September 24th, 2009

Lazy Links & Randoms

Thierry Henry, his mum and gal Andrea out in Barcelona

Thierry Henry takes a stroll in Barcelona yesterday with his mum and girlfriend Andrea.

Joe Cole came over all emo when he returned to play for Chelsea. Bless.

Horrible: Everton’s Phil Jagielka was robbed at knifepoint.

It’s baller v boxer on Twitter. Darren Bent and Tony Jeffries are fighting for the most followers. Tony wants to steal DB’s thunder by getting all the Kickettes to support his cause.

Add Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the list of players with no naked shame. Well done.

We have been without his curls for far too long: Owen Hargreaves is nearly back.

Looks like the Italian U20 squad have their short-shorts priorities right.

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18 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. klyn312 says:

    Zlatan… siiiiiiiiigh. yummy yummy- this will surely get me through the rest of this treacherous work day!
    Thanks Kickette!


  2. Liz says:

    Why Andrea is walking behind them with head down and he looks like he is giving explanation to his mad mom?

  3. Cutie says:

    Picture to me looks like mom came to pick Thierry up and give him a lesson about dating a minor. They don't look like bf and gf at all. Too cold and too far from each other!

  4. Dutchlovesvermaelen! says:

    Wow zlatans body is just WOW, hes got to have one of the best hip dips in football ;-)

    Jagielka poor lad, hope they catch the culprits

    and whats with thierry’s new Gf she looks no older than 15 lol and they dont even look ‘coupley’ , his mum luks a bit moody too

  5. Henry's mum doesn't look happy! Is it me or do him and his girlfriend not look close?

  6. Yasmin says:

    Hey Kickette,

    I don’t know if anyone showed you this already, but it’s happening recurrently these days…who would have thought?

  7. RONALIZA says:

    ZALATAN!!!! OMG!!without his face he is sooo hot and i like the black undewear i think it makes everyone sexy…

  8. Kate says:

    OMG Zlatan! what a body! I’m really impressed… and even if his underwear wasn’t there he would walk so proudly too, I bet ;)
    and italian under 20′s shorts – yummy

    poor Jagielka :(

  9. Avenath says:

    Ok, looks like i wasn’t the only one thinking Henry’s gf looked 14….what on earth is this man thinking?!…wait…clearly, he’s not…and to Ibra – thank you, thank you, thank you….sighhhhhh….

  10. autumnmaple101 says:

    Omg how old is Henry’s girlfriend?? She looks like she still belongs in school! Well done Joe Cole, great to have you back in the fold! Hope Hargreaves will be back soon too, those curls :) Poor Jagielka..must be really traumatising.

  11. Baby Freya says:

    I'm too busy LOLing over the fact that Darren Bent is in a follower fight on Twitter and his opponent is asking for our help to write anything else!

  12. Mariam says:

    zlatan… his body makes up for his… face… wow!

  13. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    How old is TH’s girlfriend? Thats ridiculous. She looks like she’s my age.

    Awww, Joe Cole. I’ve missed him so much.

    Poor Jagielka :(

    Hah, I’ll follow both of them :P

    Zlatan… wow.

    Not a fan of Owen Hargreaves.

    Italian U20s… wow.

  14. HiL says:

    14 year old? you're kidding right?

    Yay gotta love Joey.. so cute.

    Poor Jagielka! :O

    Zlatan – no shame at all!! niceeee.

    I miss you Hargreaves!

  15. tammyv says:

    Th14 is dating a 14 year old? Dear god

  16. Mel says:

    Andreas bag is almost bigger than her….

  17. I'm really pleased that Joe Cole is back in action. Good news for the England squad that he's fit too!

    But most importantly, OWEN HARGREAVES is back!!!!!!! Back in Manchester, back in training!!! I feel like I've been stuck in a bad dream and have finally awoken to find my sweet prince. *sigh* Love him. Now we need photographic proof — and quick!

  18. Zlatan! What a bod. God bless whoever took that video..