November 3rd, 2010

Lorena Bernal: The Leather Skirt /Media Flash Situation

It’s not every day that we find ourselves following the fallout of a baby food presentation.

But, we are the site that goes wherever the story takes us (unless there’s a bar on the way, in which case our arrival at the destination is far from certain), so here we are.

At a publicity event in Madrid last Thursday for baby food brand Blevit, Mikel Arteta’s wifey Lorena Bernal took a seat on the floor as she interacted with the babies and jars of infant mush.

So far, so meh.

However, during her floor work, she accidentally gave the various flashing bulbs in attendance an eye full of her knickers. Which, (as you’ll see below), were white.

Unsurprisingly, the media chose to focus upon this rather than the benefits of feeding Blevit to a growing baby, leaving the lovely Lorena embarrassed and unwilling to complete her media interviews as scheduled.

Taking into account Lorena’s unblemished record, excellent hair and our boredom with manufactured press scandals of late, we’re feeling her pain here.

Hell, at least the woman turned up wearing underwear (a feat certain other people have tried for and failed). Yep, she wore a tight ass leather skirt to a baby food promotion and then sat on the floor, but inevitably she would’ve been caned for wearing a pantsuit too. No win.

We say, grow up, press boys. Either that or stock up on Blevit. Quick smart.

Images via La Voz

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19 Responses to “Lorena Bernal: The Leather Skirt /Media Flash Situation”

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  2. chris says:

    why is it that a regular joe can get sued or charged if they were to take photos up a girls skirt yet someone who titles themself as a photographer gets off scott free??? these so called photographers are even let off when doing this creppy pedo stuff to underaged girls. of course if you lay down on the ground and take photos as a girl gets out of a car you will see her pantys!!!

  3. [...] Mikel Arteta’s wife flashes people at baby food presentation. [Kickette] [...]

  4. [...] Mikel Arteta’s wife flashes people at baby food presentation. [Kickette] [...]

  5. kitty1979 says:

    It must have been a slow news day. I think she looks stunning!

  6. emma says:

    i think shes not that good looking at all. as far as the leather skirt is considered, it looks awful. i mean there are many ways to look “classy” but she just blows her chances of stunning us kickettes! so there it goes ;p

  7. Beth says:

    she is stunning

  8. azezah says:

    whats the big deal? she has done plenty of underwear photoshoot and topless ones and you see them frequently in bikinis. not a big deal

  9. Thea says:

    Me too!

  10. xbabyshakesx says:

    what's sexier than white undies???

  11. Dru says:

    Also, I think she didn't anticipate having to kneel on the floor- who would, at these events? It's not as if the skirt is extremely short, even- it's just that it rode up when she sat. Wish she didn't have to feel embarrassed about it though.

  12. GracieB says:

    at least she was wearing underwear! Go San Francisco Giants!!!!!!

  13. Xabs says:

    This isn't even a big deal. Who cares if you flash some underwear?? It was a tiny triangle for God's sake, it's not like all of her underwear was showing. Laugh it off, move on; there's no need to be so embarrassed that you cancel an interview.

  14. wow says:

    The women is Human, and such can happen. We should be talking about the sick photographer who focus his camera down south, that event was about children, get a magazine!

  15. C16 says:

    That is absolutely rude press. Rude.
    One of my fav WAG's.

    I like her skirt, btw.

  16. Missy Manchester says:

    Although Lorena is lovely, I think her choice of skirt was definitely inappropriate for a children's event…esp. after the Katy Perry/Sesame Street debacle.

  17. Leya_S says:

    This is really unfortunate bc I like Lorena Bernal.
    Th has definitely been blown out of proportion by the media, but I just feel like anything involving kids does not warrant wearing a skirt higher than the knee, really. Not to mention, I don't necessarily like the outfit, anyway.

  18. Thea says:

    She's lovely and classy and this is just media gutter work at it's best! The skirt is regulation length for children, it's far less emarrasing than pastafaces inelegent tumble!