May 19th, 2009

Lazy Links and Randoms


Eric Cantona on the red carpet at Cannes promoting his new film, Looking for Eric. His wife is gorge but we feel she could use a dollop or two of Frizz-Ease.

It’s an Iker Casillas mural. Upload your photo and you could be sitting on his pillow lips. Virtually, anyway.

England launches it’s World Cup 2018 bid with David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Prince William. Great, but we’re still kind of focused on 2010 at the moment, cheers.

The seven deadly sins of football: we’ve been most fascinated with Wrath.

Get your dose of dirty-hot with Nemanja Vidic’s sexy-arse accent talking about his Man Utd boys.

Bonus: in case you missed the argy-bargy with Arbeloa and Carragher during the West Brom-Liverpool game, here’s the important bit – Xabi Alonso with his shirt off. Yes, they’re related news pieces.

Phil Neville sells his gold-gilded Versace-gone-mad styled house for £1.5 million under the asking price.

Oh dear. Elen Rives’s new man already has a woman. So much for that strategy.

Last, but far from least, hurrah to Dutch champions AZ, who won the Eredivisie title late last month – it’s their first since 1981. Sweet!

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24 Responses to “Lazy Links and Randoms”

  1. Rossi´s girl says:

    Eric is looking fine! :) and his wife is gorgeous! regardless of the hair LOL

  2. HiL says:

    What up with her hair? Eric is fab. Bless you Kickette for posting lots of Vida, I love that vid of his. Oh and I found the Carra-Arbeloa situation extremely hilarious. And Alonso with no shirt is completely hot *-* And congrats to AZ!

  3. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbeloa) says:

    Wow…that’s some insane hair! I don’t see the Carra yumminess…..mainly because I was far too scared for Arby’s life at the time to care whether Carra looked good or not. Xabi sans shirt…..he really has toughened up, bless him but I still only want Xabi cuddles. Things really aren’t looking too good for Elen, are they? Oh well, on the plus side atleast her fashion sense has improved ever so slightly.

  4. The Fourth Official says:

    Oh, Nemanja! Eric still has it goin' on. :)

  5. mrs carragher says:

    how fuckin gorgeous did jamie look when he was angry! arbeloa is just beautiful too.. an yum to xabi xx

  6. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Wow… that’s insane frizz on Cantona’s wife’s head… yay for shirtless peacekeeping Xabi!

  7. Dani.Mrs José Manuel Reina (PLQ) says:

    God that hair is bad …. Xabi is hottttt and the fight was hotttttttt *drools*

  8. xxrachiixx says:

    Looking at that picture of Cantana is like looking at Ronaldo in the future!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lolinha says:

    I think Mrs. Cantona (who BTW is gorge, sorta looks like Penelope Cruz gone tribal) had the blowout started when her hubby walked in and she accidentally stuck her finger (or judging by the volume, her fist) in the socket. I don't blame her. Happened to me once, only I was in the shower. Hmm…getting electrocuted in the shower, might explain my attraction, ok raging lust, to Cristiano. God knows logic, reason and common sense don't. Great Vida clip, no intelligent footballers <img src="; alt="too funny" title="too funny" height="16" width="16">

  10. FootballerChick43 - says:

    My God, Cantona's wife has some HUGE hair.Haha, my picture is now on Casillas.David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and Prince William. Wow.The Seven Deadly Sins made me laugh. A lot.Hmm.. Nemanja Vidic…Lol, gotta love related news bits :P At least he sold it… wow.Did I not predict this yesterday? Well, not on here, but I did.Congrats AZ!!

  11. Erin says:

    That is some really bad hair. Particularly as she seems to have tamed it at the crown and then…forgot to finish? Hm. Shirtless, desperately hot Xabi was my favorite bit of the weekend. *drool*

  12. butterfly jones says:

    Cantona’s wife does not need Frizz- ease! Seeing as she is of Algerian origin, maybe she is happy to wear her how it looks naturally, and is not trying to look like every other European woman with poker-straight over groomed boring hair!

  13. monoonie says:

    AZ stinks. and they think they can come realy far in CL, no chance. the best of aAZ was louis van Gaal, and is is gone. AJAX rule the world. and look out for FC Twente!!!! xD

  14. RedHeart says:

    Vida loving is at an all time high in the United thread. I'm loving the seven deadly sins of football feature, I'm yet to read today's installment…

  15. aristeia says:

    I'm sorry, was something said other than "Xabi Alonso with his shirt off"?

  16. Beth says:

    shirtless Xabi made my weekend, and him being all manly and interveneing just made it better :)

  17. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Nekkid Xabi actually made my life. I died and went to heaven the moment he stripped. Just gorgeous. Cantona's wife is gorgous!

  18. Meer. says:

    Thank you, Kickette, for metioning the Dutch Eredivisie! Although I support PSV, I’m glad AZ won. It’s like my hometown football club. Congratiulations again AZ on your second title!
    It’s been a crazy season, but let’s see what they can do in the CL with their new trainer Ronald Koeman (Van Gaal left for Bayern Munich).

    PS. You can just call them AZ. AZ is indeed short for Alkmaar Zaanstreek, but they are never called that. It’s like calling PSV Philips Sport Vereniging, its full name. Cheers on putting them up there, though!

  19. Mrs.De Rossi says:

    Vidic marry me!!!!!!!!!!! He makes me wanna divorce DDR…. Carra yells all the time he realizes there is nothing they can do to win the title right???? Oh Elen at least go for someone in the Championship

  20. Lola says:

    haha Vida saying there aren’t any intelligent footie players and CRon takes the longest in the shower.

    Xabi the shirtless peace maker completed my weekend.

  21. lee says:

    this xabi, deshabille… we have been loyal and loving fans. how could xabi keep this secret from us?! red hot chili pepper he is. cute and cool outside, all hotness inside!

  22. Dreamgirl says:

    Eric was and is a fine man.

    And Nemanja thinks there are no intelligent footballers.LOL Oh Vida, we love you so.

  23. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Nekkid Xabi actually made my life. I died and went to heaven the moment he stripped. Just gorgeous.

    Cantona’s wife is gorgous!