May 14th, 2012

Manchester City: 2011/12 Premier League Climaxing Champions

Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images.

What happened yesterday was the stuff of nightmares and dreams, to put it mildly.

Manchester City snatching the title at the death? The media using sexual references just two sentences shy of a Diego Maradona reference in their match recaps? Our protein enriched nails being whittled down to shadows of their former strong selves? All nightmares, Kickettes.

As for Sergio Aguero’s abs, Vincent Kompany wisely conceding control to the ladies of his life and Joe Hart and David Silva improvising with whatever they could get their hands on, well, that’s the stuff wet dreams are made of.

Regardless if you were hurling yourselves around your respective bar/living room/drunk tank or not, huge congratulations to City!

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53 Responses to “Manchester City: 2011/12 Premier League Climaxing Champions”

  1. madamegourcuff says:

    congrats to man city. although i like manU, they seem to win all the time and city hasn't won anything in like 40 years so good job!

  2. MissU Paolo says:

    Those last 5 minutes-a gamut of emotions! CITY-WHY MUST YOU DO IT THE HARD WAY??!! Cried like a baby out of sheer happiness. Maybe they are the new Kardiac Kids, b/c they've tested my heart all season. Never could I have imagined a crazier ending to it all.

    Those pics-baby Kompany is precious, Sergi-ooooo (rawr!) and ofc, my favorite the adorably HAWT David and Joe (lol such newlyweds hahaha).


  3. xoWinnie says:

    -__- well, i begrudgingly extend a tepid "congratulations" to City, they really did deserve it in the end, i can't even lie. I'm a bit disappointed that Chelsea won't be in the CL next season, but hopefully this provides them wit extra motivation in the EPL! i also cannot express how proud i am of Arsenal's comeback this season. RVP is a fu*kin LEGEND! we have four months and Euro still to go and I'm already super pumped for this upcoming year in footy! bring it Man City!

    • mata says:

      Chelsea could still win against BM and make it to CL. Anything can happen in football, we've all seen that.

      • xoWinnie says:

        really!?! i thought it was over! dear god…* hyperventilates* don't wanna get my hopes up though, many dreams have been shattered for me this season!

        • mata says:

          Keep dreaming, because the winner of the final automatically goes through regardless of standing in their league, it looks like Luiz could be fit, it could really happen!

  4. Leya_S says:

    The only reason I didn't want City to win was because $amir Na$ri annoys me to no end (still bitter, yes, I know, i should be over it by now <3AFC4L).

    That aside, here's the story of how the last 6 minutes of the EPL season played out at my house:

    EVERY channel was showing the games yesterday so of course, I watched Arsenal just barely snatch third (woot!). Since all the games were happening at once, all the channels had a "Survival Sunday Goal Alert" that would show up in the corner and tell you what team scored in what game. In the 93rd or so minute of Arsenal's game, I saw a goal alert and turned to my dad like "I GUARANTEE it's City equalizing". And it was.

    Arsenal's game ended, and I flipped over to see ManU celebrating their win. THEN I flipped over to see the end of the City game and all I see is celebrating, man flesh pressed upon each other, and "MCY 3-2 QPR" at the top. I just stood there open-mouthed pointing at the score as it took a good 15 seconds for my dad to register the score. Then they cut the scene to Man U getting the news that they didn't win, anddddd I gotta say it was pretty priceless. I was just imagining being a City fan who saw them win the league in 1968, and then seeing them win it now. Amazing feeling, no doubt. Congrats to them!

    The best part was that QPR found out that Bolton (i do feel bad for Bolton, though) didn't win their game and then they started celebrating with and hugging the City players because they just avoided relegation.

    Just wanna say that THAT is how the last day of a season should go! SUPER exciting, so many teams playing for something. SO FREAKING GOOD!

    Thanks EPL! It's been a truly terrifying and exciting season.

  5. Katie says:

    From an Arsenal fan, thank the football gods that City won! Although a bit peeved at Nasri, they were the best team this season and thoroughly deserved it. Think I might've cried if Man Utd won right at the very end (not bitter, totally not bitter!!). Must say though, there's definitely a Clichy shaped hole in Arsenal's heart. CONGRATS CITY, oh and congrats Gunners for getting 3rd and giving Pat Rice a lovely goodbye.
    P.S. don't like to be clichéd, but is this not enough proof that the EPL is the best league in the world?

    • Leya_S says:

      I gotta say, I miss Clichy, but KIERAN GIBBS is my lover! I think he's made major improvements this season. Also, he had THAT save yesterday that basically kept us alive for the win.

      And yesterday was *definitely* proof that the EPL is the best. What a day!

    • Jenni says:

      Same. I don't understand how so many Arsenal fans I know wanted United to win. Have they forgotten the last 15 years? A change is good!

  6. Gladys says:

    Love that second pic you just posted of Kompany's daughter, Kickette. She is like a precious, little girl version of her dad. He seems like such a good guy– and what gorgeous family (his wife, too, though she's covered up). So happy for him.

    • mata says:

      Ha, ha, I love the way she is holding on to the cup and doesn't want to give it up, a definite kickette in the making! Beautiful family.

    • We do our best to keep up and catch all the updates so we're glad to hear it gets noticed from time to time x

  7. Fernanda says:

    I'm no Manchester City fan but holy crap that was one of the most exciting things I've ever witnessed as a sports fan! Right down to the wire…Amazing! Congrats to all you Man City fans. :)

  8. mybabyri says:

    And for a last thing does Adam johnsson have a kid? because is girlfriend had a kid with her and it was wearing his jersey!?

  9. Jayy says:

    As a hardcore LFC fan i was rooting for City naturally ;) but what a game. Theres a reaon why the EPL is the best league in the world.
    Gonna watch the parade later ;) lets hope Aguero is shirtless again ;)

  10. mybabyri says:

    CITY CITY CITY YOU NEARLY KIILLED ME!!! But when Aguero scored i BLACKEDOUT! SCREAMING like a meaniac… like i dont even remeber sergios selebration like vinny said lets next time(hopfully next season) we winin a another less dramatic for the SAKE OF HEALTH AND EVERY OTHER CITY FAN :D

    God thank you!
    and for that scumbag Barton he should be baned from football having a temper tantrum like a little 2 year old…and qpr deseved to stay in the prem sorry for the ones that didnt:)

  11. DrStrangelove says:

    I got to see Aguero topless, and the epicness of this outweighs every other single consideration. :) (Kickette seems to agree too, judging by the head photo)

  12. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Wow! Most dramactic ending for a season I ever saw just WOW! I felt so bad for City fans who were crying I was so happy for the same who were.

    Congrats City, I thought they deserved to win it, they actually won it! Aguero is a hero now!

    • mybabyri says:

      Congrats Real celebrated their win and got the throphe I laughed when Iker was imitating Ronaldo or so I think cuz i dont understand spanish haha but the team had fun.:)

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Aw thnx, Yes from his presentation when he first came to RM jajaja! We really celebrate titles the best

  13. Jenni says:

    Btw, did anybody see the BBC lunchtime news? What was Balotelli doing when he bent down and turned his back to the action while they were all dancing with the trophy? You could just see this Italian flag disappearing… Was he hiding from the Daily Mail? Finding his stupid hat? Doing something he wouldn't want anyone else to see? :D

  14. mata says:

    YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE there are no words to describe my football happiness right now. CONGRATULATIONS CITY!!!! and so happy that it was the adorable Dzeko (Mancini you cannot possibly think of selling him now) and Aguero who scored the dramatic winners. Football Nirvana. What more can be said.

    And so much for Joey Barton's attempts to re-invent his public image, he showed the world what a vicious, nasty thug he really is, that assault on Aguero was disgusting, and to think that he is the captain of QPR, not for long I hope.

    • Kat22 says:

      Mancini wanted to sell Dzeko?? Nooooo!

      • mata says:

        The gossip is that ManCity want to sell him in the summer, and Mancini was even quoted as saying the club doesn't need both Dzeko and Balotelli, that they both deliver the same sort of thing on the pitch (height, the ability to head crosses into the goal) and we know his attachment to Balotelli, so Dzeko seems the more likely to go, it will seriously break my heart, I thought Dzeko and Aguero were forging a brilliant partnership at the beginning of the season. And they do not deliver the same thing. Dzeko is 100% reliable. Nuf said.

        • Jenni says:

          I don't think any of City's strikers are 100% reliable. Their tricky patch started during an eight-game run in which Aguero scored 3, Balotelli scored 3 and Dzeko scored 2, and Tevez wasn't yet back in the fold. City have relied extremely heavily on their strikers – which, when it works, produces amazing football and goalfests, but when they all decide to have a goal drought at the same time, everything goes tits-up!

          • AC_USA says:

            I think she means more reliable as to he takes game seriously and won;t do something stupid to get him self sent off when his team needs him to most!!!! :)

            • Jenni says:

              Fair enough!

            • mata says:

              Thank you, yes, that's exactly what I meant, everyone is entitled to a bad day at the office now and then and most strikers go off the boil from time to time, so I wouldn't criticize anyone for that, as long as they go out there and give their best, but with Balotelli you just never know, sometimes he just lopes around and looks bored, or worse, is stomping on people or starting arguments on the pitch with his own team (that Kolarov incident) or getting sent off, or going to strip clubs the night before a big game, too big a distraction, IMO, whereas Dzeko is a true professional. And then of course there are those dimples.

    • Leya_S says:

      Lol, you mean "Joey Barton the pacifist"????

      SMH, I'm just waiting for the FA to finally DO SOMETHING about him. He's awful.

  15. IrishBlue says:

    Congratulations Man City! What an epic end to the season, the drama was something else, maybe a shift in power was needed. They better enjoy the feeling of this cos we are gonna come and swipe it of them next season! (over optimistic much!)

  16. Jenni says:

    Darn it, I wrote an essay on here and comments were broken… What did I say?

    Something like; when this season started, I was in Malawi, and having heard about the horrendous start Arsenal were having (and witnessed the 8-2 against Man United from a hostel in Lilongwe), I grudgingly said that if either City, United, Spurs or Chelsea were going to win the League, I'd have to choose City. We stopped losing quite so much and fought our way back into contention, but by the end of December it was pretty clear that all was lost.

    By this point I was back in the UK and able to witness football, rather than just see the scores. This meant I caught up a bit on what a certain number 45 had been up to. Cue my biggest crush on a footballer since Ian Wright, back in secondary school. This enabled me to actively get behind City, rather than just see them as a lesser evil – and how enjoyable/heart-attack inducing it was! When Arsenal beat them and Mario got sent off, I was deeply confused, thinking 'why couldn't we have won 3-2 and him got the 2?' I still don't understand why it couldn't have happened like that, but that's life. Anyway, City won, Mario got an assist and left the negative headlines to Joey Barton, Arsenal got third. I'm happy!

  17. Carvivlie says:

    The most amazing end to a season I have ever seen!!!! Heart stopping craaaazy! I'm just so thankful it went the way I wanted it to. If it had been reversed with ManU winning with two goals in stoppage time I don't think I could have ever recovered from the defeat. So nice to see ManU knocked off of their pedestal!!!!

  18. cupcakes says:

    The best bits:


    Mancini thinking he was never going to see his family again whilst they were losing, then the look of relief on his face.

    Balotelli saying it was better to win at the death as it made the United fans "suffer", plus City get to wave the trophy about through Manchester City Centre – like Chelsea winning then parading through North London!

    Pouting overentitled diva CT being lamped by Joey Barton. So wrong, and yet so richly deserved…

    • Jenni says:

      Balotelli's interviews were brilliant… I liked it at the end, when he was told the City fans loved him and said, 'I love them too.' Cue his biggest, most genuine smile. You know when Mario means what he says!

      I love him to bits. Wouldn't have been anything like as fun an end to the season without my epic Balotelli-crush :D Wasn't expecting that to come along, but it did!

      • mybabyri says:

        YES loved his interviews actually everbodys watched every one of them!

      • mybabyri says:

        i actually have a crush on his brother hahah i know its weird but wow he is like Mario but not with the bagage(not that I dont love that but would love a down to earth guy )…..

        • Jenni says:

          LOL… Mario himself is way too young for me, let alone Enoch who's two years younger… It's not weird for you to like him. I just think Mario is the better looking brother, and I love his charisma and weirdness! I can't do normal!

          • mybabyri says:

            haha noo am only 17 soon 18 so its ok(i think:P)

            • Jenni says:

              I'm 30 :D I'm bad enough for being in love with a 21 year old!

              • mybabyri says:

                hahaha nooo!! you are not never stop dreaming and common there are alot of hot 30 year old. or you can just resort being a sexy puma mjaw or grrrr!! (dont know how pumas sonds like :) )

  19. Kat22 says:

    Congrats to Man City! Wow, what a game!!! Talk about making it hard for yourself, lol. Seriously though, not a City fan but wish all the haters would bugger off and just let the team and its fans enjoy their first league title in 44 years. Well done!

    Oh, and how cute is Vincent Kompany's daughter??

  20. cupcakes says:

    The best bits:

    Aguero winning it for them, after he’s been an all-round fantastic player this season – compare and contrast with a certain overentitled whiny little runt from the same part of the world.

    The look of relief on Roberto Mancini’s face after he’d been going mental on the sidelines thinking he was never going to see his family again whilst they were losing.

    Mario’s comment that it was better to win at the death because it made the United fans “suffer”, plus the fact that they get to parade the trophy through Manchester City Centre. In terms of smugly rubbing it in to your rivals faces it’s like Chelsea winning it and parading through North London.

    The Joey Barton-Carlos Tevez incident. So wrong, but I bet most of CT’s team mates have thought about doing the same!

  21. Thea says:

    What a CRAZY day. Was working in Barcelona so as soon as the race was done I was trying to scive off to find a Englishman with access to a TV! Unbelievable! Well done City and some sympathy to MANU – hey you can’t win them all!!!

  22. Gladys says:

    What a crazy amazing game!!! I'm not a diehard City follower, but I've never been so happy for a group of fans (as well as players– how adorable is that pic of Joe Hart carrying Silva in that ridiculous hat?! And Kun's last minute goal– so great!). Congratulations!!!!

  23. Kristina says:

    OMG. As in OH.MY.GOD! What an unbelievable drama! I doesn't get any better/worse than this.

    I was kind of cheering for Man U, but wow, City deserved this one. There were crying City-fans and ten minutes later they were champions. For the first time in 44 years. What can one say? Congratulations a bunch!

  24. HiL says:

    That was waaaaaaaay to cruel to us United fans…
    i mean, coming with very low expectations, then suddenly some hope came, and in the last two minutes…. ugh that hurt.
    Let City enjoy now…… won't happen again!

    (And from an objective view- this is the best league in the world. no dramas like that anywhere else)

    • Kat22 says:

      Totally agree on the last bit. The EPL is the best league there is (coming from a German)

    • mybabyri says:

      lol looks like Mario already said it :)

    • con2e says:

      Priceless! The looks on the Man United fans and players, especially Phil Jones, when they realized Kun Aguero had scored. Ha, ha, ha!

  25. Jenni says:

    Was absolutely brilliant. I’ve always hated United, so whatever happened this season I was always going to be on the side of City. I spent the first half of the season in Malawi, only hearing results – not knowing anything interesting that happened. When I got home in December, a massive Balotelli crush took over me and made rooting for City much more interesting! I wasn’t expecting that… but you can imagine how I felt when I realised he’d assisted Aguero’s goal on Sunday!

    It’s still not the best title decider ever. That was Liverpool-Arsenal 1989, but then I’m an Arsenal fan, so I would say that.

    Did anyone see on the news that when City players were still jumping around with the trophy, Mario bent down and hid himself in the throng? I don’t know what he was doing… hiding from the Daily Mail (he was absent from their photo), looking for the silly hat he ended up wearing, helping a team-mate to relax? ;) Did anyone else spot this?