July 26th, 2011

Manchester United: Big City ‘Ballers

One of these things is just like the other…

Since arriving Saturday night, Manchester United have taken one heck of a bite out of the Big Apple. While staying a stone’s throw away in New Jersey (here to be exact), the fellas are taking in all Manhattan has to offer – and then some.

And by “then some” we mean fashion shows and belly dancers, obviously.

Last night at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC, Hublot hosted the “Art of Fusion” fashion show in support of the Manchester United Foundation. Hublot, of course, makes watches that are more expensive than cars and are a big time sponsor of the Premier League champions.

Whenever footballers take to the catwalk, hilarity ensues. For example, take Rafael and Fabio Da Silva (lead image). They’ve cleverly taken on the looks of one another to make it completely impossible to tell the two apart. Works every time!

Meanwhile, Chicharito and Nani were clearly in a competition to see who could come up with the most absurd pose, the better to show off said expensive watches. Nani’s faux “smart guy with hand on chin and smug smile” pose is the winner. Mainly because you would expect a double thumbs up from the painfully adorable and geeky Little Pea, now wouldn’t you?

Lest we forget Kiko Macheda, who continued to do his best “I’m not Cristiano…. yet” impression yesterday. We give him another year or so. Needs more gel and Gucci.

We must also give a shout to new United first teamer Tom Cleverley, who we’ve deemed to be “hunky”. Expect more of him around these parts, Kickettes, and note how his watch appears to be made of chocolate. We like that.

Here’s a run down of what else the team has been up to in NYC plus some up coming events:

  • Sunday night the fellas took in a burlesque show at Lavo which involved belly dancers, tambourines, and fake moustaches. Probably all at the same time.
  • Monday evening saw them buddy up to NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg at his digs, Gracie Mansion. It was likely the first time Mayor Bloomberg has ever said “soccer”
  • United Legends will do a Q&A at Mulligan’s Pub in Hoboken, NJ at noon today (hurry!). No word on who the Legends are, but we know that Bryan Robson, Andy Cole, Gary Neville, and Pat Crerand are all present on the tour.
  • Wayne Rooney and Chicharito will be at Niketown on 57th St. today at 3:45 PM to showcase their new home jersey and do a Q&A.

Phew. We need a cocktail. And a chocolate Hublot knock-off.

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25 Responses to “Manchester United: Big City ‘Ballers”

  1. Leya_S says:

    Wth?!?! HOW did I miss this post last Tuesday?!?!?! I am SO upset, especially because I was only at Chambers Street on Tuesday until 3:30…thats only like a 10 minutes train ride and a quick walk up to Nike Town….
    Can't believe I missed my chance to see Chicharito in the flesh!!! Grrr, this is what I get for not checking Kickette for ONE day!

  2. Cella.xx says:

    OMG…this is too much for my heart!!!! chicharito looks soo cute..i just want to eat himmm…and the twins!!! i realy dont know who is who….that is why i LOOOOOOVE man utd boys…ADORABLE

  3. Femz17 says:

    Haven't been much of a Chicharito fan…until now. So darn cute!!!

  4. Agnes Wonka says:

    Chicharito's pose XDDD

  5. littlegreenpea says:

    Omg. so now i really realized why I'm such a big fan of manchester united.
    -they have twins. (and fabio is the cute one =])
    -chicharito is a boss, he's ADORABLE, AND he scores. plus he has a boss accent. <3
    -but then there's nani… but I have to feel bad for him because he struggles so much with speaking english.
    -macheda has gorgeous eyes, which you can obviously see when the picture is SO BIG. :)
    -and I have no idea who this guy is, but I think I'm going to watch every game he's in this season.

  6. mochara says:

    Those twins are too cute for words :o it's weird to think they're both married! Chicharito.. what can I say? He melts me like chocolate on a hot day every time…

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    they are all soooooo fabulous!!!

  8. Mrs.Smalling says:

    It took me a while but it's …
    Fabio on the left and Rafael on the left !
    Officially the cutest twins ever !

    Chicharito .. I want ur babies !

    Nani you have to be the biggest poser in the Man United dressing room !

  9. Fatima says:

    THATS MA BOYS RIGHT THERE!!! Gorgush the lot of them…and good to have hernandez back on the tour…missed him during copa america!!

  10. Taz says:

    The twins are schweetness! LOL and Chicharito, who knew he had all that secret homeboy game- too cute haha

  11. Gladys says:

    Aw, Chicharito!!! I'm going to head over the Brooklyn Bridge right now and kidnap him on my bicycle…oh wait, I can't leave work. Sigh.

  12. Brittany says:

    Chicharito is just too much for my brain to handle.

  13. chay says:

    i join the chicarito cheering squad

  14. IrishBlue says:

    The Twins!! I have no idea which is which but they have such cheeky little faces, as for Chicharito….I don't like swooning over the rivals but I just can't help it ;-/

    • Miss Lampard says:

      I think that the one with the leather brown jacket is Fabio and the other one is Rafael, I'm quite sure…

      • Sergz says:

        I think you're right. I think I recognize their smiles now, and Fabio has always had that uncomfortable thing going on. :P

      • Caity says:

        Sergz is right. An easy way to tell them apart is that Rafael has a mole on either side of his face on his cheeks near his nose :D
        Source: OBSESSED Da Silva FAN

  15. Danielle says:

    I get to see the team practice tonight at an event for NY Red Bulls season ticket holders! Can’t wait to see the adorable Chicharito up close & personal!

  16. Lucy says:

    Lindergaard looked gorgeous too! Kickette we need pictures of him!

  17. Hot4Spurs says:

    Oh Chicharito! Words cannot express how much I want to stalk you!

  18. tia says:

    would you look at that chicharito. omg i wanna pinch him soooooo bad!

  19. sarayam says:

    The twins <3 super cute! lol Nani and Chicharito hahaha

  20. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Double *Thumbs up*, oh no NOT here too. I have seen enough from my club AKA real madrid.

    But Chicharito is sooo adorable, I let it slide.