February 16th, 2012

Man City: Hat Heads

Hmm. Apparently we’re not the only ones confused by Mario missing a nailed-on opportunity to roll out the chicken hat. Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

Despite being voted the second best dressed man in Britain by GQ readers, you know that Mario Balotelli is our go-to guy for ‘Dressed At Gunpoint’ posts. So when planning a Manchester City-staff-in-bad-hats post this morning (yes, really), it was obvious that Super Mario would be a shoo-in for the win.

A disappointment for us then. But it’s good to see that his colleagues have gone to so much trouble to make up for his oversight.

Who wears the woolly warmer the worst, peeps?

David Silva – The ‘I’m Cute Enough To Get Away With It’

David Silva Man City Spanish national team Spain NT height small

Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

We’re going to have to throw this out to the Kickette massive, David. Because Kickette HQ is still reeling from insistent squeals of “NO! No you can’t!”


Sergio Aguero – The ‘Back Off The Smack Talk, I’m Working & Don’t Give A Damn What I Look Like’

Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

Ok, so this is an unfamiliar philosophy for us. What we look like while we’re doing something is infinitely more important to us than how we’re doing it, but Sergio and his too-busy-to-shave chin action look good. Despite the knitted bonce warmer.


Roberto Mancini – The ‘Early Morning Dog Walker’

Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

As our beloved comments moderator pointed out upon seeing this monstrosity: “I admit I look like a fright in the morning when I go and walk the dog, but even in my deranged, sleep deprived state I wouldn’t wear this hat.


You don’t have to tell us we should be spending our work day more constructively, by the way. We already know that.

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9 Responses to “Man City: Hat Heads”

  1. MissU Paolo says:

    Mancini looks frumpy, which is a word I would have never used before. 99% of the time, he is 1 suave man.
    Sergio, is one very attractive man, no matter what he wears.

    Even though that cap looks like a cone head reject, David Silva will always be cute, adorable and HOT in my eyes. <3 <3 <3 him

  2. DebS says:

    David Silva. Looks adorable in the hat and I will NEVER get tired of watching him on the pitch. The kids amazing!

    El Kun gotta go with him for the win. Hot!

    Mancini WOOOWWW! I'm sorry but he just looks goofy.

  3. savannah says:

    Silva is wrong. He's not cute enough to get away with it. Sergio yes.

  4. Catie2838 says:

    I got a good laugh from Mancini!

  5. mata says:

    I think they all look adorable, even Mancini, though this site's thinly disguised dislike of ManCity is not so cute.

    • mybabyri says:

      True but if people really watch there videos in youtube you get another side than whats written……Love City and david :P

  6. Jayy says:

    Did you kickettes know that Mario recieved the HAT of the year award from man city for that infamous chicken hat?? it is quite a fashion statement :P
    Silva looks adorable, you know you just wanna give him a cuddle and as for AGUERO? He look shhhmokinn'. 'Nuff said.

  7. IrishBlue says:

    David is working the smurf look while I think Sergio looks plain hot!