May 15th, 2011

Leo Torres: He Does Exist

According Laurence from EPL Talk, he is the cutest of them all“.

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53 Responses to “Leo Torres: He Does Exist”

  1. Mumtaz says:

    as usual, Kickette always fulfils my craving about anything! yes, thats him. finally: Leo Torres :)

  2. coco says:

    So… what can we do to get this guy to start writing on his twitter again… Lets get this going girls…. He started one but only a few tweets are there…it links up to his website. Did anyone catch Iker is on FB…Hoot Hoot…

  3. Liverbird says:

    Nando's kids are so cute

  4. cassie says:

    Leo looks very much like Olalla. I recognized it at first sight.

  5. Marose says:

    Oh my! Cuteness alert! Nando and Olalla have beautiful children. (Sigh)

  6. IrishBlue says:

    Only this kind of news could make a Sunday Kickette post.

  7. danielle says:

    yeah leo is a spitting image of nando. when nando was a baby he had dark hair, his hair didn't turn blond until he was 2 or 3 and leo will do the same and nora is doing it right now. I wonder when/if the freckles will come?

  8. Zahara says:

    yay! hes finally here for us to see!
    leo is too cute for llife!
    and nora too!

  9. Jen says:

    Finally!! Leo is adorable, and Nora so cute hanging on to Nando!!! Glad they aren't Red anymore, but still a very cute family!!!

  10. Mirella says:

    Oh, Nora is a blonde, I bet she will get the Torres- freckles soon!

  11. *Sunshine* says:

    Awww Leo is so cute!!! And Nora and Fer xD I think Leo (so little to say a resemblance) seems his daddy and Nora more like her mom (her skin's colour isn't so pale, more like Olalla's). This is a cute family :D
    Leo is really chubby!!! ^__^

  12. UGH blue really doesn't suit Nando. There I said it. Guess who I support

  13. cate says:

    on the topic of kids was walking down Hampstead High st literally half an hour ago when i suddenly caught sight of robin van persie sitting outside at a restaurant and trying to wrangle his two kids back to the table. I was gawking as i walked by. Soooo cute. Apparantly the arsenal players go their all the time, so much in fact that a friend of mine asked a waitress if she could leave a card there for the next time the arsenall players came in for them to sign for her son who was in hospital undergoing surgery, and they did!

  14. striker9 says:

    nora is so adorable and leo looks exactly like nando as he was young…. but it's so sad to see them in blue :(

  15. Tia says:

    clearly Nando heard women saying he should be removed from the Finest Five so…..he pulled this one on us- sneaky Bast**d! Now I dare you to take him off the list, cause Cute Baller + outrageuosly cute Bubbas = FINE

  16. Leya_S says:

    OMG we've only been waiting forever. Que lindo!!!!!
    Well done Olalla and Fern, your babies are adorable.

  17. beri says:

    I'm kinda off Nando these days (yea..I got some major Chelsea hate), but it's really nice to see him with his little ones. Can't believe we finally get to see Leo…cute kid!

  18. ~*~ANGELA~*~ says:

    ok …

    1. Nora looks sooo big & sooo adorable
    2. Leo is cute & adorable … I'm soo happy that we finally got to see him

    3. Leo is going to be just like his daddy … his already working on his Bitch Face … jajajajaja

  19. melina says:

    leo grew up really fast! cute babies!!!!

  20. JA7 says:

    Wooooohooooooo WE FINALLY GET TO SEE LEO TORRES! When i saw this on tv i cudnt stop screaming with joy. Leo Torres and Nora are absolutely ADORABLE!! Such a beautiful family.

  21. essjay says:

    CUTE! :D

    Also. Don't know if you ladies have seen this, but CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!

    ~Ivanovic's son scoring. SO ADORABLE!

    • AllTheWay..Me says:

      omg.. so adorable *_* ahh i want to have a men (who is like Ivanovic but looks like Iker ;D with the Sixpack from Pique and the sexiness from David Villa and the cuteness from Torres) too :D I love men who love kids :D

    • Raincitygirl says:

      Oh. My. God. Cutest thing EVER!!!!!!!

  22. Georgis says:

    Cuties – love him beign the reassuring daddy! I'm going to OT on sunday and I must admit I am looking forward to the bubba parade!

  23. [...] Leo Torres: He Does Exist « Kickette – Soccer/football gossip, hot … For those who love the players as much as they love the game. Home · Community · Features · Gallery · Style Files · Kickette HQ. May 15th, 2011. Leo Torres: He Does Exist. Category Bubbas & ‘Ballers, English Premier League … [...]

  24. Femz17 says:

    Omg I have been waiting for this moment forever!!! Both of Fernando's kids are adorable!! Look at Nora awwwww. And he looks like such as awesome daddy. How can one family be so perfect??

  25. Crackers says:

    FINALLY we get to see a pic of little Leo, and he's every bit as adorable as I thought !!! He's also the spitting image of a baby Nando and already a master of Baby Bitchface (with genes like those, it'd be impossible for him NOT to be a master of the bitchface, just look at his big sister).

    It's also lovely to see Nora again (she's grown so much!), even if poor bubba looked like she was crying :(

  26. noelle says:

    omg, leo is adorable!!! =)….. i've been waiting for these pics like everyone else but i like how fernando and olalla r a more private couple, they werent selling their baby's picture to some magazine like some fame hungry troll… even tho i miss seeing fernando playing for liverpool, he just seems like such a sweet man and a great father u just cant hate anything about him… their family is precious =)

  27. Siv says:

    oh Kickette! since when do you ladies update during weekends? must be for the Nando =P

  28. Coco says:

    Leo Torres gets a Sunday post! and he's totally worth it!

    Many say he looks like Olalla, but compare him with a baby photo of Nando and you'll see that they almost look like the same person. With Nora I can't decide too, in one angle I see Olalla and in the other her daddy. She's a perfect mixture, I guess.

  29. mar210 says:

    This is the most adorable family on the entire planet. Nando is the hot dad, Nora is the cute little older sister, and Leo is the bouncing baby boy. Seeing Leo today just made me sooooo happy. I posted lots of pictures of the 3 of them on my tumblr

  30. xbabyshakesx says:

    Why are they all so cute!
    GAH! Ballers and their babies! sooo freaking adorable!

    Nando + Leo + Nora = <3

  31. Winnie Mata says:

    maybe it's the angle, but Leo doesn't look *that* cute? (don't kill me)
    Nora on the other hand, is absolutely adorable :) )

    • Caitlin says:

      I totally agree with you! If he wasn't Fernando's kid it wouldn't even be up for debate.

      Nora is so cute though – she is going to be very pretty when she grows up.

      • jelena says:

        Leo looks EXACTLY like Nando did when he was a baby. I dare you to look at Nando (at whatever hair style and kit colour you please) and say Leo won't be a hottie 20 some years from now!

        • Caitlin says:

          I disagree with you. To me looks very much like Olalla. He has her small eyes and her facial expressions. If you look at baby photos of Fernando, he has always had those big brown eyes and finely chiselled facial features.

  32. rubyqueen says:

    god the pics are finally here.i thought he didn't even exist just a dream.nora is so adorable and leo is a cutie too.

  33. @vrock112 says:

    Im not a huge fan of kids, well crying and spoiled ones i should say but why ohhh why when i see an attractive man with a child does it warm my insides?!? Bahhh! :)
    Torres and his fam are just too adorbs!!! I do like his grown up hair but i wonder if all his goal scoring skills were hidden in those blonde locks of his?!

    • fiddler says:

      I was wondering about the same thing: the magic may have been in the hair….

  34. Soccergirl154 says:

    Great pictures! There’s nothing sexier than watching a man with his children. He looks very hands on and those two kids are adorable.

  35. Stefania says:

    FINALLY! Omg iIhave been waiting for this day since he was born.Thank you Fernando and Olalla for showing us your adorable son!

  36. Awww! And I like the new(ish) Becks hairdo that Nando's rocking.

  37. Ashley says:

    Ovaries?… gone.

  38. Kat says:

    Aaaaaah!! And there are pictures of little Leo getting his bitchface on! At this rate, he'll get it perfect by the time he's two.

    I think both kiddies look like Olalla, though. Not saying that that's a bad thing, I find her quite pretty. But I see more of her in their gorgeous bubbas than I do Nando.

  39. bri_saldana says:

    This is the first time I have EVER been so overjoyed to see ANYONE in blue. Leo & Nora are adorable! Still love you and your beautiful family Fer! Miss U!

  40. Howie says:

    So chubby… So cute… Aaaah! I'm exploding!

    Seriously though. Nando looks like a great father, and those kids are a bucket full of smiles and rainbows.

  41. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    Finally!! The long awaited Leo is here! Wow, he is so big!! Big sister Nora looks so cute holding Nando's hand and watching everyone in the stands!!

    Thank you for posting this Kickettes! Especially on a Sunday!!