November 18th, 2011

Luis Figo: Still Hot, Regardless Of Headgear?

Image: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images.

Here’s Portuguese legend and Kickette fantasy boink buddy Luis Figo at theĀ Estadio da Luz on November 15th. He received a UEFA award for playing in more than 100 international games. Part of his prize pack was this hat.

Still hot? Or would removal and burning be a ‘pre-match’ contractual obligation for you?

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8 Responses to “Luis Figo: Still Hot, Regardless Of Headgear?”

  1. Bri says:

    Always my # 1. ALWAYS. Did you all catch Rui Costa in the stands as well?

  2. Zahara says:

    dude, its figo, he is always hot!

  3. Gareth Bale says:

    He's still hot even with that stupid hat :)

  4. Lilian says:

    It's a hat. You can remove it . So he's still hot.

  5. That hat's no problem for me. He's man enough to wear it. Plus I think it has a certain dash to it:)

  6. jen says:

    luis figo could be wearing a pink tutu and still look hot. was there ever any question?

  7. mata says:

    Just look at that expression on his face, he thinking dear God please don't let anyone take my picture while this thing is on my head, LOL, but definitely sizzling.

  8. Natalia says:

    lol who cares about the hat?