February 19th, 2008

Lazy Links & Randoms

imageBarnsley/WBA goalkeeper Luke Steele is quite nummy. We feel rather put out by the fact that we’ve only just discovered him (and his total porn star/US soap opera name).

Don’t hate, Liverpool supporters. Or, hate if you need to, but allow yourself to secretly admit to the hotness.  It’s the right thing to do.

Francesca Amber Sawyer is a former WAG on a mission.  She’s parlaying her experience dating EPL players (none of which she’ll name) into an advice book on dating stars.  And wait, that’s not all.  She’s also going to start a ‘kiss and tell’ story agency.  Kind of makes Alex Curran’s perfume launch via the prestigious OK! Magazine Parfumerie seem quite virtuous and admirable.

imageJamelia wants the death penalty brought back because the UK is going to hell in a hand-basket. 

Other random Jamelia news/thought processes: she’s signed a book deal with Orion to publish her autobiography this fall, she feels awful about what’s happening to her friend Cheryl Cole’s marriage, she’s making hubby-to-be Darren Byfield sign a pre-nup and she was in leopard print at LFW for the Julien Macdonald show.

Ian Wright’s ex wife is no fan of WAG wannabes and puts a hefty stack of blame for adulterous footie situations squarely on the shoulders of opportunistic skanks and scallywags. 

She says: “This is no different to prostitution. They’re simply ‘wannabes’. They want the sort of lifestyle they imagine a footballer’s wife to have and they don’t care what they have to do to get it.  And as much as I despise footballers who are willing to sacrifice their families for instant sexual gratification, I pity the foolish women who see it as a job to snare a footballer and then milk it for whatever they can get out of it.“

What did Cristiano Ronaldo’s £8,000 text messages say? Finally, we have closure.

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19 Responses to “Lazy Links & Randoms”

  1. 1z0-050 says:

    117-202 Ohhh man,  I never thought it could ever possible.1z0-042

  2. She is hot. Isn’t she…

  3. Free G1 says:

    Bah,Luke,bah. I thought i was over Saturday till now. He is pretty, tho. But bring on Inter

  4. Juliet says:

    Okay so seriously how do we get a copy of her book?  Not that I want one or anything….  Update pls!

  5. Becca x says:

    I Noticed Luke And I Think He is Quite a Hottie smile
    Ermm I Cant Really Remember What The Rest Of It Said, But THe Text Messages Made Me Laguh raspberry

  6. Sarah x says:

    Luke Is Quite Yummy wink

  7. brandy says:

    Did Jamelia look in the mirror before leaving the house? Did she not see how the tight leopard only accentuated her protruding belly and inopportunly placed bulges? Why not suck in for the photo? Animal prints – never classy, never a good idea!

    That wannabe WAG fugly skank is BUGGIN me!

  8. Johnna says:

    Ahhahahahahahah Liverpool. I think about it and just sort of laugh, even now. It’s how I get through my days.

  9. Claire says:

    Yes Luke is very hot!
    I have been a west brom fan all my life and i have actually thought this since the day he arrived!!!!
    luke if ur reading give me a call!!!!

  10. carly says:

    LOL the Ronaldo sms are quite funny, especially the one “to self”.

    “an advice book on dating stars” ahahaha as if she had a single chance to do it.  GET A LIFE, woman!

    At least someone’s got some sense, Mrs. Ex-Wright…

  11. The Fourth Official says:

    Luke, good lad:  once a Red Devil, always a Red Devil. He is yummy, and I’m only sorry that we let him go. (SAF is not the finest judge of goalkeepers, imo.) He played a blinder on Saturday.  I hope he gets a second chance in the EPL.  And I hope we don’t come up against him in the FA Cup final!

  12. Cate says:


    A) I have no hate towards Barnsley. For the shite game we played, and the lack-luster attitude the players are exibiting on the pitch, I hope to hell it was a proper wake-up call. However, Steele is an ex-Man U player, so no dice.

    B) Who the hell is Jameila? She’s, like, five? No. I will not be reading her autobiography, thank you very much. And great. That’s wonderful. Let’s simply crack down on the offenders and participants in gang violence without addressing the cause of the violence. She apparently grew up around gang violence? How do you grow up in that enviroment and not see the reasons people join gangs? Bint.

  13. sarabee says:

    grin Sarabee is over the moon(rodney).Lucky knicks!!!!

  14. Elise says:

    sarabee- ‘drinking lucky Jack Daniels’?  LOL

    And TFO, you won’t be coming up against Barnsley if you make it to the FA Cup Final. You’ll be meeting Chelsea of course!  Silly girl. wink

  15. cheryl bites says:

    *Nauseous* What a lovely bunch of people (Luke Steele excepted).

  16. sarabee says:

    Bah,Luke,bah. I thought i was over Saturday till now. He is pretty, tho. But bring on Inter…. in 15 mins in fact! They might have a bit more pretty than Barnsley….but ooh are we gonna whoop their ass tonight. ***confidence undermined by furious crossing of fingers,toes,putting lucky knickers on,drinking lucky jack daniels***  And as for Francesca Wotdoyou-Callit,i had to remind self who she was.Stoopid cow. Double Bah.  angry

  17. Kandi Kane says:

    Mrs. Xabi, I agree w/ you.  As I was watching the game, I was thinking this guy is really hot!! LOL

  18. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    OK I am going to put all my bitterness to one side for a minute and agree that yes Luke Steele is quite cute.  I shamefully thought this as he was stopping every damn shot we had on goal too(god my priorities are shot to pieces sometimes!!)

    The skank-ho: YAWNN!!!

    PMSL @ Ronaldo’s texts, verrrry funny and I’m sure 100% genuine.