April 3rd, 2012

Lena Gercke: Bikini Gala Guest Of Honour

Real Madrid German girlfriend blond model GQ with Sami

Images: Sport10.at.

A lot has been said (in not very nice ways) about Sami Khedira’s relationship with German model, Lena Gercke, but we for one have come to appreciate her. She’s a girl who knows how to make a party entrance as well as rock a non-extension laced ‘do, and her choice to continue working rather than rushing to seal the deal with Sami in a custom wedding dress made out of pasties is a bold move for a footballer’s partner of her calibre.

Anyone else totally loving Lena right now or is the Kickette HQ cheese standing alone?

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13 Responses to “Lena Gercke: Bikini Gala Guest Of Honour”

  1. christinalfp says:

    She is beautiful and I know Sami has to be mentioned because than why would she be posted here on kickette but she has fame, charm, charisma, brains, and talent of her own she is not just a wag ( nothing wrong with being just a wag they are housewives or gf's who happen to be married or dating footballers )

  2. DebS says:

    She's a very pretty girl. She seems to be quite happy with Sami and vice versa. Best of luck to both of them.

  3. sose says:

    I don't know why but I like her so much , she seems to me very independent , very clever and she doesn't need sami to be famous and she's so real not faking anything Unlike Irina Shyak !

    • christinalfp says:

      and what exactly is it that Irina fakes ? being pretty ? rocking those swim suites she models ?

      • Christinaxoxo says:

        Irina only became famous after she started dating Ronaldo… Lena was famous and successful even before her relationship with Sami. To me, she seems to be a nice and clever girl with pretty, natural looks!

  4. laligagirl says:

    A footballer and a model. Big surprise. Only thing more common: Footballer and "Presenter".

    I'm not feelin' either of them right now.

  5. Sasha Twen says:

    I just wish people would stop seeing her as an attachment to Sami, or someone who's using him as a career boost. In Germany, she is arguably more famous than he is, certainly before he made it really big in Madrid. She hosts a big budget TV show in Austria. They are two separate people who both happen to be public figures. They deal with it in their own way. I respect that choice.

    • Nina says:

      That's true, as an austrian I know her since she won germany's next top model and in all those years, she was basically the only girl, who became successful.

    • christinalfp says:

      you could have not said that better, perfect.

  6. mata says:

    Alone. Abandoned. Deserted. Desolate. Forsaken. Forlorn.

  7. Kait says:

    I love Lena. Her and Sami are really classy together. And really well spoken. I've read some of their interviews and they are a really intelligent couple. I like that about them.

  8. emma says: