July 20th, 2012

Lips & Layers: Pepe Reina

As most of you know, expecting anything cohesive from us during the later stages of a Friday is… ignorant, frankly. So, much as we would like to speculate in great and gory detail about our favourite Liverpool keeper’s lips brushing up on another woman’s pout (who isn’t us or his wife), we’re going to be realistic and keep things short.

Reina went with a blue on blue on blue colour palate for dinner at Casa Lola Restaurant in Puerto Rico last night. As usual, he had the untucked shirt, sexy-in-a-scarf GQ steeze down to a science and was rocking the hell out of that sun-kissed, tanned skin of his.

We give Pepe’s overall aesthetic an A++, and that’s without grading on a Frank Lampard dirty denim curve. You?

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9 Responses to “Lips & Layers: Pepe Reina”

  1. Nicola says:

    What a great guy, and he's delish to boot.

  2. gin_in_teacups says:

    Workin' that scarf Pepe! He looks great – I have so much love for this fabulous bald man!

  3. black widow says:

    pepe my darling, we missed you at the TFC v LFC match today! wasn't the same without you! x

  4. MochiCavalry says:

    Although he does not get to play often in the Spanish national team, he contributes with his wittiness and charisma to the team's spirit. Grande Reina!

  5. Cella.xx says:


  6. b_bette says:

    (*squee*) I was lucky enough to be there for the meet & greet (*drool*) and definitely A++ .

  7. RedsGirl says:

    There's rarely ever a moment that Pepe Reina doesn't look good. That's one sexy man!

  8. zeanballded says:

    liverpool…go to top 4