October 9th, 2006

linkalicious monday

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone. As we’ve mentioned before, we take all possible public holidays off, and this is no exception. Don’t think Canadian Thanksgiving qualifies? We’re sure he-of-the-sometime-attractive Owen Hargreaves would disagree. He’s kinda Canadian, right?

One thing, though: thanks to the wonders of Blogger, our long list of links and witty repartee freshly prepared for Thanksgiving Day was deleted without warning/thrown out into cyberspace/etc and we sure as heck aren’t writing them again when we could spend that time pouting and trying to figure out how to use WordPress.

Darren Byfield has really messed up Jamelia’s situ. Link: Jamelia’s Fiance Accused Of Cheating

The Chav Rich List has 4 footballing couples on it. Quelle surprise. Link: The Chav Rich List

The best way to catch up on your beauty sleep: watch the England v Macedonia game. Lawdy, what was that about? And Wayne? You’ve not got looks, brains or personality, so really, you better get your ish together sweetie. Link: Young, Gifted and Flat

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One Response to “linkalicious monday”

  1. Anna says:

    lol at the bit about thanksgiving. i’m canadian – even I am not really 100% sure what this holiday is all about – think something to do with columbus finding N. America…who knows.

    ironic about jamelia’s situation, isn’t it? i guess dumping on everyone else doesn’t mean your own problems stop existing.