October 19th, 2009

High Five: Lorena Bernal

Image via Diezminutos.es

Lorena is a fierce bitchFour months after birthing a mucho gordito baby, Lorena Bernal pulls the perfect look and life together as if it were easier than elbowing a random out of the way during a sample sale. We’ve hired her as our new life coach, actually. She has yet to accept our employ.

What’s Mikel Arteta’s baby mam been up to? Well she did something or other at Spanish store opening this weekend.

Photos were taken and words were spoken, but to be honest, we weren’t thrilled to read nor translate because our eyes were too affixed on this woman’s ferocious total package.

Plus, she’s mastered el numero uno rule of WAGdom – get in early and secure your status. Speaking about her and Mikel’s baby son, she said:

We share something for life. We have a common project, a newborn baby and it is up to us to raise him.

Hell to the yea.  Sharing a male offspring with a footy player? You’ve just discovered the fountain of youth and can justifiably overcharge for your merchandise.

We kid. Lorena is one of those gals we just can’t hate:

She flaunts her curvaceous bod with attitude, and is honest enough to admit that her size/shape isn’t the same after bearing a child. FYI, her non-weight loss is a non-issue for her and her yummy hubby/whipping boy. She’s living proof one can really have it all. Hot, spanish male servant included:

Mikel has the urge to help; He gives the baby a bottle, changes diapers and puts him to sleep. I’m delighted.

Damn straight. She established his routine from day one. So, who does baby Gabi, (short for Gabriel), take after? Lorena says both:

>One part of him is very quiet like me. On the other hand, he is impatient like his father. He wants to eat when hungry and doesn’t want to wait for a second.

Other interesting nuggets?  She likes to pose with her right-hand gently tucking her lush locks behind her ear.  Also, the couple is already considering having more kids and are planning to wed next summer. For the style-stalkers out there, Lorena’s scouting locations and shopping for the dream dress in January.

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13 Responses to “High Five: Lorena Bernal”

  1. autumnmaple101 says:

    I really like her…she seems down to earth and is really classy.

  2. Kate says:

    lovely girl :)

  3. Regiane says:

    wow! she’s pretty!!! and wise!! fave wags’ list = added!!!!

  4. NinyaC says:

    She's beautiful!

  5. Ella says:

    She’s gorgeous…and rich….I’m jealous.

  6. MrsBojanKrkicPerez says:

    my new role model! fo sho! :) she’s got mikel in the palm of her hands! LOL! too cute :D

  7. I-Own-Kaka says:

    I thought the baby was also called Mikel? Did I miss something or am I being really stupid? X

  8. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    I think I have a new WAG to add to the favorite WAGs list. Yay!

  9. Wedding first, then baby, seems such a quaint notion these days.

  10. She's so pretty, I don't understand why she looks so bad on pictures…

  11. Katie says:

    Gorgeous and classy!