November 2nd, 2011

Luca Toni: Caught Driving Under The Influence

Luca Toni can't drive banned license three months

If something in your past shows up on a Google search, be prepared to explain it. Luca Toni has been made painfully aware of this rule of thumb ever since news of his recent run-in with the law went public.

Toni, who currently rides the Juventus bench, was given an alcohol breath test outside a restaurant in Modena. His boozy blows registered an alcohol content of 0.6 g/L – a mere 0.1 g/L over Italy’s legally intoxicated limit! Because of this infraction, his license has been revoked for three months.

Instead of harping on the negatives here, we’re going to undertake displacement activity, which involves browsing our Luca Toni Modeling Archives. Our two faves are above and at left, which you can certainly take as invitations to crack open your own coveted collections in the comments section below.

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7 Responses to “Luca Toni: Caught Driving Under The Influence”

  1. mamaly says:

    Toni, i am so cold, please get me warm again.

  2. [...] idea, although not necessarily for footballing reasons. That our tolerance to drink driving offences is inversely proportional to our tolerance of alcohol [...]

  3. ChefDi says:

    Couldn't he afford a driver?! Where was Marta? She's probably a good driver. I LOVE this man but he can do better than that … although it's not difficult to overindulge in Modena, such an exquisite city with amazing food (and probably wine which, is why one might hire a driver)!!

  4. camirpo says:

    Ahhh, this photos made me gasp in my anthro lecture class….. :O I love that man so much. But shame about the DIU…that's awful.

  5. Rachael says:

    I just don’t understand it if anyone can afford a taxi he can why risk your life and much worse that of others for the sake of saving a few quid!