March 30th, 2010

Manchester City for Charity: (Bad) Fashion and Festivities

Manchester City Stephen Irelands Charity

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Last month, we caught wind of a Manchester City charity function that was supposedly a sight for sore eyes. We heard that Stephen Ireland and girlfriend, Jessica Lawler, raised an impressive £110,000 for the Francis House Children’s Hospice at their Valentine’s Day benefit party. There was talk of bubbly and bad fashion aplenty but no photos.

Then, just like Dorothy when she landed in far-away Oz, we got the photo collection. Unlike Dorothy, however, we couldn’t click our red Manolos to make it all go away. *Velvet and Lace and Bows, OH MY!*

In summary, fashion offenders included:
- Shay Given wearing crushed velvet; Jane Given as Claudine Keane
- Shawn Wright-Philips with an un-tied bow tie
- Winona De Jong in a Stella McCartney lace onesie. A high street designer does not make a lace jumpsuit posh, Mrs. D.

If the attire wasn’t enough, there was some weirdly awkward WAG touching, too. Just as we thought we could bring closure to the helter-skelter fashion failure that was, we stumbled upon a Nigel De Jong boogeying down video that helps us all relive this rather fantabulous festivity in all its’ glory.

Editor Note: Visit the Manchester City Official Club page to donate to the cause.

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12 Responses to “Manchester City for Charity: (Bad) Fashion and Festivities”

  1. aps says:

    everyone looks a mess. only thing worth looking at was the table decor

  2. Blue_heart says:

    You lot must be delighted with yourselves because you've found another high fashion excuse to bitch about others, how wonderful are you darlink. If you bend over you may be able to see yourself sticking out of that fat critical arse hole of yours.

    The bible according to 'Kickette' or should you really change your monica to Waynetta, it’s a much better fit.

    With the example of taste your loaded with, just how did you stop yourself swallowing more shit out of the gutter that you cuddled up to last night.

    Oh so sorry darlink, just couldn’t resist your Barbie charms, could have been the smell of toilet water (possibly your piss bag) I’m not sure..

    And how gorgeous of you, to put it all right by giving the donation page. You are the perfect chavette.

    • Missy Manchester says:

      Ummm…I believe you meant "moniker" (not monica)

      Secondly…why are you here if you don't like the Kickette raison d'etre? You do realize you can hit the back button on your browser if you landed here in error.

      And finally…judging by the way your post is written…I can see why you have arbitrarily declared yourself the judge and jury of all that is tasteful, refined and elegant in this world.

      • Blue_heart says:

        Can't reply just found the back button. Phew thought I was trapped there forever for a moment. Nearly got bitch handbag asphyxiation.

        Good god I'm still here, where's that damn back button. Ah, There it is on the front.

  3. trista_jade says:

    A+ for supporting a great cause, epic fail on most of the fashion decisions. A lace onesie? Really? Ugh…

  4. carly says:

    What a shame the photo is so small…I needed some sarky…Ok, ok, seriously, this is a good cause, good on them!

  5. Jennifer says:

    £110,000 towards the Francis House Children’s Hospice is not bad surely, even though most think the fashion is.

  6. Mcqueenio says:

    oh my, i just can't look. I was just about to leave the very same comment as LuvinBale….it screams Prom, bad grown up prom. It did however raise lots of money for a very good cause so I've gone easy on the 'fashion'

  7. liv says:

    she went stright for her ass!

  8. Thea says:

    Good cause, but have to say the old saying comes to mind….takes alot of money to look that cheap!

  9. Missy Manchester says:

    RE: Emma De Jong
    Obviously, she’s channelling the spirit of the departed fashion maven, Yulia Voronin.

    Of course…I’m holding back a few other snide comments about some of the other guests….but only because I’m proud of Stephen and Jessica for supporting/promoting such a worthy charity. Good for them. And kudos to Stephen for “dressing up”. (When Stephen is wearing something other than jeans and plaid tshirts…he should be commended. LOL)

  10. LuvinBale says:

    It just looks like bad Prom photos. Then there is one girl in the group who wants to be different and do a jumpsuit instead of a dress. It's a tragedy really.