April 25th, 2012

Manchester City: Show Us You’re Witty

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Yuppers, it’s another Manchester City post. They’ve got a lot of creative energy to output, doncha know.

In this case, five first teamers were recruited by Umbro to help promote an initiative that involves fans in the club’s 2012/13 kit launch.

The usual: If you’re foreign and not ugly, you get a pass on making an effort (0:15 & 0:26). This doesn’t apply to footballers whose first language is English (0:17).

The unusual: Samir Nasri has a surprisingly sexy voice. Well, we think it’s him. It seems neither he, nor the guy helping him, are really sure. (0:35). He also fancies himself as a film director after he’s finished with football and pigs start flying (1:02).

The Mario Balotelli: boy’s got a crafty approach to being placed under extreme pressure: he asks to go home (0:52), then does (1:05). We admire this.

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26 Responses to “Manchester City: Show Us You’re Witty”

  1. Rosie says:

    awww i hate when people are mean to mario…….. did you think he was cute when he stomped on scott parkers head?

    • Jenni says:

      I'm one of those who honestly doesn't believe he did that on purpose. It looks like a horrific foul until you can see that Modric shoved him in the back. The whole country was arguing about this at the time, so I'm not just being biased (plenty of my friends who are male, heterosexual, and don't support City agree with me). Plus, I think that if he did do it on purpose, he'd have admitted to it – one thing he's not is a liar.

      • Rosie says:

        I did not know you knew him, I am very sorry. He really does come off as a honest man

  2. mybabyri says:

    Doesnt nasri have the most cutest puppy dog eyes ever!!?… and Silva is getting cuter every day I just want a hug from him after a hard day no actually every day would be better:)

  3. Jenni says:

    I'm giving up reading Kickette posts about Balotelli. The hate that gets poured out towards him makes me cry. I thought he was the cutest of them all here, but then I would. He's not being serious when he asks to go home, you realise. Nobody gets when he (or Mancini) is joking.

    • mybabyri says:

      Kickette is being little onetoned(if thats even a word in English but i speak swedish and its a word in swedish so..) like idk but everything about manchester city have to have something negativ like its kinda annoying reading post or seing people being mean to Balotelli for nothing! You dont need to like him but dont write negativ things like you know him! AS same goes for Manchester City Kickette…
      And more about City please.

      • Jenni says:

        People definitely need to chill. I probably do too tbh, because I get wound up by people getting wound up by him… I think if he was truly being petulant/serious, they wouldn't have included it in the video. If you look elsewhere on City's website, they are often trying to redress the balance of what gets written about Mario. For example, they obtained photos of his visit to an orphanage in Italy from a friend. Mario didn't want them publicised because he doesn't want to blow his own trumpet about his charity work, but City did it because they want people to know that he is a kind person!

        • mybabyri says:

          Feel the same way too. Yeah he maybe is a pain in the ass sometimes ,but which player is not!? he happens to be the most written about in the media.but he plays well much better than some overrated player in the PL and he IS nice,still young BUT he will grow out of all this bullshit eventuelly…

      • Beth says:

        Bet ya didn't Like MAN CITY 4 years ago

    • DebS says:

      You are not alone. Not just Balotelli but some of the other players & WAGS on Kickette too. I tend to use the "thumbs down" button a lot sometimes. :p I guess all we can do is spread the love and ignore the haters.

    • Katie says:

      I like Balotelli and I think he is a great player. But I am also a fan of City and his actions on the pitch and off are hard to ignore. City gets a lot of negative press because of him and he brings it on himself. I'm really pulling for him to grow up and perform for City but when Mancini seems to be getting a little frustrated with him who know its gotten out of control. And I don't think he was joking in this. He seems disinterested the entire time, mumbles out his lines, and leaves even though the directer was saying there was more. I want him to be the Balotelli who scored two at OT not the one red carded twice a season as a striker.

      • Jenni says:

        But do you think City would have put this in the video if he was genuinely acting out? Why would they want to show their players misbehaving?

    • KiKI says:

      Me too guys who doesn't love a man who randomly stomps on heads and acts like a cocky bitch. Makes me cry tooooooooo :)

  4. Gladys says:

    Silva!!!!! I wanted more. And in English (well, that might be too much early in the morning). Guess I'll have to see the whole video. I would have loved Kun, as well (ever since that cake decorating video, I find him incredibly charming).

  5. MissU Paolo says:

    I've watched this video far too many times for my own good.
    Seen other blooper vids where Mario looks petulant 1 minute, laughing the next, so who knows. Joe, funny as ever, as is Vincent who always seems serious bznz but quite the dry character himself. Samir-the cheeky tart-I could listen to him all day long. He does have an infectious smile.

    Ah, my bb Dahveed. Couldn't love him more. In the actual vid, he has me flailing over his "Show your City"! If 3 little words in English do that to me,I can't imagine an interview. My heart. But I can't wait!

  6. Kristen says:

    Oh the City boys are so cute. It took the seasons but Nasri has somehow gotten adorable. And I have yet to see where Silva isn't adorable. Even drawn as a superhero. Sometimes though, Mario just makes it so hard to like him. "No I want to go home" I'm pretty sure this took 10-15 minutes max and he had to say three lines probably. It's not like he hasn't been able to be at home for the last four games or anything.

  7. Doles says:

    I have NO interest in Man City at all but the players are super cute in the video.
    Also it is always cute for foreign players trying to speak English. My heart just melts every time I hear our Spaniards (Nando, Mata..) speak

    • DebS says:

      I think Mata has done brilliantly learning English so well in such a short time. Kudos to him!

  8. EvilBean says:

    Well at least Joe Hart can remember his own name :-)

  9. kiki says:

    That traitor really has a sexy accent, dammit…

  10. Jen says:

    Who knew that Samir Nasri was so cute, or D. Silva also??? Joe Hart having some difficulties with his own language, not super sexy in my opinion, but oh well. Mario—–PLEASE DO GO HOME!! You irk me!!

    • mybabyri says:

      YOU IRK HIM !!!!!!!
      Get of his … (i am not even gonna go there..) !! Cant the man have one post or articel without people writing something not nice!!!grr