October 18th, 2010

Loose-Lipped WAG Files: Michela Quattrociocche

Kickettes, are you sad to see Ms. Q. go, or are you secretly hoping the door slams her (perfectly toned) arse on the way out? Image from 25 August 2009, Zimbio.com.

Despite her knock-out bod and killer hair, Alberto Aquilani’s other, better-looking half, Michela Quattrociocche, is not making herself any fast friends in Liverpool or Roma. Speaking with Corriere dello Sport, perhaps as a teensy publicity push in support of her role with the upcoming Roma Golf Open, Michaela Q. attempted to be diplomatic when discussing Aquilani’s career moves.

But really, we’re convinced she’s thanking her lucky stars to be back in her homeland. Help us decide if she’s blissful or bitter about the recent string of club changes her man has made, Kickettes?

On Aqui’s ‘Professional’ Rapport:

“Last year was special. Alberto was changing lives and was not thinking about looking back. The point is that Liverpool has changed staff. And the new coach (Roy Hodgson) did not count on him. Aquilani is a professional and had to think of his career. He would’ve never gone to Lazio; Juve, however, made an offer he could not refuse.”

On taking up in Torino v. life in Liverpool:

“Alberto is happy because, finally, he is well and playing well. Our life together is also easier. We live together in the center of Torino, and we love it…regarding Liverpool, that was a different story. I certainly hope that Juventus buys him at the end of the season.”

On why she stood by her man even though AS Roma fans consider him a traitor:

“I do not understand. Roma wanted to sell him – it was not Alberto who chose to leave. Were it not for that fact, he would’ve remained with the squad for the rest of his life. Let’s face it: Aquilani helped AS Roma through a difficult time.”

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12 Responses to “Loose-Lipped WAG Files: Michela Quattrociocche”

  1. Homeskillet07 says:

    i like her. i see nothing wrong with what she said. if she doesn't like living in Liverpool then she doesn't like living in Liverpool. it's normal for people to prefer living in the country they are used to. high 5 on telling it like it is! people need to be more honest. this whole mincing what you wanna say annoys me.

  2. Seemeen says:

    Hopefully when she leaves she'll take those Uggs with her #dubious foorwear

  3. pique says:

    she's amazingly gorgeous without effort.
    and I like her honesty.
    as 1 liverpool fan myself, hope Aquilani'll come back
    but if he's not, I won't be bitter.
    anyway, good luck both of you at Italy.

  4. Juventina says:

    Roma wanted to let him go, for financial reasons. Anyone that follows Serie A will know this. He was making a high salary and on top of that he was injured. He helped Roma by leaving the club, whether or not it was what him or Rosella Sensi wanted at the end of the day. I can't complain though, he's playing pretty well for my Juve. Bentornati a casa, Alberto!

  5. Fantastic information cheers for blogging it.

  6. DutchGooner89 says:

    Makes a change from all the gibberish most people say in interviews, holding back how they truly feel, so that people wont get upset or you lose a few brownie points. So i say YOU GO GIRL tell em like it is!!

  7. Jen says:

    i want him to come back to the reds so badly. first rafa never played him when he was fit, now roy hodgson has loaned him out. he's exactly what we need in our squad, we have no one who is as adept as a creative playmaker and i've yet to encounter a single liverpool fan who doesn't want him to come back.

  8. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    She IS very pretty. Although I kind of like how she seems really honest abt everything. Also I agree with Missy Manchester.

  9. Rossanera says:

    I like her. No one wanted Aquilani to leave Roma. That probs included her. And him. And wouldn't you be happy with a return to your homeland?

  10. Miss Butler says:

    she seems honest about the whole situation,so good for him/her.

  11. BarceLisa says:

    I love how sometimes she refers to him as "Aquilani" like she's his agent or something. I didn't know in Italy that sports newspapers interviewed WAGs as well as players.

  12. Missy Manchester says:

    MQ is definitely blissful to be back in Italy. The only things she seems bitter about is the time she spent in Liverpool and the fact that Roma fans are mad at AQ.

    I also believe she used the interview to say the things that AQ can't say publicly.