October 27th, 2011

Lower League Lovelies: Ben Herd, Aldershot Town

Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

We’ve heard all the arguments about the relevance of the League Cup to English football. But the value of the gate receipts and er… exposure opportunities for clubs like Aldershot Town (and busy women who don’t have time to scour the lower leagues) cannot be underestimated.

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3 Responses to “Lower League Lovelies: Ben Herd, Aldershot Town”

  1. die steel says:

    Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view.

  2. Abi says:

    Ahh someone’s finally noticed Ben! Met him on Tuesday night after the game, such a lovely guy and was lucky enough to get a picture with him.. I’ll be keeping that one for a while! :)