September 4th, 2009

Managerial Mindset: Spot the Sourpuss

Sourpuss or Stone Face? Photo: AFP

Leonardo is either:

A) Too busy organizing a pity party; homeboy to his left is clearly not invited;

B) Feeling overwhelmed with the constant pressure of being so attractive. Is it too much to ask for a jammies and eye bogeys mental health day?

C) Brainstorming ways to shimmy his fashionable arse in between Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson. Who does Michael Platini think he is?

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22 Responses to “Managerial Mindset: Spot the Sourpuss”

  1. Maristela says:

    Leo is a very nice, gentle and intelligent guy – not to mention his good looks. But I have to say that Michel Platini was very charming and good looking as well, back in the 80s. Yes, there was a time when Platini was thin, had a nice black curly and a hell of footballer. :)

  2. Mariah says:

    Leonardo’s Brazilian = born with tan.

  3. Lorna says:

    Houllier is so cuddly with wily eyes, Leonardo is all style and no substance, lose the tan and the floppy hair man!

  4. Bella says:

    Get up to speed kickettes. Leonardo, (who is divorced) is having the hottest romance of the summer with Sky journalist Anna Bill, age 32. They are “inseparable”. Time for the hot guys of Milan, like Leonardo, Alessandro Nesta. Pato, & Marco Borriello (a real playa) to get the love and coverage they deserve from the kickettes.

  5. Avenath says:

    uneditedmara, that's just too hilarious!…hahahaha…

  6. uneditedmara says:

    I MISSED YOU PIERLUIGI COLLINA! Damn! Be careful, lads. He has the power to red card your soul.

  7. Lenses says:

    Where are the other managers?

  8. mrs aaron ramsey ('pool fan) says:

    oh god damn it!!!!!! why is wenger sooo hot and why am i 50 years too late?????? oh cruel fate.

  9. miss anfield says:

    gerard houillier is looking well x

  10. c9 says:

    Don’t they look as if they’re at some kind of reunion, too cute!!

    Thanks for posting that link cibele, very lovely!

  11. cibele says:

    You guys find him attractive now, but you should have seen him back in the day. Nothing against older guys (and his a fine one, aged really well), but he was SOOOO cute.

    Look this example:

    (it’s not a virus or anything like that).

  12. Zatti says:

    It looks like the old folks are having fun and Leo is being left out!
    But he still is the hotter one (pretty much the only hot one)!!!!!!!

  13. tammyv says:

    Poor Leo – He looks so sad/fearful that spending too much time with these men and he will end-up losing his pretty

  14. teamtoto says:

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (hysterical laughter)! who's the guy at the top who looks like an alien??? aheehee!! Too much! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whew…

  15. aristeia says:

    LOFL! Collina is on the main page of Kickette. Isn't this like the 3rd sign of the apocalypse? Go on Collina, we miss you dude.

    Yet even mopey, Leo looks delish. Damn that man.

  16. Amy says:

    nothing of that. he thinks about the last night with me and is very frustrated that he couldn´t stay any longer!

  17. MattyDub says:

    Heh the bald geeza is ex-best ref in the worl Pierluigi Collina

  18. Merel says:

    I see the Pitbull! Martin Jol.

  19. Anna says:

    oh, leonardo! don´t look so sad!

  20. Ashlieghh :) says:

    that sexy bald chiko looks rather familliar…

  21. Sarah says:

    I think he's worried that his hair is going to turn white like every other guy's in this picture.