October 26th, 2007

Macho Man: Who’s the Alpha?


After being voted the “Manliest Man” by askmen.com readers (which number in the millions), do you think Becks chose this outfit to continue with the macho motif?

Interesting that a man who’s been known to wear polish and get waxed (down there) would take the top spot. 

Does Sir Becks deserve the kudos? 

Who is the roughest, toughest, manliest baller out there? 

Our vote for the top Alpha male goes to Roy Keane – in his glory days at Man U, he was pretty damn fierce.

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35 Responses to “Macho Man: Who’s the Alpha?”

  1. ana says:

    He s gf is catastrofe. what he looked in this girl omg. What s happend fabregas s?

  2. car lease says:

    I’m still in love with Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt all the way for the alpha-est male ever. Hehe

  3. maryna says:

    It depends what you mean “man”.
    If you mean great,kind person with big heart,devoted father and husband,amasing talent….so David Beckham rules the world.
    If you mean hairy man that smelles like a bull and has a new girl every night so there is nothing to do with DB.
    For me DB is a perfect dream man. Vic is very lucky woman to have David.

  4. michelle says:

    LOL for RedGirl’s comment about C-Ron (still love him though, I’m brainwashed for that boy).

    I just saw a documentary about Beckham’s career on tv and someone made the comment that if Beckham arrived on the scene a few years earlier, he would have been slaughtered in the locker room b/c everyone else is sooo macho.  I say Beckham paved the way for all those players who aren’t so manly . . . and that includes you too Cristiano.

  5. SuzyQ says:

    I love the Becks, but top of the macho list he aint.  My vote goes for Zizou all the way.

  6. uneditedmara says:

    This Becks ensemble is PERFECTION. The rough beard is trimmed just so. *swoon*

    But as for the manliest man title, Zizou and Keano make good candidates but let me open the floor to Jamie Carragher, Man’s Man all the way, baby.


  7. bianca says:

    if becks can seriously be called manly then anything is possible…hot he may be (with a huge fan base) but “macho”? i’m just not seeing it…

  8. RedGirl says:

    If Becks is N

  9. tammyv says:

    I am pretty firm in my belief that if you asked 20 Americans who Frank Lampard was, at minimum 19 would not be able to indentify him.  I assume that the posters on this board are not the average/normal American in terms of soccer knowledge. 

    The Brand Beckham marketing has been non-stop for 10 months, eclipsing all other male athlets this summer, when the voting took place.

  10. freddiegirl says:

    Perhaps 20 Americans in the midwest, tammyv, but not here in Los Angeles.  Yes, you are right, we posters know more about soccer than most but we have a large ex-pat/European/Latin population out here who are knowledgable about the game and would know who Lampard was. 

    I have to agree with Robin; I’m always surprised at how many Brits I meet who aren’t all that into the EPL.  The media would have you believe that the whole UK is EPL-mad and I’m sure there are die-hard fans but I sure seem to meet a lot of Brits who don’t seem to care!

  11. michelle says:

    Beckham as the as the most manly?  REALLY?  That’s probably b/c no one really gets that Beckham’s metro (not that it’s a terrible thing) or hears him speak in interviews in North America (I live in Canada, so it’s pretty much the same kind of soccer coverage in the states, next to none).  Quite frankly, as long as we only see him in a suit on the sidelines at the Galaxy games, his image is in good shape!

  12. LFCgal says:

    brandy – thou speakest much sense, i agree with everything you’ve said, Lumplard is not manly, Becks looks fierce here but his voice does ruin it somewhat…

    Keane is just this lil puny, scruffy scroat with a head too big for his body. He tries to be hard, which isn’t the essence of hardness. It’s just the perception peeps have of him imo.

    Gotta be Carra, Cassilas or Reina as manliest men…

  13. brandy says:

    Hey Tammy – I actually have seen his thighs and they just don’t do it for me… maybe because they are attached to the rest of his body hmmm. Well to each their own – which means more for you!

  14. tammyv says:

    Brady.. have you seen Lamps’s thighs??  Sex on legs (literally actually <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> )

  15. brandy says:

    Sorry kids – but I think 13 year old looking Lamps would only be considered manly by 12 year old girls. There is NOTHING alpha about him at all. He actually looks like a sniveler – sniveling to Elen not to leave him for all his cheaterness, to Chelsea to pay him more money… ugh. So unattractive….

  16. Helen says:

    Even though askmen is a US site its readership would prob be global.
    if it was just US based i would think that maybe payton manning or a-rod or kobe etal would make i before david

    To me it just looks like the list is a popularity poll

    Matt Damon and Timbaland take out spots 2 & 3 & in the past few months they have has sucessful films and albums respectively


  17. robin says:

    Um Tammy – I’m American and I know perfectly well who Lamps is. Don’t generalize. I’m more up to date on the EPL than most Brits I meet.
    And I NEVER would have voted for Lampy in ANY contest other than maybe biggest whinger. Though Drogba would probably win that one hands down.

  18. Gina says:

    Lamps normally doesn’t do much for me either, except in those training pix of him in those short-shorts. Some serious thigh mojo going on there!!

    But then again, I’m the one who was drooling over Micah Richards this weekend red face

  19. tammyv says:

    LuvLamps – it was Americans voting, they have no idea who Lamps is

  20. Well-endowed gooner says:

    I’m curious about something, and wanted the opinion of a sexy lady. Which of the current Arsenal team would you think is the most well-endowed? It’s a bit of idle speculation on my part, but I think part of the reason Gallas got the nod for captain was because he’s the most *ahem* prominent member in the locker room. Sometimes, you need that kind of intimidation to become the alpha-male of the team.

  21. di says:

    As much as I love Becks, Keano wins this one for sure.

  22. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry, but David Beckham is probably the least manly footballer ever.  But I dunno, people have a very different perception of the sport in America.  And he’s probably one of the only players most people know.

    I agree with whoever said Iker, he’s pretty fierce looking.  And actually, although they aren’t very well known, I’d say quite a few of the boys on the Northern Irish football team are both hot and manly.  They have that whole scruffy Irish scoundrel thing going on.

  23. Johnna says:

    Keano Keano Keano.

    He’s still damn fierce, even as a manager. He’ll never lose that.

  24. carly says:

    Gattuso! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

    God, that picture is more like an advert to America. He’s clearly not having the success he was expecting so he dresses like a farm-boy.

  25. LoveLamps says:

    I love that a metrosexual wins manilest man!  AMEN!  Now, why Frank was not #1 is a shock to me, but Becks is beautiful when he does not speak, so I can dig it.

  26. lyla22 says:

    i have never thought this ever would happen: becks looking like a “man”

    @ brandy
    a 40 year old trucker

  27. paris says:

    STEVEN GERRARD he is sooooooo good looking he is definatley the manliest guy

  28. tammyv says:

    Shearer was/is the man…Keano and Zazou are also soild choices

    Becks is the king of the Metrosexual baller that changed the game.  He made not being “manly” into being manly..He should get props for teaching boys that manscapping and personal hygeine are important and sexy

  29. brandy says:

    I love that David has “looks” – like this one here is Trucker-Chic David. There’s Gangsta David, and Naughty David (W shoot with wifey)… just so many ways that this man looks good!

    Love me some Becks – and definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed for it – but, his voice… not manly… sorry!

  30. Robin says:


  31. Gina says:

    I always knew it was contagious! It’s in the water or something out here! Talking about the “let’s dress like a slobbish american” virus. Poor Becks seems to have a genetic predisposition since he succumbed after only 3 months in LA.

    Posh thankfully appears to have built up an immunity <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/tongue_wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="tongue wink" style="border:0;" />

  32. Patty says:

    Any man who spends more time with his wax artiste than he does with me is not manly (enough).  Unfortunately, metrosexualism is becoming the equivalent of creeping flesh-eating disease in the EPL.  However, I think some of the Scottish and Irish lads are so far resistant.  Also, some of the Brazilians and Italians.  Basically, any man who would throw me on the kitchen table and have his way without worrying if I’m mussing his hair.

  33. Ally says:

    Zidane and Keano, definitely. So unbelievably masculine, so unbelievably hot.

    And Becks looks like a drunken lumberjack… it’s not hot. I’m sad to say. :(

  34. freddiegirl says:

    Gotta go with Keane and Zidane on this one.  They were the manliest.  Now….I dunno, Iker Casillas is both hot and manly.

  35. mrs carragher says:

    steven gerrard is very manly but jamie carragher is very tough haha so i'd vote him (: