March 19th, 2012

Luis Figo: Ludicrous Legwear

Figo’s poor distraction ploy was doomed from the start. Images:┬áDESIREE MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images.

Terrifying trousers on hot footballers is something we’ve had to get used to in our time, but Luis Figo has confounded us with his late, spectacular entry to the hall of shame. The former Real Madrid, Barcelona and Portugal international sported these spotty monstrosities whilst playing in the Abama Pro-Am Golf Tournament last week, and while golf trousers are notoriously heinous, we’re positive that not even serial style offender Ian Poulter would have gone near these things with a nine-iron.

Guti was also at the tournament, but compared to Figo, he was appropriately dressed for the gentlemanly occasion. Apart from his mad guru beard, he looked quite respectable actually.

It isn’t often we get to say that, now is it?

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13 Responses to “Luis Figo: Ludicrous Legwear”

  1. ginny says:

    just reading this now and loving it…
    thanks so much

  2. Liza says:

    Where is Sergio? How could he miss a chance to wear these pants. :)

  3. gigi says:

    What that makes those pants even more ridiculous than they are is the fact that there's more than one guy wearing them. Very secure with their manliness, these men are.

  4. ROGER says:
    Loudmouth Golf outstanding golf pants!!!!!!!


  5. Roger says:

    La marca de los pantalones es de golf y solo por total desconocimiento se puede decir que es un insulto al golf. Los gustos son evidentemente discutibles pero la ignorancia no. El equipo ha ganado el premio fashion del torneo

  6. Jayy says:

    Now I know who stole my shower curtains.

  7. Vivienne says:

    You could play a game of Twister on those trousers…

  8. RedDevil says:

    Clown Pants.

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  10. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Well, Guti made up for figo's pants by whatever is on his face! stop growing it Guti!

    and as figo's spending too much time with Guti and sharing time with him ought to catch up with you!! or maybe Figo lost a bet to Guti jeje