July 26th, 2012

Manchester United: Catwalk Kings

All images via Facebook

While we’re busy working drinking our way through some of the summer friendlies stateside, Manchester United are currently in the Far East prepping for the upcoming season.

Some of the United lads took to the catwalk in Shanghai, China last night in a charity fashion show that showcased Hublot watches. Rio Ferdinand and Anders Lindegaard (above) looked like seasoned veterans of the runway. We’d be first in line to champion a post-footy career in modeling for either of them.

That adorable little Mexican nugget of cuteness, Chicharito, also took a turn with United’s young goalkeeper Sam Johnstone.

Chicha’s baby face betrays his attempt at studliness here, but we still would. He’s probably a good cuddler.

Also strutting their stuff were new boy Shinji Kagawa and Anderson, who is now sporting a rather ill-advised Mohican, and Sir Alex himself. Click here for the rest of the gallery. We’re going back to our hangovers now.

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14 Responses to “Manchester United: Catwalk Kings”

  1. sohbet says:

    very blog thanks admin

  2. Agnes Wonka says:

    They look so classy!!!
    SAF looks incredible :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look at Chicharito! How adorable <3

  4. Lady_ofSong says:

    I've never thought much about Rio's hotness, but my goodness, he's killing it here.

  5. JenC says:

    Whoaahh Rio!!! damn u make a fine ass male model!!!

  6. Mari says:


  7. Mari says:


  8. Nessa says:

    Footballers are natural born models…period

  9. Sara in Paris says:

    Rio, you so fine, you so fine! He OWNED the show!

    The others aren't even taking it HALF as serious as Mr Ferdinand. This is business.

  10. OhDear says:

    Rio looks like he's been walking down the runway for years. Shinji looks goooood. Sir Alex has a great swagger, too, but he seems all "I can't believe I'm doing this."

  11. nilda says:


  12. Tiutty says:

    Rio Ferdinand – yummy <3

  13. Donna says:

    Seeing Sir Alex Ferguson made me laugh so hardly. OMG

  14. HiL says: