Zlatan isn't on that yacht party. Something tells me he isn't happy and when Zlatan isn't happy someone will have hell to pay. Anyone.

  6. Cella.xx says:

    I see some future hotties on this photo with casillas..and sara looks fine

  7. Miss XOXO says:

    Sara so pretty….

  8. Nonna9 says:

    Oh DUDE(TTES), this is embarassing. I read that line about the Ramos green jeans and then was like, 'yes. he wore those black diamonds in his eras that day too'.

    and then I clicked on the link. 3 years. THREE YEARS that information lived in my brain.
    so much shame.

  9. Tashinka says:

    Zlatan, Zlatan, Zlatan. Still a bit of a beast, but at least he's a SEXY beast. Especially since (it appears) he finally shaved off the chin pubes!