July 1st, 2010

Mamen Sanz: A Return To Her Modeling Roots

Raul’s wife, Mamen Sanz, and the five children she birthed – yes, FIVE – appear in the July issue of ELLE Espana: twins Hector and Mateo, 4 years old, Hugo, who is 7, and Jorge, 10. Mamen holds the family’s newest addition and only girl, Maria, 5 months old.

Talk about making a grand entrance in the world. We think Maria’s appearance in the fashion and beauty bible is only fitting for the daughter of a superstar ‘baller such as Raul. In fact, her “coming out” party even tops Kai Rooney’s shopping trip with Chanel debut.

If you need yet another reason to adore this woman and her family, how about this: Mamen recently received graduated from Madrid’s Universidad Camilo Jose Cela with a degree in early childhood education. Like any proper football wife knows, Chanel goes with everything – even graduation gowns.

If Raul and Mamen are ever looking to expand their brood, we know a few Kickette staffers who would readily hand in their adoption papers.

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24 Responses to “Mamen Sanz: A Return To Her Modeling Roots”

  1. Adam says:

    I like Raul and his family. he has a happiest life with a beautiful wife and lovely children.

  2. Mehdi says:


    5 children….?!

    I think raul has 4 children…!!!

    I love raul very much…!!!

    excuse me…!!! I can’t speak english well. because I’m Iranian…!!!!

  3. Eli aka NC says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that after so much time longing for a girl they’ve named her Maria…Or maybe it’s a promise the made to Our Lady if she gave them a baby girl LoL
    Just kidding, I’m happy that they have a lovely family

  4. der_lutscher says:

    She looks a little like Saffron Burrows (Andromache in Troy)

  5. nisa says:

    how on earth does she keep that body after gave birth to 5 kids? love her btw

  6. aps says:

    Gorgeous family. Raul is really lucky.

  7. truly_thata says:

    Perfect WAGs; I'll prefer the Spanish WAGs rather than English WAGs.

  8. Lille says:

    I'm so jealous! These WAGS seem to have a grea life filled with many kids, hott husbands and tons of money and adoration. I only have one child, and been dying to have more kids for a very long time, oh how I would love to have 5.

  9. Lucy says:

    take note english wags!

  10. tennie says:

    goddamn. every wag should be like her. and the girl crush is bigger than ever…

  11. Kaela says:

    I love this family so much!

  12. biggiesmalls says:

    what a beautiful family. Love her, one of my favorite WAGs

  13. beri says:

    OMG…she is absolutely stunning! Such a class act…love her!

  14. SunnyK says:

    Wooooooooooow! I used to be jealous of her because she had Raul. Now, I'm jealous of Raul! HA! Queen WAG! Ther is no way this woman has given birth to FIVE children in the last 10 years!

  15. Nandia says:

    My favorite WAG! Their family is so perfect. Mamen and Raul are really lucky to have each other and their wonderful kiddies.

  16. Anastasia says:

    5 months? She looks like that and she gave birth to her 5th child 5 months ago? I hate her. Only not really.

  17. Ella says:

    She is sickeningly perfect.

  18. senora ramos says:

    god i love mamen. such a graceful, elegant, beautiful wag. and the kids are precious.

    also, i am so envious of her. i don’t look even close to that and i’ve only had one bubba!!

  19. Syrian! says:

    She is so gorgeous! I like her alot

  20. C16 says:

    She is STUNNING!

    Gorgeous family…

  21. Kile says:

    I love her. So classy and gorgeous.

  22. aurrie says:

    sooo cute..they could all model….

  23. Jo says:

    What a lovely family!