December 20th, 2007

Links ‘n’ Such

West Ham’s Christmas party looked hella more fun than Man U’s.  Freddie Ljungberg’s ensemble is an interesting choice; perhaps he sent someone else on his behalf and stayed home to play Wii.

Jonny Evans has been named as the accused player in Manchester United’s alleged rape claim.  He is denying all charges.  We now can look forward to a wide range of “quality” reportage in the tabloids that will stretch out until the dawn of time with none of us ever really knowing what happened but everyone feeling like utter shite over a bad situ that should have never happened in the first place.  Gee, do you think Fergie’s breathing fire right now?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi lost out in the FIFA Player of the Year awards to Ricardo Kaka.  Everyone’s hair on the night was subpar.  That’s all we have to say on the matter.

Every girl’s got one: a completely barmy mate who embarrasses the living snot out of you in public.  Alex Curran-Gerrard is no different.  See pics below of the pair coming out of Balans in Soho. Can anyone ID this loon who is taking precious camera space away from Alex’s photo op?  We’re concerned we do not recognize crazy.

And finally, Victoria Beckham took to the streets of London for a little shopping with a pair of seriously ashy knees. She needs to talk to Snoop about moisturizing.  Or alternatively, she could pop on a pair of tights since it’s freezing outside as a result of it being winter and all.



images: celebutopia

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23 Responses to “Links ‘n’ Such”

  1. host says:

    Nice pictures.ALex looks so pretty and cute.
    Martial arts shcools

  2. Nice work; I am one of those who mostly ignores session management. But I can change

  3. Normally I couldn’t even begin to imagine myself in anything VB wears, but I am loving that dress.  I’d wear it with tights, though, and choose a different style of gloves

  4. paris says:

    I think alex looks so pretty in these pics

  5. j says:

    I heard Fergie’s banned team Christmas parties. I’d hate to have had to face him when the allegations came out.

  6. michelle TN says:

    I thought that Boa Morte was an elf!—but I didn’t think that was 100% right since the jacket seemed a little too fancy for that.  It seems like these x-mas parties are like Halloween parties which I’m all for since that’s my fav occasion! Love lyungberg’s outfit and its authenticity.  To spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume to impress my mates is EXACTLY what I would do if I had baller money.  Job well done Freddie!

  7. Sarah x says:

    If I Was Alex, That Girl Would Never Come out With Me Again.
    If I Was Posh, I Would buy Some Tights raspberry
    And If I Was Jonny Evens I Would Pray That People Believe Me.

  8. rei says:

    It is a costume of martial arts “Kendo” of Japan that Freddie wore.

    The Xmas party of West Ham and Chelsea seems to be very interesting.

  9. Claire says:

    if she were my mate id slap her! glad she can ignore her though!!! ha!
    but wat are they wearing???? it was freezing that night. I was in london at the gig!

  10. Cate says:

    I am so inappropriately happy about Alex’s camera hog.

    And, wow. I’m in Arizona and I wouldn’t be wearing what Vicky’s got on at this time of year.

  11. Girl Thursday says:

    LOVE Posh’s lip color.  But…did she steal Karl Lagerfeld’s gloves?

  12. Robin says:

    Happy to see Alex didn’t lose her engagement ring in the robbery last week.

  13. Amelie says:

    actually i think that crazy makes Alex look better….

    maybe she employed her to do just that?

    london is FREEZING what is she doing??

  14. tammyv says:

    wow, everything covered in this post is awful! 

    Alex and some chickie stealing her hard-earned thunder;

    Vicki lookin ashy and kind of silly for London in winter;

    Jonny Evans = bad;

    Freddie baby, honey, sweetie, are you in the less is more catagory… less cloths = more ladies happy

    Kak, player of the year? Umm no, Riquelme is the player of the year

  15. RedGirl says:

    Can you imagine Alex saying to that woman “Stop it you idiot, I’m loosing my style because of you!!!“

    And I’m waiting for the Liverpool pics too… If the theme is the ‘80s I wonder who will be doing Wham!;-P …

  16. brandy says:

    PS: if she was wearing that in LA or somewhere where it is warm. VERY ridiculous for London in winter!

  17. brandy says:

    Her head looks HUGE! Even on her HUGE body! She looks like a malformed and thus rejected Stepford Wife that Stevie picked up on the discount shelf and brought home.

    I’m sure she was thinking “WTF is wrong with you? Never seen the razzi before?! Grow up!“ as she looked down her nose at her friend lol

    Posh rocks. She should sit those other wanna be WAGs and teach them a lil somethin’ about style (ahem, I mean you, Alex, Colleen and Elen).

  18. Elise says:

    Normally I couldn’t even begin to imagine myself in anything VB wears, but I am loving that dress.  I’d wear it with tights, though, and choose a different style of gloves, and oh, yeah…a f**king coat!

  19. Elise says:

    You’ve got to admire West Ham’s commitment to a theme.  And Robert Green- I just love that guy.

  20. carly says:

    Boa Morte is dressed with a traditional portuguese costume. He’s a campino – what it means I don’t exactly know.

    LOL Alex’s face, pretending it’s nothing to do with her. haha

  21. Ella says:

    Hate Alex’ skirt, looks awful. And in the first picture there’s something wrong with her face.. She looks huge compared to her friend also.And where are they? If it’s in England surely it must be freezing? (Lots of bitching in one paragraph there)

    Freddie? What the fruit are you dressed as? Something out of star wars? A fence-man-thingy? I don’t get it.

    Want to see pictures of Liverpools party wink

  22. kaya says:

    OK, nvm, I’ve decided that Luis is a bull-fighter.

  23. kaya says:

    Wow, too many things in one post!
    West Ham partay: Cute! But what sport is Luis Boa Morte supposed to be representing (side show pic 9)??
    FIFA player of the year awards: Where are the pics? I didn’t see any hair, par or sub. :(
    Alex’s barmy friend…. that is way too funny. Is Alex that tall, or is her friend that short? No one can make Alex look good, sorry.
    Victoria…. what is her problem? I used to dislike the Beckhams for their showiness, but as time has gone on, I’ve warmed to David. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I imagine Victoria to be so vain as to be unbearable to be around. There is a difference between looking your best because you are in the public eye, and looking completely freaking contrived. Oh, and *when* will she decide that bug-eye sunglasses are out of style? Shopping for sunglasses is like choosing which of 15 styles of posh-glasses you’d like.